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Hunter ambush!
Posted By: Raptor 27<raptor27_738@msn.com>
Date: 16 August 2004, 1:59 PM

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The Master Chief looked at the dead Elite lying on the ground in a pudle of purple blood right in front of him. Normaly, it should of been a marine or a SPARTAN's job to kill the Covenants, but this was the Flood's fault. It didn't affect the Chief, he walked over the blue carcass and left his pistol, almost empty behind, talking the needler the Elite had. He walked toward the metal door, leving only hevy boot's tracks into the thin snow. As he aproched the door to activate the automatic openning, the door opened, someone was comming out!
A Grunt ran out of the structure, yelling in the Covenant tongue, he passed in front of the Master Chief and did not stop, in fact, he didn't even see him. The Chief ran behind the running alien and broke his neck by hitting him hard in the back with his freshly talken needler. An anoying sound screeched in the sky: four banshees where patroling the area, the Chief ran to take cover into the structure, the door opened and he ran in. He wasn't afraid of the banshees, it's the fact they might as well just leave and go get ground support, the Chief liked action that's for sure, but he needed to get back to the marines that where waiting for him the fastest possible. He walked slowly into the desert corridor, listening to the sound of a non-far battle. He let his head out from behind the wall and looked at the sceen:
two Elites where fiering at a Flood carrier form, the thing ran up to them on its small legs and got shot before it started to inflate, it exploded, throwing dead and live infection forms in the hole room, the Elites kept on shooting at the creatures, one of them, even if he had this Covenant courage and honnor saw that there was no escape, the infection forms where comming straight at him and his compatriot and more Floods where comming down the hallway, he took his plasma rifle and shot into his head, falling dead to the metallic floor. The other Elite was attacked by the infection forms who jumped on him and went straight to the head, the Elite fell back, yelling and barking and went out of the Chief's eye sight.

The Chief came out and walked through the room, he squished an infection form leeping towards him, letting a small brown stain. He threw a gernade into the hallway where many warrior forms where comming, in a screem they where all just a bad souvenir. The Master Chief came into a room that first looked without danger, he looked around and saw nothing but Covenant equipement, no weapons, just the big purple devices they have to comunicate. He swiched his flashlight to "on" and looked again, his attention was brought to a green light in the dark, he pointed in that direction and had time to see a enormous Hunter shooting one shot of his deadly fuel rod gun. The Chief jumped out of range and doged the incomming projectile. Sudently, next to him, somthing mooved, he turned his head to the left and saw an other monstorous Hunter crouched next to him, he was probably trying to get him by behind and didn't expect the Chief whould hide where he was...
The Hunter let out a suprise noise when he saw the light on the Chief's helmet pointing at him, he stood up and hit the Master Chief with it's imposing shield. The Chief was pitched out of his hidding spot and landed brutaly on the cold metal floor (not that he realy minded since he had his armor). He quickly ran for shelter, his sheild meter recharged, he was now ready for action again!
The two Hunters fired at him and missed, he swiftly and silently slipped to the right, in the dark, he stayed crouched and walked up to behind the Hunters. He threw a frag gernade at the first one he had seen and hit the other one right in the lower-back, where there week orange body was exposed. He listened and heard the other Hunter growling in the dark, he poped out and fired of his needler at the weakened Hunter, the beast fell dead.

The master chef continued his way, a door opened in front of him and he passed through it, he was going to turn a corner when he heard the scared voice of a Grunt, he jumped out and saw the Grunt with a Jackal, the Jackal was whounded and unarmed, the Grunt looked like he didn't know what to do, he had two plasma pistols. the SPATAN quickly walked up to the grund and hit him as he did for the previous Grunt, then, he looked at the Jackal, it could not do any harm to him but it was still an ennemy. He had no feelings for the ugly creature but still...
This was an easy shot, an unarmed Jackal without his shield. The Jackal looked up at the SPARTAN with an inploring look on his face, he didn't even activate his shield, knowing the end was close, Chief lokked again at the Covenant, not sure what to do...

"This must be the stupedest thing I've ever done! I sure hope you're happy buster...I will not be doing this again...NEVER! Heard me?" Said the Chief to the Jackal on his shoulder.

He didn't even know if the Jackal could understand english, but he still talked to him. Finaly, the Chief passed the last door, he came back outside in the snow, the Jackal let out a small peep.

"I don't care if your cold!" Said the Master Chief, not realy knowing what the Jackal said.

A group of marines where standing behind a rock, they had a Warthog and smield as they saw the Chief approaching.

"You brought us back a souvenir?" Laught one of the soldiers.

The Jackal moved his arm as the Chief put him against the rock.

"Hey! It's alive sir!?!"

"Yes...I...I thought he might give us some information..." Said the Chief, visibly ashamed.

"Cortana will hack and tell us more than this thing sir." Said the marine.

"Well...at least we have a live one to observe..."

" Aww...Chief..."

"Well...I thougt he was kind of cute...can we keep it?"