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A Grunt's war against the Heretics
Posted By: pest/swingamajig<car_radical@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 26 March 2006, 9:17 pm

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Part 1 - The danger ahead
Three Phantoms sped over an ancient installation, one that has survived the destruction of Alpha Halo.
Sanbet, one of the Grunts led by the Elites attacking the Heretic camp, paced around inside his Phantom, contemplating how he would stay alive long enough to see his friends again.
"Line up!" ordered the leading Elite. Sanbet hustled to his position as he felt the Grunt behind him fiddle with his gas supply. He felt uncomfortable at this, but thankfully, it seemed to do the trick and the Grunts resumed their positions.
The commander was dictating his favourite speech, "When we joined the Covenant, we took an oath..." speech. Since being promoted to Spec Ops Grunt simply for surviving 10 battles, it felt like he had heard that speech dozens of times already.
This assault was different because the Arbiter was present, with whom he saw now talking to the Commander. They both seemes focused and steady, Sanbet wished he could share their confidence.
All of a sudden he was being shunted into the Grav lift. He didn't like the sensation of falling so he closed his eyes. When it was over, he awoke to a glorious red sky and the troops were all around him. Eager to get this over with, he followed the Elite in front of him and headed down a ramp...

Part 2 - Silent masacre
They descended to the second floor of the landing zone and Sanbet noticed an Elite fiddling with the controls to the door. Just as he cracked the code, opening the door, the Arbiter arrived, escorted by two Elites.
Arbiter took point and ushered the others into the lift. Sanbet followed, along with a Grunt holding a statonary turret and a Partical Beam wielding Elite. Another Elite with a Plasma Rifle entered and the door closed behing him.
"Engage active comoflague, reveal yourselves only after the Arbiter has joined battle with the enemy."
The words rang clear in Sanbet's head as he felt adrenaline rush through his body. The Elites would take care of this and he could go home alive.
Time passed slowly as the Arbiter entered the room and everyone else waited for a sign to move in. They heard two Carbine clips go off and so the four of them all darted into the room. Sanbet saw a medium sized room with two ramps heading up onto a higher level on the sides of the room, and three Heretics laying dead on the ground, thanks to the Arbiter.
"Stay back Grunts" an Elite said and blocked several needles from coming into contact with Sanbet. His shield flickered from the incoming fire and he retaliated, sending a hord of plasme at the offending Grunt on the left that Sanbet had so stupidly missed.
Their attention turned to the right ramp as two Heretic Elites sent they Carbines their way. Sanbet felt his stomach being jolted backward, but luckily his thick armor had absorbed most of the impact. He retaliated by firing his Plasma Pistol, complementing the combined fire of the two Elites. Meanwhile, the Arbiter had used the firefight as a deversion and had gone up the left ramp. Sanbet saw the two Elites fall, large sword gashes in the bellies.
"Come Grunt, more enemies" beckoned the Plasme Rifle Elite, and that's when Sanbet realised the Grunt next to him had taken a shot in the head, his life had ended very quickly.

Part 3 - Not so quiet anymore
Picking up the Plasma Turret, he scarpered up the ramp only to the Partical Beam Elite backed against a pillar, protected from the weapons firing the other side. "Set up turret here, Grunt" he said, with his shield down and very out of breath.
Knowing how unprotected the Grunt would be, the Elite courageously darted out from the spot for a secong and threw a Plasma Grenade. "They've scattered, set it up now!"
Not hesitating, Sanbet did as he was told and redied for the enemies to reappear. When they did, he witnessed about a dozen Grunts advancing up the slope from behing their alcoves. Delibarately distracting them, the Elites fired from the right so Sanbet could mow them down with ease.
As their nimbers fell, the remainder retreated with arms flailing. The Partical Beam picked them off.
With the battle over for now, the Arbiter quickly retrieved a Needler and gave it to Sanbet, he didnt have time to be greatful, because he went over to the other side of the congregation and gave his sword to one of the Elites, saying "You won't need that here." Picking an additional Plasma Rifle from the floor, with that the Arbiter jumped down onto the next floor and scouted ahead. But Sanbet noticed he didn't just get the Rifle from the floor, he prived it from the hands of one of the other Elites, who had fallen under the strain of so many needlers firing at him.
Sanbet remembered thinking how many more lives this would claim, and if one of them would be his own.