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A Dream
Posted By: Red Ghost<Spencer02s@ignmail.com>
Date: 15 July 2004, 4:18 AM

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       Hey, this is Red Ghost and this is my second fan fiction for Halo. Hopefully I have made the necessary improvements to my writing to make my pieces look at least acceptable. Just wanted to say thank you to the different people that have inspired me to go into fac fic writing. Don't know if I'll continue with Project Eden but who knows? Maybe in the future...well, anyway, here goes for my 2nd fan fic. I hope you like it...

A Dream

       The soldier fell back onto the floor, but felt nothing but air. He sensed a squirming form above him and felt a hot searing pain. He was about to cry out when a warm cushion enveloped him, starting from his chest and spreading to the rest of his body. The warmth reverberated from his chest: splashing his finger tips and toes. He felt a presence inside his mind, warming him at first, but then giving off sharp cold chills through his brain.

       With each thought a wave of icicles were embedded into his mind. Each of these attacks caused not pain, but torment. Rapidly the soldier's past came back to him:

       Flash! A rusty playground, old and weary of the generations of children playing on it. The sun overhead, beating down on his neck, it's intensity eased by the cool air initiated by the back-and-forth motion of his favorite swing. Gone.

       The soldier reeled in horror. His past was before him, he could see and touch it, and then it was ripped away from him. To replace it was a world blackness. He searched frantically for the memory, but it was gone forever.

       Flash! A tear- swelling pain formed as his grandfather carefully pulled the sliver from his dirty hand, gently comforting him and stating confidently that he was tough as a bull. He looked down at his own chubby hand and watched as blood formed from where the sliver had been extracted. He knew he would get a scar from it. Gone.

       Again, the memory was ripped from the soldier's mind. He cried out in agony but he heard only the echo of his own voice. Fear gripped him. Were had it gone?

       Flash! Laughter released itself from his mouth at the punch line of his best friend's joke. He casually grabbed an ice- cold beer, opened it and drank its contents. He laughed again as his friend staggered to his car, fiddling wildly with his keys, laughing at his own joke. His friend would not make it home. Gone.

       No, another memory mercilessly purged from his mind. The fear now paralyzed the soldier. How could this be real? Is it all a dream?

       Flash! The feeling of pride overwhelmed him as the sergeant handed him his academy diploma, padding him on the back for graduating with honors. He looked from the elaborately decorated podium to his cheering friends and family below. He was going to make a difference. Gone.

       The soldier, now consumed by fear, feebly tried to hold on to the memory as it slipped from his mind. He cowered under fear, now like a dark looming presence, rising behind him, ready to smother him. There was no warmth or comfort, only fear and confusion. He remembered. He was in a cage, a cage of his mind. Terrified by the darkness, the soldier screamed out to an empty chasm.

       "NOOOOOOO! Let me be! Give me back my memories! Get out of my head! Get..."

       The infection form extracted its tentacle from its host forehead, severing its brain and silencing its irrelevant cries. Sweeping over the host's body, the creature implanted the rest of its small, bulbous form in the host's chest cavity. Pushing aside organs and slicing through muscles in the arms and legs, the creature fully extended itself throughout the host, merging the two life forms as one. Rapidly, the host began to change, unnecessary bones liquifying while the limbs were stretched to their breaking point. The skin was mottled in discolorization and rot while extra sensory tentacles were born from the host's flesh. Acids were formed and blood was changed into a sickly green color until the transformation was complete. The creature was perfected.

       As the monstrosity's hideous form rose from the blood- stained floor, a single piece of metal fell from the chest of the bloated figure. In another species' language that small piece of metal would show one word: Jenkins.