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A Marine's Tale: A Covenant Ship and a Nearby World
Posted By: pj-NYkr90<phantomf4@earthlink.net>
Date: 21 November 2003, 3:03 AM

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Author's Note: Guess who's back? Back again? Pj-Nykr90 is back again. I am very tired from writing and it took a long time to write this story but it is well worth the wait (I hope). Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 7th, 2551

      Turning on my light for better view of the Elites, I level my shotgun and remember that I still have some grenades. I roll a frag down the hall and see the distorted area that the Elites cluster in. Then, I see how truly cruel the Elites are to their minions. One of them pushes two other Elites in front of him and I see as they explode. The sacrifices die in a horrendous flash of light and metal. They appear out of nowhere and fall to the ground, their limp bodies losing blood.

      Momentarily, we can see the other Elite, enveloped in its golden yellow armor. We act on the spur of the moment, firing shotgun and machinegun rounds into its armor. Bullets ping off the shields, but they flicker and finally die. Seemingly resilient, the psychotic Elite charges us in a last ditch effort to survive. We gun him down quickly.

      "Police their weapons Jon, and I'll cover you from back here," I command

      "Oh, yeah, put me at the trigger and get me fucked up. A'ight, I see how you are," he replies, jokingly. He gets up from his crouched stance and advances on the dead bodies. Then, he sees something. He does a combat roll and starts shooting a Covie up with machinegun rounds. I hear the unmistakable barks of Grunts. I can tell that several fall, for anybody can hear their envirosuits clank as they hit the deck boards. Lowering my assault rifle from my shoulder, I run up to give Jon as much support as I can.

      "Nice of ya' to join me," he says.

      "You know me; I love parties," I reply. Two Grunts run into the hallway to their left while another takes cover behind a Jackal's shield. I prime a plasma grenade and toss it into the hallway. A Grunt screams and then runs for cover as he sees the blue luminescent sphere soar over the space between us. It hits the Jackal's shield and falls to the floor in front of him. It turns to run. Seeing is folly, I level my MA5B and plunge half a clip into its back. It turns to look at me with its glazing eyes, then trips to the floor. I fire at two Grunts trying to reinforce the position. Their blood quickly floods the area. I read my ammo count and see that I have three rounds left. I put the last burst into the wall, eject the old clip, and jam another in to take its place.

      Bynam turns to me with a sadistic smile and says, "This is fun."

      "Very," I say back as I assume my position firing on the hallway. Eight Grunts roll up on our position and immediately begin to over charge their plasma pistols. Two of them have needlers. They start firing a clip at our position. I remember from our training to avoid them almost last second so that they have no chance of readjusting to hit us. When the needles are about a foot from me, I jump to my left behind the refuge of the wall. Little purple flashes go off all along the wall. I hear moans of agony.

      Bynam lies on his back, obviously, in pain. I can see several purple explosions go off on him. 'Damnit', I think to myself. I toss several frogs into the hallway.

      "I'm comin' for ya' buddy," I scream as I run across the hallway. I hear several overcharges being released. I turn see that four overcharged plasma bolts hit the wall. I look at Bynam's bloody face. Red liquid and saliva leak from his mouth and from holes in his armor.

      "Damn," I say as I pull a medpack from my satchel. I pull out pain relief sedative and bio-foam and prepare to give him first aid. I check his pulse, which happens to be dangerously low. I hear something laugh behind me. Picking up my assault rifle, I turn to see a crimson armor Elite with a plasma rifle aimed at my head. He says something in Covie and then laughs again.

      "Think its funny," I say reaching around my back for a plasma grenade. Then, to my surprise, the Elite says something in passable Human.

      "Yoo are Marrineee, right?"

      "Yeah," I say.

      "Well, then, comm withe meee."

      "Fuck you bitch." Two more come up behind him with assault rifles. Why would Elites use assault rifles of all things. Their plasma rifle is three times as good. Then, an Elite in blue armor, holding a sniper rifle, walks up to the other two.

      "Corpsman, get theze man sum meedikal attencion."

      "Roger." As the blue armored Elite walks closer and closer to me, I grow more and more uneasy. I begin to pull the plasma grenade out and shove it onto its face. But, then, it takes its hand and pulls off its helmet...to reveal a human face.

      "What the hell is going on here," I yell. The other two pull off their helmets to reveal human faces as well. The one in red armor pulls off the arm guard to reveal a tatoo with two swords crossing eachother over a shield. 'Semper Fi' is written in a ribbon to the top while ODST is on the bottom.

      "We're ODST," he says, "and those damn COM links make us sound like fuckin' retards."

      "Well, I can see that buddy, but how did you manage to get a hold of that armor?"

      "We're jes' that good." I envy them, but one day, I will be one just like them. Hey, hey, hey, I'm in ODST training as it is right now.

      "Okay, so where do we go now." The Helljumper was preoccupied with a headset inside the helmet, blubbering words and commands into it. I wait for him to respond. I takes him a while, but he answers.

      "Blow this ship to bloody hell and then evac," he replies.

      "Ah, jes' what I've been waiting for, to get blown up." We get up; two Helljumpers walk up with Elite armor, blue, and hand it to me.

      "I don't know where to start putting this on," I exclaim.

      "That's why we're here," they say back. After a couple of minutes, I'm strapped into a Covenant battle suit with shields and communications. We continue down the hallway, carrying Bynam in a stretcher, and reach a large room, raised in the center with several computer panels and a commander Elite in it. He looks down at us and seems to be stunned for us to be carrying a human in a stretcher. He runs down to greet us and then looks at the ODST in red armor.

      "Yhw uoy tel eht Human evil," he inquires. Not wanting to blow our cover, the ODST just shrugs his shoulders. "Yhw od yeht evah Human yrnopaew?" Pondering the question, I reply to him in his native tongue. "Srinevuos. Siht Human rof erutrot."

      The happy commander replies in his native tongue, "Ha, sey, ew lliw evah nuf htiw mih!!!AHAH

      I reply back to him, "On, eh si rof em ot evah nuf htiw."

      The smile quickly disappears from the commander's face. "Uoy lliw od revetahw I llet ouy ot od, ttogam!"

      This insults me, so I reply, "EID!" I throw a plasma grenade onto his helmet. He runs into a group of sleeping Grunts and his head explodes in a bright blue flash. Bits and pieces of his head land on my visor.

      "What the hell did you jes' say dude," asks one of the ODSTs.

      "I told him to die. Now let's find the reactor room."

      "Yeah," they reply as the group moves out in search of the reactor room. In several minutes, we come across a group of Grunts. we brutally gun them down and take their weapons so we look less suspicious. Then, a Jackal patrol comes across our path. I take one's shield and beats his skull in with it. The other, we shove a frag grenade in his mouth and send him on his way. His head explodes and we all laugh at his misfortunes.

      When we reach the reactor room, we leave two ODSTs to guard Bynam, and the rest of us charge the room. Two Elites stand guard over the controls. We take grenades and smoke them out of their little station. I fire a burst of plasma (I had since switched into several Grunts waking up from meditations and head towards the control station. I run up a ramp into a small cramped room with holographic panels and view screens scattered all over.

      "How do I work this thing," I yell over the noises of battle to the ODSTs.

      The commander ran up behind me and squashed a Grunt with his foot.

      "Thanks bro, but ya know how to work this?"

      "Yeah," he says shoving me out of the way and beginning to push buttons.

      "I thought ya said ya knew how to operate these things," I say.

      "I do, these things are fragile. Push a couple of button combinations and you'll get it to say what ya want it...." He is interupted by a COM unit that says , "Fles-Tcurtsed Ecneuqes Detaitini; Ytnewt Setunim,"

      "What does that mean," he inquires.

      "It means we need to get the hell outta here. There's no need to blow the reactors now, cause the ship is about to do it for us."

      "How long," he asks.

      "Twenty Minutes." Bynam, obviously woken up by the intercom, comes into the reactor room as the battle dies down.

      "What's up man? Have a good rest?"

      "Yeah, no thanks to your fighting," he replies pulling bandages off. In aminute, we strip the armor off dead Elite.

      "Take this man, we'll need it." He puts the armor on and then we set out for the launch bays. The ship is in a tustle. It's crew is hurridly running around, trying to get off the ship because of its new turn of misfortune. We run in a group and follow a commander Elite. He will most likely know where he is going. I over hear him and several of his comrades talking about a 'Prophet', 'Forrunner' and a 'Phantom'. When he comes to a wall next to the launch bay, he waves his hand infront of it and then, an active camoflauge system deactivates to reveal a door. He runs through and we follow.

      "Yhw era uoy gniwollof su," asks an Elite.

      "Ew emoc ot epacse."

      "On," he replies, "ton htiw em."

      "Woh tuoba sey," I say as I signal for the team to arm their weapons.

      "Yase, won. Tub uoy lliw ton teg yawa thiw sith, Flood scum."

      "Thaw si a Flood," I ask. "Llet su erom dna ebyam ew lliw tel uoy evil."

      "Enif. Eht Flood era a citisarap ecar. Yeht ruoved gnihtyreve."

      "Gnirb su ot eseht Flood, dna ew lliw eraps uoy."

      "KO," he says with a chuckle, as if we will never make it. "Wollof em." We board his ship and flex cuff him to the passenger's chair. I take the pilot's seat and fly the ship out of the bay. We all take off our helmets and the commander seems stunned, too stunned for words.

      "Woh...woh...who did uoy nrael ym egaugnal, Human," he asks.

      "M'I tsuj taht doog." Bynam looks at me.

      "No, really man, how did you learn it that fast?"

      "Everything they say is bacwards, compared to what we say. Hehe. That's what 10 years of honor classes does for ya." I fly the ship into the atmosphere of the planet.

      Planet side, Emanuel Sanchez, Alan Deere, Yao Kinzieng, and Gery Howard sat on the ground next to their command post. They look up into the sky to see a purple vessel flying towards them.

      "Holy shit, Gery blow 'em to hell," orders Emanuel.

      "A'ight," he says as he levels his rifle.

      "Wait a minute," bellows Yao. "There're human life forms detected aboard the ship."

      "What!?! What are ya talking about," asks Alan.

      "Humans are aboard that ship as well as a single Covenant.

      "Ah," replies Gery as he uncocks his rocket launcher and lays it on the ground.

      "Let's meet the ship at the LZ.

      I can see several the familiar faces of my friends from the cockpit and I begin to get distracted. I loose control of the ship and we feel it going in head-first for the ground.

      "What the hell are you doing," yells the ODST commander.

      "What the hell are they doing," yells Emanuel. I struggle to regain control but my efforts fail. We hit the ground and send up a wave of dirt and rocks into the air. The stuff begins to settle on the ground and Emanuel's squad comes to search the ship for suvivors.

      The Elite known by his comrades as 'Ayumammae, prepared to escape. He could feel as his blood dripped down his hands but I am not an animal, he thinks. I am a Covenant warrior meant to rule over this lesser species. Using his brute strength, 'Ayumammae breaks his bonds and raises from the seat. The Human who knows his language is rousing as well. He mustn't let him live. But, 'Ayumammae hears voices outside the doorway, that of a Human. He has far more pressing matters to attend to than seeing this Human die; the gods will see to it that he is finished.

      The door opens and Emanuel sees an Elite in yellow armor. Lowering his shoulder, 'Ayumammae charges the line of Humans. Emanuel feels weightlessness takes command over his body. He hits the ground with a thud and his back sears with pain. Alan whacks the Elite in the head but, it continues on. Gery and Yao teams up on him and knee him and punch him. Yao lowers and clips him. 'Ayumammae raises and tries to continue on. And, he breaks the blockade. He runs into the forests that encompass the base. He has accomplished his mission, he has escaped.

      I rouse in time to see him escape. I hit the ground and then raise to chase him. But it is too late. Then, Emanuel turns on me. My Elite armor deceives him.

       "Hold up dude, it Ryan!"

      "Oh yeah, then prove it." I raise my hand to take off my helmet and all I get for it is a bullet shot into my chest. The burning pain fills my body. Then, I hit the ground, wheezing for breath and in severe pain. My helmet falls off.

       "Holy shit, he was tellin' the truth! Ah fuck! Shit! Get the doc Alan! Check the others! Help!" I begin to fade out and then, I finally black out.