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Well Enough Alone Part III: Unforseen Shadows
Posted By: Ryan<meotadog@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 April 2002, 6:23 pm

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"Janni 689, we read you. This is search-team AB-197. Can you touchdown? We need immediate dustoff! Over."

"Negative, AB-197, no direct evac available just yet. I got your signal, but the tree canopy is too thick at your current position - I'm gonna touch down on a small clearing about 200 meters from your current position; it looks like there's another group of Marines waiting near-by. I'll pick them up first, then move in to pick you up. Be at these coordinates in 45 minutes, OK? Janni689 out."

A few minutes past, as the MC informed his Marines. There was nothing they could do now, and there was no point moving to the LZ now; since they would have to wait there until evac arrived, and there was already a squad moving in. They would wait.

30 minutes later - 17:46

Something whispered in the wind; the call of a distant battle. The screams taunted him, enraged him, distressed him. How could someone so powerful feel so hopeless? The mighty Master Chief, surrounded by misquotes and flies; incapable of saving a few good men from death. He swallowed slowly, calming himself.

I cannot loose, thought the Master Cheif, I will not loose.

Dusk has subsided rapidly, and the faint glow that once lined the shimmering leaves above him had fled just as the sun. Little light remained - enough for the Master Chief to see where he was going - but not much. The marines tramped through the swamp, setting up small lanterns to light the 'camp'. Certainly, it wasn't much of a camp. None of the marines had any place dry to sleep; but none of them thought for a moment they would sleep even if they did.

The nighttime sounds of the rain Forrest started quietly, almost inconspicuous at first. As if conducted with caution, the yelps of the odd bird, the howl of a frightened monkey, and the counter-calming roar of a jaguar echoed beyond the tree-line. Despite the faint glow of the torches, the trees blacked out what lurked beyond. Faintly in the deep shadows rustled leaves, stirring un-pleasant thoughts into everyone's minds.

Trying to block out the white noise surrounding him, the Master Chief listened as hard as he could. The battle far beyond had stopped.

That battle was short...Surely, a group of Marines would have held their own for longer than 15 minutes... the ambush must have vastly over-powered them...

His thoughts were Erie in his mind, and he wondered if the rest of his squad felt the same way.

"Did anyone else hear the shooting a few minutes ago," whispered sergeant Johnson, "or was it just me?"

Another Marine lifted his head and replied in a frightened tone.

"No, it seems to be over now... what do you think happened, sir?"

The young Marine gazed over to the Master Chief, waiting on his reply.

"Ambush." said the Master Chief quickly, before letting out a woeful sight.

"Yes... I agree... but, by whom?" shot back Johnson, who seemed quite frightened now.

"Hell if I know," replied the Master Chief, "something tells me that we're nex-"

The powerful Spartan was cut-off, a blazing plasma bolt tore through the tree line, furiously striking the Master Chief's armor. The sergeant was the first to return fire, a few bullets tore through the darkness, and disappeared into the seemingly infinite void beyond. A few moments past, but the squad heard nothing over the monotonous hum of misquotes. The MC reached into the rear of the pelican, his breath swallowed heavy into his lungs. Once more he snapped on his helmet, then clutched an assault rifle and proceeded back out to his Marines.

He was dumbfounded - they were no where to be seen.

I'm alone out here- thought the MC, they have me trapped, and I have nothing to loose!

No longer worried, he dashed over to the pile of weapons which were still scattered near a rock. He quickly clutched a few grenades, some MA5B ammunition packets, and a M6D pistol. He looked around the camp once more, took a deep breath, and dashed off into the darkness clutching his assault rifle.