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ODST Saga: Chapter 3
Posted By: Robo42786<Robo42786@aol.com>
Date: 18 April 2002, 12:58 am

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     I was eager to get to training today. I woke the team at 0400 hours to start a training mission that had been set up for us. We were transported by two warthogs to a sixty-acre training ground made of part forest, part field, and part hills. We would be fighting against a type of "smart" robot, they were programmed with not only intelligence and battlefield tactics, but they also were capable of exhibiting emotions such as fear, a sense of self-preservation and courage. They should be formidable foes. This training op would be the perfect thing to get the team acquainted with each other's tactics.

"These robots we will be fighting against may not be as deadly or intimidating as The Covenant but make no mistake, they are lethal. Brett, I want you to stay ahead of us and radio back to me if you see anything. Alex and David, you're taking up the rear. Everyone else is with me."

"Yes, Sir!" They shouted.

"Good, now lets move out and neutralize this enemy as quickly as possible." We moved through the forest and had no idea how large of a force we would be facing, nor did we know if they had armored support. However if they did that shouldn't be much of a problem, I had given Jonathan the new M20 SSM Rocket Launcher which was identical to the M19, except that it had 4 barrels instead of 2 and it came with an improved targeting system. With firepower like that not even a Scorpion Main Battle Tank would stand a chance.

We hiked for about 30 minutes without any sign of enemy troops. Just then my radio sprang to life. "Boss I've spotted the enemy camp. I see around 30 troops as well as chain gun emplacements around the perimeter. There is also a Scorpion tank and 2 Warthogs inside the camp, which appears to be about one acre in size."

"Copy that, we're moving in behind you and should be there shortly." 30 troops would be difficult to take out alone, but they also have vehicular support. Time to form a plan of action. I counted 5 chain guns with their gunners sitting beside them watching for enemy movement. The guns would be the second things that needed to go. "Bulldog, I want 2 rockets to hit the Tank and one rocket each for the Warthogs. Snipers, concentrate on taking out the gunners then soften the infantry. The rest of you come with me, we're going to move around to the opposite side of the came and flank them as soon as the vehicles are gone."

We got in position so that we would be able to rush in during the ensuing chaos after the vehicles and gunners were taken out and use the wreckage as cover while Chad and Kevin continued to soften the troops and provide cover fire for us. "Ok, on my mark begin the assault, I want you to exhaust your ammo by taking out as many enemies as possible, when the vehicles are destroyed we will use them as cover and mop up any stragglers." The adrenaline began to build in my veins as I prepared for combat. "3...2...1...mark!" I herd the sound of the rockets leave the launcher and sniper rifles firing followed by the metallic cries of the robots as they became incapacitated by the sniper rounds. The turret of the tank was blown completely off by the blast of 2 rockets and it crushed 2 robots when it landed. I herd an explosion followed seconds later by another explosion. I looked over and saw the burning remains of the 2 Warthogs. The sniper rifle fire ceased. "All right here we go, David and Alex use the tank as cover, Brett you use the warthog on the right and ill use the one on the left as cover. Go go go!" I shouted at them. We ran at full sprint towards our cover. The robots regained composure as soon as the barrage of 14.5mm sniper rounds stopped and they realized where we were. "How many enemies remain?"

"I can see 6 but I'm out of ammo." Radioed Chad.

"Ya, same goes for me." Added Kevin.

I tossed a grenade over my shoulder to see if I could flush the robots out. 4 seconds later I herd the explosion followed by congratulations over the comm. link from Chad, Kevin, and Jonathan for destroying 2 of the robots. "Excellent." I thought. "Brett, you and I are going to move around from the sides and distract them so that David and Alex can pick them off."

"Roger that, I'm ready when you are."

"Go." We moved low using various debris as cover while we moved along firing several bursts of armor piercing rounds from our MA5Bs. When we had gotten almost directly behind them we began a full assault. To our surprise they retreated directly into the spot where David and Alex were waiting. The two brothers were more than happy to make scrap metal out of their heads. "Chad any stragglers?"

"No, I can't see any, I think you got them all, nice work guys."

"Congratulation team, it appears we have passed this training exercise with flying colors. The question now is are you ready to take on The Covenant?"

"Hell yeah!" Came the enthusiastic reply from everyone.