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In honor of Halo players
Posted By: Raptor 27<raptor27_738@msn.com>
Date: 29 October 2004, 3:04 AM

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A terrible pain shot through the Master Chief's body as all the particles of his body stitched back together. Definitely, teleporting wasn't the Chief's favorite way of traveling. He looked around and saw that he was in an open space, where on Halo, he had no idea, but he knew it was bad to stay in the open so he raced to a structure in front of him. Apparently, if their was any Covenants inside the construct, they had no sentries so he walked inside, he stopped, facing a wall, he had a choice to make, either turn left or right, so he took left. He entered a strange room, the roof was open and the Chief could see the bright blue sky, on the walls, a strange blue glowing hieroglyph. To his big suprise, he found an assault rifle and a shotgun! He preferred the assault rifle but the shotgun was also tempting so he dropped the Covenant plasma pistol he had in hand and took both, at the base of an other wall, there was a plasma rifle, with he left there. He decided to go take a look outside and see if he could figure out where he was. The Spartan left deep footsteps behind him as he walked in the hot sand, his attention was immediately drawn to the Human Warthog standing there, without a driver. The Chief gazed at the vehicle and looked around hoping to find the Humans who left it there...or, as he expected to find...dead marines. But there was nothing to be seen, no bodies, no weapons, nothing! So he took a look around to see how the landscape was: it seemed like he was at the bottom of some kind of gorge or something like that. There was a large explosion that shot dust and a thick black smoke into the air, the Spartan looked better and saw it was a Scorpion main battle tank fighting against someone. Without waiting, the Chief jumped into the driver's seat and pushed the gas pedal, the motor roared and the wheels spun, he speeded towards the MBT. Something was wrong, there was an other Spartan in the field, but the Chief knew this was impossible, they had all died on Reach, and would surely not be shooting on a scorpion tank!

The Scorpion MBT shook as the green energy bolt hit its armored turret, the driver, a Spartan code-named Polarbear tried to turn the turret towards the shooting warrior but he would blast his own self if he fired the powerful explosive rounds. So he fired the LAAG mounted on the tank, but he didn't have the right position. He pushed the hatch above him and climbed out of the tank, he reached back to his seat and grabbed his shotgun, he'd have to finish this the hard way...
"You're gonna feel this one!" he said as a second ball of overheated plasma sizzled by him.

The Spartan named KRACKA saw the other Spartan jump out of the tank, he overcharged his plasma pistol as he saw the shotgun in the hands of the enemy. The gun shook, as the green mass of overheated plasma was glowing and ready to be fired.
"Guess I'm going to get an other weapon than this sh**!" He said as he advanced towards the incoming threat. He discharged the gun and the green ball hit its target.

Polarbear's shield indicator dropped and the alarm went on, he was in danger, an other shot like that one would kill him, and he knew a shot of his gun would kill KRACKA, now, it was just a question of luck. But something else came up, Polarbear aimed his weapon at it and saw the oncoming 'Hog, he stepped aside and concentrated on the other Spartan. He quickly crouched and then jumped high up in the air, he fell in front of the other and squeezed the trigger, the shot resonated on the metal armor. The overlord fell dead.

His scope was on the 10X, he had seen the Spartan ever since he had spawned, but he kept low profile, had ran up on the bunker and armed himself with his favorite weapon, the sniper rifle. Canadian sniper god as he called himself had the Spartan in the Warthog in his aim, he pointed the gun's canon and the words: Master Chief appeared on 'Sniper God's HUD. He let his finger press the trigger and the other Spartan fell out of the truck as a bullet followed by a trail of smoke hit him in the shoulder.
"I can't believe I missed that easy shot!" he protested as the wounded soldier crawled for cover.

The Master Chief felt the stinging pain in his shoulder and fell out of his 'Hog, he crawled for the vehicle, it would give him a good cover from the sniper.
"I...I thought we where on the same team, we're brothers, why shoot me" He said over the COM.

"Man what a noob he is...lets finish the job..." Said Canadian sniper god as he tossed a frag grenade down from his sniping spot. The explosion sent burning shrapnel's into the Chief's body and he died. "It's a slayer free for all!" he yelled at the dead Spartan.

Happy of his victory over KRACKA, Polarbear kicked the dead body and ran for his tank, but just before he could do this, a rocket hit the ground below him and blew him apart.

Whencowzattack...a fearless warrior, he had crossed the gulch from red base and had picked up the rocket launcher in the center on the map, near a bunch of plants. Then, he had raced back to the combat zone, aware of the fact that there was already a sniper in position. He turned and looked at a purple spot that came in fast, his eyes widened as he saw the Ghost bump him.

"And that's kill number one for Raptor 27! It was about time!" He screamed over the COM. But there was no time for laugh and seduction of victory, there was a sniper and the other dead Spartans respawned, ready to kill again!

Master Chief appeared and started shooting the wall in front of him, he got shot in the head by a plasma rifle and died...

"I hate neewbies as much as pirates." Said Mister Smilie for himself as he saw the Spartan fall to the ground. He shook his head with petty...
To be continued...

The names of the Spartans in this story are taken from the site: http://www.halobabie.net
This multiplayer game of slayer free for all was written in their honor, thanks guys!