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invasion part one, episode one.= the beggining
Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 14 December 2006, 12:48 pm

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Millions of miles away from earth, a massive fleet of alien space ships sped toward a planet in the distance. The small alien ships looked vaguely like beetles and they had a pincer like front. They were nicknamed hornheads. A second ship was lumbering behind the fleet. It was a troop carrier and was shaped like a sword. They were called death ships, as when you saw them you were usually dead within the minute.

In the middle of this colossal invasion force, there was a ship that was huge. It would easily cover over 20 percent of mother earth and it was the back bone of this alien caste. It was the invasion ship. Further back was the mother ship. The strongest aliens dwelt in the hive like ship. It also had a weapon that would blow up a city if fired. These aliens were called the forerunners. Some of the long dead covenant races had fled and joined this great race. After a war bewtween the elites and the brutes, the prophets finally trusted the elites and they had conquered half the galaxy and got new races. There were 5 groups.The elites,the cobras who were pig like with frills on their heads, the nobles, who were high ranking elites, the hunters and the 5 new prophets.They were called, War, Reconcilliation , Peace, Truth and Wisdom. The forerunners believed humans were a disease. That was why as they headed to earth, they were all determined to finish what the covenant began.......

chapter 2. peace before chaos

"Hi. im called paul cooper". if youre in the mood for pure action and the story of the end of mankind, listen up. Here is the full story of my journey from the beggining to the very end of humans....

I was in a small town called Ferryhil with my best freind John Gardner. I had jet black hair and i was 5 foot 2 inches. My freind was 4 foot eight and he had brown hair. We were walking down the street. We were headed to the village and it was october the 14th, saturday, 5oclock. it was 2006. "What do we plan to do when we arrive at the village"? asked John."we should go into somerfield"! I exclaimed. We walked on and we chatted until we arrived in our village. Apart from a town hall and a few shops and a car park in the centre, it was not really intresting. We walked into the shop and as we looked out of the window, i saw a massive black shadow in the distance. Little things were flying toward our town and we both stood outside."what the hell is that"? John asked with his mouth open. As soon as they fired, plumes of smoke burst up from the ground. They sprouted a white hot material called plasma. John suddenly grimaced as we watched bigger ships land. Aliens poured out and we noticed that they varied in size. we both retreated into the shop.
chapter 3
the forerunners arrive.
We watched in shock as they ran toward us. "aliens"! a man cried as he was vaporised by a blast from a little fighter ship. We were stunned. The sky was filled with mini ships and the sky was covered by the big one. Suddenly, 2 choppers appeared and in mere seconds they fell to the ground as they were shot down. EvrYone was scurring in shops and running. I noticed aliens were running around slaughtering peaple with plasma guns and we ran inside the isle. There was a mixture of peaple as they followed us. We hid under the shelves and peered out the window. I noticed with horror, that a dropship landed right in front of us! Suddenly little dog like aliens rushed out. They had frills on their heads and had little guns in there hands. Around ten exited as a massive 10 foot high one appeared. It was covered in gold armour and it held a sword that glowed with light. The alien roared and the little one gathered behind it with squels and grunts. The alien began to cut the glass! Were gonna die! a man sobbed. The alien kicked down the window and they ran in as it shattered. The aliens looked around and a little dog one appeared near us.

I held my breath. I saw it had a sort of shimmer around it... The rest hurried away,but this began sniffing the air. "Ill have to kill it"! i whispered. John nodded. I slowly exited and whacked the alien on its skull. With a crack, the alien fell. We scooped up its 2 weapons and were about to exit when the aliens walked into us! "crap!" i cried and we fired. 2 of the little dogs ceased to have heads and the aliens returned fire. We fired and 3 went down. The leader snarled and was about to charge, when John hurled a sticky ball which stuck to the alien dogs and it exploded.There was only 3 dogs lefTt as the leader charged. We fired and ran out side.The alien flared and i ducked as it went to slash at me. John fired his weapon near it and it fell on the floor with a cry of angish. Once on the road i noticed that the fleet were destroying cars and humans. They was a fight with the cops and aliens. We watched as choppers battled dropships and tanks were deployed. "Its a war"! cried John. Gun fire and plasma was seen and heard as far as we could hear and see. A group of cops were killed by a big one with a massive mEtal shield as it blasted them with a beam. Seconds later it was killed as a tank crushed it and a plane wiped out some dogs as it crashed.

Suddenly we heard a roar of anger and turned round. There was a blue armoured alien and it was the same as the gold armoured but it held a gun. We fired and its shields overloaded and fried it. We clambered into a tank and i drove. "use the gun"! i told John. he nodded. I crushed the alien with the tank and we drove on. John blew a carrier out the sky with a shell and he whooped. We ploughed on crushing lots of aliens. Suddely one with a sword leapt on and began cutting off the turret! "bugger"! i cried. John tried to knock the alien off with the turret, but it kept leaping away. suddenly the alien was staring down the turret! we saw its eyes narrow and then john waved. it roared and lifted its sword but he fired and blew the alien to kindom come. we drove on and exited the village. "we have to get out of here"! i cried and we went into an abandoned car. we drove on as fast as the car would go. i looked behind us. ferryhill was lost and the aliens would surely move on. they had declared war on us and we were struggling to stop them.....

it gets a better story line later and it has more charecters and action.