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war on planet Hedge IV- Part 1- nigotiating
Posted By: Preston<Preston247@aol.com>
Date: 14 February 2004, 7:43 AM

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1605 Hours, December 12th, 2529 (Military calendar)/
USNC Carrier Musashi orbiting planet Hedge IV, Pegasus system.

"Ok i fold." John 117 said as he placed down his deckn of cards. "2 kings, Read then and wheap." Anton 044 said as he placed down 2 king cards.
It had been a week since John and his spartans had been asigned to the Musashi. It also had been 4 years since he had lost his dear friend Sam. Poor sam had spent his left when destroying the cov ship. and from planet to planet, colony to colony, the spartans had a job to do along with every marine and ODST ever to come out of reach.
Now for the past week, He and his spartans had been spending the time trainning, helping out around the Musashi, and of course gambling around with the crewmen, and of course the other spartans.
John now had over 200 dollars worth in chips from his fellow spartans he was playing against. Anton had lost most of his chips while his other 2 squad members were already winning a few chips.
"Read them and wheap." Linda 059 said as she placed down a royal flush. All the types of the ace, the king, the jack, the queen, and the 10 of spades. After seeing this, Doctor left the table and walked over to clean his shoes. Linda just smiled as John 117 and Anton 044 watched their winnings fly away from them. Linda was the wealthiest one of them all. "That makes $800.56 right?" She asked Anton.
"Yes." Anton said as he seemed angered at his loss. He then threw his cards down and walked away. John then placed his hands on the card table they had been playing on for a whole hour. the lamp hung a few feet overhead.
"Linda, you seem lucky today." John said. but before he could say anything, another spartan walked over to the sitting spartans at the card table at the barracks.
their walked Spartan 017. Preston 017.
A tall man, a prettyboy but a strong fighter. With a russian accent, sharp nose, and natural brown hair mere 3 inches long. he wore the same tan uniform that all the spartans were wearing. but unlike the shoes they were wearing, his was the tanker boots with the knife pocket.
Preston 017 was also a slight smoker. With a cigerette in his mouth, lighted and half smoked. He then placed his hand down on the table in a large slam.

"Hey Squad leader. you loose a match?" Preston said, blowing a donut of smoke in his face. John blew the smoke away. "Yes sargent Preston. Why have you just annoyed me just now?" John demended with little seriousless on his face.
but before Preston could take another puff, John and Linda watched as Lightning fast kelly snuck up behind Preston, and tore the cigerette right out from his lips.
Preston looked back only to get himself stuck within a headlock. Their he was pulled back away from John. "You gotta learn manners Preston, otherwise you'd be the lowest of the spartans. Even with your-"
Preston cut her off.
"So what. I'm the spy of the troops." Preston argued.
"Your a scout like Anton. If only you were a team player." Kelly said.
Just then before Preston could say anything, the speakers began to clear itself for the incoming voice.
It was the voice of captain Lewis Wesker. Commander ranking.
their all around the vessle, the announcement was played.
"Attention all spartans. You are to report to the bridge ASAP." Lewis called over the speakers.
Kelly let her grip go as Preston walked away. He then stepped out his cigerette and turned back. He didn't say anything except a silent glare. He then walked back and waited for the other spartans.

It didn't take long for all 31 spartans reported with clean tan uniforms, the ranking insignia's and medals were all neat and clean. John 117 stood in front of the lot. all attention.
Lewis wesker was a middle aged man. not really tall yet not really short. His hair was white, civilian long hair. Yet his medals showed that he was a high ranking captain. But their was a small something that made john remember Mendez.
He was acompanied by the good Dr. Hasily.
The image of the planet Hedge IV was on the screen along with the route in red.
"Ok spartans here's the deal. Ever since the Chi ceti incident, Various colony planets were now being attacked. millions dead thanks to the Covonent. And ONI thinks that this planet." He paused. pointing at the map. "Here, Hedge 4. Backwater colony planet, home to a few thousand."
Just then John raised his hand. Lewis acnowleged this and nodded. John replied "Sir, what do we have to do? I mean the Cov aren't their and if they do were toast."
Lewis then smerked. "Don't worry. Your job is to get those people out of their. If the covonent try anything stupid, well be ready. So all you have to do is try to play nigotiator at least once. If not you could use." He paused and gave a light chuckle. "Use agressive nigotiations."
"This operation will have your usual techniques. You will be given weapons and ammo. And all the back bone you need to get them out safely. The reason we have you here is for 2 reasons." Dr. Hasily said as she adjusted her glasses.
"Reason 1 is this will be a good excersise to use nigotiation as a weapon. and also the reason you are on this mission is because the natives are wrestless and sending in standard soldiers wouldn't be pretty."
Just then it was all clear to John. This was a rush job, to nigotiate with the natives and make sure they get out quickly. Of course he had the right tools for the job. and the right people.
"Any questions?"
"No." John called out. "We are good to go."
"Good." Lewis said. "You will touch down at 1615. Dismissed."

In the equippment chambers was all the spartans could ever want. MA5B rifles, M6D pistols, sniper rifles. all the ammo and weapons they could ever need.
since this was going to be a big job. it would need a few more people. It pained him but he had to use scouts. So he had both Anton 044 and Preston 017 on his team. he would also need back up. And so he had his best snipers in his unit along with a demolitions expert. Linda 059, Kelly 087, and Grace 093 were on yet another team.
john and the others had already been fitted into their armors with the help of the crew members. John had himself his usual weapon. An MA5B with full clip and pistol.
Preston walked over a rifle rack and picked up an M90 shotgun and loaded it with full cartrages. He placed more shotgun bullets in his MJOLNIR armor belt pouch. Along with a M6D pistol. He loaded a few clips inside the pouches. he kept his suit light as a feather along with Anton. He had in his hands a M6D pistol and a fully loaded clip.
"So when are their going to be some blood?" Preston asked.
"Soon buddy soon." Anton replied.
It didn't take long before they had been fitted with their MJOLNIR armor. All lights were green, all equippment was all accounted for. they were finally ready for battle.

And within the time limit, they sat down on the Pelican dropship. As they felt the lift off, they knew this was going to be a boring mission, but still it had it's requirements. But their was something about this mission, something more dangerous. It began to exite John to a smile.