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Ze snowy battle
Posted By: Raptor 27<raptor27_738@msn.com>
Date: 16 August 2004, 9:22 PM

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The Wraith's shot hit the ground with an impressive violence, this caused the Warthog to flip over, all three passengers where pitched out. Caporal Bringling got up, one of his legs was seriously injured and he had trouble walking, he looked up, just in time to see the incomming Ghost, it was too late to dodge this one! The Master Chief had all ready got himself back on his feet, the impact didn't have any effect on him, he ran towards the wraith, he had to destroy it before it did with the scorpion tank that was comming. As he charged lonnely against the tank, the Elite on the Ghost had spotted him, he leanned forward on his vehicle to get it go faster, the Chief was the only soldier that haddn't ran for cover when the Wraith started striking.
"Easy target you sitting duck!" Said the Elite to himself.

The Master Chief saw the Elite, he stood still and let time to the Ghost so he could catch up on the seperating distance, when he tried to run over him, the Chief stepped aside and threw a plasma gernade that sticked on the covenant's back. The Chief looked at the strugling alien, trying to get the sticking bobmb of of him, in a blue explosion the Elite died and the Ghost was damaged well enough, no other Covenant was gonna be using that one anymore!

The Master Chief got close enough to touch the Wraith with a frag gernade. The explosive hit the purple-colored metal and rolled on the ice, when it blasted into pieces it was to far of the tank, the Chief ran next to it and left a little present behind...the tank bursted in the blue plasma volt, crashing into the cold ice and snow. Suddently, plasma was fired in big quantity at him, he looked up and saw an imposing dropship comming down! The two horisontal flaps opened and the Covenant troops jumped out, weapon in hand, ready to kill! A long smoke track stayed in the air during a couple of seconds, an Elite fell dead in a pudle of purple blood that made the snow melt.
"Head shot!" Screamed the sniper, hidden in the snowy rocks.

As the Chief had turned his head to see his friends, his shield went straight down as he was hit by a green plasma bolt. Well protected behind his energy shield, the Jackal was recharging his plasma pistol to shoot at the Master Chief again. But the Chief was not going to stand there all day, he ran out to the Jackal, but before he could get to his target he was violently hit by an elite commader, the golden armored Elite was moving to fast for the snipers to shoot him down.
"Man! I cant get a clear shot, it seem's like my scope is bloked by some gray thing..."

"Sorry, that was me, I'll move aside a little O.K.?"

"Great idea Einstein."

The Chief hit once, the commander took a step back and barked, it hit with it's energy sword. The Chief hit twice, the commader fell dead. The Grunts strated running away, leaving there backs exposed to the snipers, within seconds they where all dead. Now, all that was left was two Jackals and a red-armored Elite, they stepped back, if they could get one hundred feet behind them, an empty Shade could help them to get rid of the SPARTAN. One of the Jackals ran for it and got hit, he crubled to the ground, facing the white snow. Speaking about snow, it seamed a storm was sarting, the flakes came down and let a thin snow lid onto the dead bodies in the field. The shield on his back, the left Jackal tried to get to the turret, but the Master Chief went out for him. The Red elite stepped between the Chief and the Jackal that finaly had reached the Shade and was trying to make it work.
"Get out of my way!" The Chief said.

The Elite didn't move, he knew that if he didn't move, the sipers whould have to shoot clear through the SPARTAN to kill him!
"I...I thought I was clear enough, last chance, get out of the way and I'll kill you later!"

The Elite stood still. That was enough, the Master Chief hit the Elite in the stomach and shot on bullet of his pistol right threw the alien's skull. The Jackal activated the Shade and shot at the Chief, it was hard to see now because the snow was falling so hard, even the Chief who had everything in his body boosted had trouble seeing, if it hadn't been for his motion tracker, he probobly wouldn't see the Covenant. Suddently, out of nowhere, a big fiery blast hit th Shade, the red dot on the motion tracker disapered. The sound of a motor came to the Chiefs ear, out of the blizard, two spot lights pointed at him. The Scorpion had arrived!
"At last! What took you so long?" Asked the Master Chief.

"Sorry sir...we ran out of fuel, we where refilling when two Hunters attacked us!"

"Yes...Hunters, I was ready to bet they whould come." Said the Chief that was thinking.

"Why? Did Cortana detect a new arrival of Hunters?" Asked a curious marine.

"No, because in every story that consernes Halo that is written by Raptor 27 has a Hunter in, didn't you notice?"

"Oh...I see."

The Chief sat on the tank's side and waited until they got to what they where looking for: The Covenant base number 225.
Three dropships where parked, all around the base, a wall of Shades, Ghosts where parked in front of a structure, under a small roof, an Elite was sitting by them. A couple Wraith tanks where placed around the base. A lot of equipement was outside.

A Grunt sudently pointed at the tank's dark shape into the blizard, he screamed somthing to the others and an alarm started.
The Master Chief looked at this fortified structure and all it's protections.

"Hang on men...this is going to be a hard fight, your all gonna need a big dose of courage...be brave men. Now on my order...CHARGE!!!

To be continued in: The blizard fight...