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Halo: Distributive Property (Chapter #1)
Posted By: robofin117<robofin117@yahoo.com>
Date: 25 December 2010, 6:24 am

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My name is Jonathan Gregory Fong. The day was December 21st 2010. I was at school with my friends. We just finished the terrible finals. I really thought I would get some solace from having to endure them, especially in this cold and rainy setting. Something extraordinary happened. Everyone including me has been transported in a blinding flash of light. The next time I opened my eyes, I was inside an enclosed room. It was dark and I tried to find a door. I felt around and found a switch. Once I turned the light on, I found out that the door was locked from the outside. With all my force, banging on the door did not help. About 8 minutes later, an klaxon sounded outside. The sound of running was present and I tried getting someone's attention. About a moment later, the door opened and I was greeted by a gun. Immediately, I raised my hands up in the air. The soldier shouted,"Come with me!" Having a gun pointed at me, it was best to follow orders. Through a series of winding corridors, I finally was herded into a cell. There, a few of my classmates welcomed me and the door closed from behind. Here in this cell was Aida, Alyssa, Rusteen, Kevin, Nathan, Jeremy, and Tiffany. The guard outside carried an M7 Sub-Machine gun and was staring at us like a hawk. I conversed by saying, "What happened to us? Eight minutes ago, I was walking to the gym for a movie and in a flash of light, I was stuck in some janitor's closet." Rusteen replied, "We don't know. Some of us were teleported to a wide open field with a weird moon and others were in some obstacle course. When they found us, we were brought here."
As freshmen, we thought we were prepared for anything that would come in our way. We were wrong.
As an hour passed, the guard opened the door and asked for me. My friends urged me not to go, but I need answers to figure out what the hell is going on. I was led into a small room where a woman was sitting by a table. Cautiously, I sat down and waited for the interrogator to make her move. She began the interrogation by saying, "My name is Doctor Catherine Halsey. Who are you and why are you in this secure ONI facility?" I replied, "What is the exact date,year, and location?" She answered, "Please answer the question." I replied again, "I will not answer until you give me an answer." She said, "September 23rd, 2517, it is 11:35 AM, and this current location is classified."
Then the idea hit me. I and along with my classmates have been transported to the Halo Universe. The possibilities were enormous. If this was true, the lives of me and my friends were gone.
After reflecting I said, "My name is Jonathan Gregory Fong and I was born in 1995. I do not know how I gained entrance to your facility or where this facility is but, if I had to guess it would be Reach."
Halsey replied,"For someone who was born 522 years ago, you seem to know more than you are telling me."
"In my time, this time period is fiction. I know I am telling the truth." I said.
Doctor Halsey then exits the room and comes back with a small cylindrical object.
"This device is going to take a sample of your blood." She said.
When she pointed the end of the sampler to my arm, there was a slight sting. After she took the sample, she left.
About thirty minutes went by, the door slid open revealing a military man along with Halsey. On his uniform, the name "Mendez" was stitched on it. They both sat down.
I started. "You are Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez. You were part of the first SPARTAN Program."
The officer whispered to Halsey, "For a kid, he knows a lot of classified intel. Are you sure you want him in your project?" She answered,"Yes." "It's your choice, Doctor."
Halsey started, "You and your friends have an almost perfect set of DNA for my project and I want all of you in it." I answered, "I assume you want me and my friends to enlist in your SPARTAN-II Program. Since I do not have any home to go back to and I guess the alternative is worse, I am volunteering." From that moment on, I have made the most important decision of my entire life. As I journeyed into the SPARTAN-II program, I looked forward into the unknown. Waiting for the next move......