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ODST Saga: Chapter 5
Posted By: Robo42786<Robo42786@aol.com>
Date: 30 April 2002, 3:32 am

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When we got back to HQ we unloaded the hover crate with the Elite Commander on it. Much to my puzzlement, General Harris himself greeted us. "Lt. Clower, my sincere apologies, we had no reason to believe the new engines would malfunction."

"Other than the fact that you hadn't even tested them yet, sir."

He was silent for a moment searching for words. "Robert, you and I both knew that when you made it into the ODST your current relationship status with Courtney was not ideal for the military for reasons such as this. You came to me and specifically asked, no, you were practically begging me to assign her as your squad's Dropship pilot. I shouldn't have agreed to it in the first place but I knew how much you two trusted each other so I signed off on it."

He was right, I knew what I was doing, I just didn't realize how badly it could turn out. Getting shot down is one thing, but to go out because of something so stupid as an engine malfunction was so frustrating to me.

"Lt. take some time to grieve and rest up" he motioned to my eyes "from the size of those bags under your eyes you could use a little bit of sleep. When you're ready report to my office; I have something for you and your squad."

"Yes, sir." I looked around the hanger in the direction of the hover crate. "What's gonna happen to our new friends." I asked.

"ONI has personal here to study the Covenant scientist, as for the Elite; ONI will most likely want to interrogate him as well, although probably at a different depth than the scientist. We will put them both in holding cells here on the base until ONI decides what to do with them."

"You might want to keep Corporal Andrews away from the Elite, I think they know each other and I'm sure they have a deep hatred for each other." General Harris looked puzzled but didn't ask for an explanation.

I went back to my bunker, showered, and put on fresh clothes. I laid on my bed pondering the day's events. How could something I loved some much be taken away just like that? I had experienced similar things with soldiers, friends I had fought along side but this time was different, she wasn't a soldier, she was a pilot. She wasn't supposed to be in any direct action, not like me at least. I slipped into a state of unconsciousness, I kept thinking about everything we had done together and I replayed entire conversations we had. How much time had passed? Hours? Days? It didn't matter, time isn't relevant, we all live and die, just at different times. There's that word again; time, what is it anyway? Courtney hadn't lived very long at all; she still had her whole life ahead of her. I fell asleep completely.

When I woke up I checked the clock, almost an entire 24 hours had passed, I had been asleep for around 23 hours and 30 minutes. I didn't want to get up but I remembered that General Harris had something to give me. I slowly sat up then stood and lost my balance. "I need to eat something." I thought.
I drank 2 pints of what was commonly known as "Vitamin Omega" it contained all the essential vitamins and minerals which came at a price; it tasted like shit. I brushed up and headed out for the General's Office.

The MP at the door asked for ID, I showed him and he escorted me to General Harris then closed the door behind him. "I trust you are rested up, Lt."

"Yes, sir I am. But I'm still not completely over it."

"That is understandable, it takes time. However I have something that might just cheer you up." He held out his open hand, in it were 4 Corporal shoulder patches one Sergeant patch and one Sergeant Major patch. "I think your men more than earned these." He said.

"Sir, this is perfect, they will be so excited when I give them these." I turned to walk out and give out the promotions to my squad when General Harris stopped me.
"You didn't think I would leave you out did you, Captain Clower?" I was stunned and speechless; finally I managed to ask.

"Sir?" He reached into his pocket and retracted a collar piece; it was 2 silver bars, the rank of Captain.