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It was just grunt...
Posted By: Raptor 27<raptor27_738@msn.com>
Date: 25 July 2004, 7:47 AM

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-Come-on! you lost us again Chief! Yelled the gunner.

-No, I just...eh...yeah, your right, I lost us, but I'm sure we'll find someone soon. He answered.

There, it must of been at two or three thousand meters in front of the three Humans, a Grunt...just a Grunt.

-Hey! There! A Covenant, shoot Hellard! Shoot! Cried Greg, the passenger.

-Shut-up will you! He just spoted or position because you just yelled your lungs out. It's just a Grunt...Said Hellard.

But, as soon as he finished saing that, four big purple spikes came right into his leg. An Elite had just poped out from behind a rock not far from the Grunt. The gunner yelled, but it was useless, the spikes exploded in his leg, letting a big bleeding hole, he abandoned his machine gun and sat down, his hands squeezed on his wounded leg.
The Master Chief thought about turning around to retreat, but that whould totaly expose the disabled marine to the deadly fire of the ennemy. The windsheild cracked as a golden armored Elite armed with his deadly energy sword jumped on the Warthoag, ready to kill!

-Ah! He's gonna kill us! Screamed the passenger in fear.

-Yes, he would of if I would'nt do this! Said the Chief.

He turned so that the side of the Hoag whould be in range for the Covenant fire. A big green energy ball shot from a Hunter that just came out of the same rock than the first Elite hit the Elite that was boarding the Human vehicle, swapping it cleen off.

-Wow! That's even better than wippers! Said Greg in a laughter. But there was no time for humour, the fuel rod gun had fired a second energy ball and this one hit the front tire of the Warthog, flpping this one over.

The Master Chief rolled a couple meters before he got back on his legs, ready for action. He then realised he only had his pistol on him, his assault rifle and the shotgun were in the Hog! He turned towards the damaged vehicule and saw Mellard, lying on the ground in pain, and Greg, crouched behind a rock. The Chief ran and got to his wepons, he reached over to see what distance he had between him and his men and the menace. Maybe the assalt rifle could of been useful if the ennemy was at the same distance they where, but they had dangerously approached, and the shotgun was the best wepon to use in this situation.

He jumped out of his hidding place and fired towards the Jackal that was running in his direction, shield up, plasma pistol in hand. He misted the first shot but touched the alien with the second, killing it right away. Three Grunts where waiting to fire, but they seemed paralyzed by fear. A blue armored Elite barked an order in the Covenant tongue and two of the Grunts started shooting as if there life was ending soon, witch was probably true, with a SPARTAN after them. The third Grunt ran away, screaming...
The Master Chief ran until he was close enought to fire his deadly and powerfull shotgun at the Elite, he shot until he had to reload, then, he heard a scream. Oh! No! He had forgotten his soldiers, and Mellard had just ended his sufferings, falling under the ennemy plasma balls and the spikes of the Needlers. That was enought, the Chief ran to the Elite and bashed him with his gun, he came behind the Grunts and killed them both, he turned around and shot the running one, this permitted him to see the Hunter that just released an other pulse of his fuel rod gun. It was to late to dodge it! The Master Chief's feet left the ground and he fell a few meters away, the shield had absorbed the shock, but could it take much more? He got back on his feet and raised his gun to fire at the Hunter, a enoying clicking sound came out from the shutgun, wrather it was damaged or there was no more ammo, but the Chief did'nt care much about it, he rapidly left the gun behind and drew his pistol, he started a disparate attack against the armored creature.

-Chief! The Hunters have a weakness in thier armor, in the back, in the neck and in the...Greg hadden't finished talking about the Hunter that he was balasted off of the map by the concerned Hunter.

The SPARTAN put his pistol on the scope mode and shot the Hunter right in the neck. The huge beast crumbled to the ground, letting out a puddle of orange blood in the grassy ground of Halo.

He looked at the dead carcasses of the dead Covenants and Humans, he looked around and saw no other ways to get out of here than to walk and run...

-That's gonna take quite a while, I'm sure Captain Keyes and Cortana will think I'm dead, what if they let me here? The Chief thought.

Then, he had a suddent idea, what if the ennemys had a base, the othe side of that corner, they could'nt all comme out of that rock!?! He ran to the rocky corner and saw a samll camp, there where a hole lot of wepons, and...the Chief's heart stopped pumping for a moment...a Ghost!

He jumped on it and managed to make it work, then, letting out the full power of the Ghost, the Chief went away, searching for his base.