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Halo Fan Fic #2
Posted By: Gen.POWITZ!
Date: 20 January 2000, 11:33 p.m.

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I went limp and fell straight down into the water, the white bars of light barely missing my head. In one fluid motion I thrust upwards about ten feet into the air jabbing my long knife into the second alien on a speeder. The speeder glided to a stop a few yards away. The alien was not so lucky. The long hilt of my army issue combat blade jutted out of the alien's chest. He mumbled something about escaping to God and let out his last breath.

Over-zealous bastards. I wanted to kill everyone of these aliens. I had no idea how many civilians and scientists could have survived the fall.

The Pillar of Autumn's beacon came in stronger this time. I must have been only a few clicks away. I grabbed the speeder and fumbled with it a few moments before I got it to move. The aliens were bipedal and human-like so the controls were fairly similar to what a human-made craft might be. The craft moved quickly albeit with a very slippery turning motion.

Coming over the ridge I saw an amazing site. Hunks of metal and rubble lay everywhere. There were various large chunks. Many more humans had survived than I had initially thought. They milled about, caring for the wounded and making a makeshift base. I waved and yelled so taken up in my exuberance I didn't notice the large column of aliens approaching the base.

Much to my horror and surprise they opened fire on the helpless wounded. The remanants of my platoon reacted with extreme accuracy and prejudice. They killed every alien in about 3 minutes. Chunks of burnt green flesh were strewn about in every direction. Obviously the aliens had expected much less of a resistence. The Covenant also failed to factor in our SMK-DWN A23 heavy tanks. Most of the wounded lay writhing on the ground. There was blood everywhere. I ran down to greet the survivors.

In the commotion I failed to hear a faint laugh. It was mechanical and came from one of the larger chunks of the ship...