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Yu'cor's Final Battle.
Posted By: Paul M<paulmacedo@rogers.com>
Date: 20 August 2004, 6:33 PM

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He couldn't take much more of this waiting, but he had to because he could do nothing else after they had to escape from a human trap. Yu'cor the red-armored elite looked around the small human room to see what was left of what was now his team. He first checked on Jor'neo, as he was suffering the most. Yu'cor knew it wouldn't be long before he would perish, but still re-assured him that they would make it out alive. The 3 remaining grunts began to combine their methane tanks, as they were running low. The jackal, which was on his first mission, was in a corner huddled under his shield. Yu'cor sighed. The drilling noise got louder, it wouldn't be log before the humans would reach their position, he needed a plan... but to much was on his mind and too little was in his stomach to think of one. He didn't know why his people we're at war with the humans, didn't approve of it - yet it seemed he was paying the price. What had started out to be a simple mission of powering up a base generator, had turned out into a nightmare - the oracles told the black armored commander Kor'neeme who was now dead that they would not need to be heavily armed. But the humans proved to be smarter then they thought. Loud thudding sounds we're followed by louder drilling. It wouldn't be long before the humans reached them and he had no way of telling how many of them they're were. He had to wake up and get moving. "Weapons check" Yu'cor sluggishly grunted. One of yellow-armored grunts timidly said "Sir, we have little left from our last confrontation with the humans". "Let's see, two plasma pistols, a spent needler and no grenades... I don't think the pistol's battery will last long, but we have found a human weapon". Yu'cor knew that was against code to use their weapons but this time he had no choice but to try and operate it, as his own plasma rifle had been depleted. "Humph, this will not do!" he barked. He slowly turned his head to the jackal in the corner, knowing he was probably to afraid to talk he took his weapon and noticed it too was depleted. This was typical behavior as they repeatedly over-charged their weapons. Yu'cor took out his data pad, punched in a few buttons then glanced at a picture of his mate. He had missed her and hoped to see her once more after this - for her; he had to make it out. Yu'cor also wondered about Jor'neo, his friend whom he had shared many battles with. Would his caste miss him, would he be remembered - would any of them if they didn't make it? NO, he had to stay focused - think of the battle field for that was now his home. "I hear them, I hear them run away" mumbled the jackal. "Hear what?" a grunt wheezed. Another grunt added "He's losing it". Yu'cor heard nothing but the constant sound of the drilling, but was it possible. Jackals did have better hearing. No, they couldn't have dug that fast into the mountain, the rocks we're too thick. Just then a series of loud bangs we're heard. The lights in the room shut off. All that could be seen was the glow of the jackal's shields. "He was right!" a grunt shouted. Yu'cor turned on a lighting device and gestured for his team to be quiet. The voices of humans defiantly their. If only he knew what they we're saying. "Grunts! Get behind the desk - arm yourselves qui -" He was cut off by Jor'neo. "Give me a weapon" he sputtered. "You are in no condit-"... "Give me a weapon" he said again, more firmly. "Very well" Yu'cor reluctantly said. He took his newly acquired human weapon and handed it to Jor'neo. The large armored door began to shake, dust and bits of ceiling fell. He turned to check on his team. The grunts we're ready, but the jackal seemed to have passed out. Yu'cor took the jackals shield and armed himself with it. They waited, and waited. The room was silent except for the wheezing of the grunts. What chance did he have, he had no weapon. The sealed door cracked open, and a human fragmentation grenade tumbled in in. "Greeenade" a grunt yelled as he flew back into the wall, a light blue blood spattered in all directions. After recovering from the blast's blinding light Yu'cor noticed there we're 2 human assault rifles through the crack in the door. Before he could yell they opened fire shooting blank, Yu'cor had to be careful, as his body shield was not operating. Bullets flew across the room hitting nothing. Yu'cor snatched one of the rifles and the other pulled back quickly. Once again there was silence. The noise of human chatter ended that. The jackal awoke and started to shake pointing at the door. It was sliding open - in Yu'cors sight was a platoon of 7 human marines, all pointing guns towards the door. Yu'cor then realized that there was no hope, he and his team we're doomed, dommed for a cause they didn't believe in. He did not want to fight, but the humans could not negotiate. All he really wanted was to return to his mate, and be done with this "simple mission". He had to fight, but he told himself before he would be taken out he would die with honor. Yu'cor let out a large and loud battle cry - both sides opened fire... Yu'cor charged forward taking round after round in his chest. It was the last charge he'd ever make.

"Its right here chief" Cortana stated. "Its were the signals coming from, one of these bodies should have the remote to shut down the Covenant's newly placed orbital turrets". The Master Chief looked around the room and imagined what could've happened. He looked around at the bodies. 7 dead marines and what appeared to be a jackal, three grunts and two elites. "Bastards" he muttered. He saw the device, near a red-armored elite, and took it. There was a picture of another elite. "Cortana, is this it?". "Yes chief" she answered. The dead elite began to move, it said something the chief couldn't understand and tried to grab the pad. The chief opened fire on the elite, and it lay dead. "Can we go now before any of these bodies come to life again?". "Cortana to echo-581 we have the device and need extraction at the LZ." she said. "On my way..."