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Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 25 January 2007, 12:33 pm

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I have read the emails you have given me,so can you delete the previous stories i wrote, because this is the new and revised trilogy.


Chapter 1

It was pitch black in the inky recesses of space. The stars stood out like tiny holes in a carpet and they glinted. In the centre of all this, was a planet called earth. Its rivers shone even out in space and it was a peaceful vision.

In another galaxy, not far off from this planet, was a fleet of spaceships. They flew eerily onward. A great big ship was in the centre. It resembled a long bottle slightly, as it was spiked at the front. It shone with a metallic glean.

Hundreds of long silver ships were ahead. This was the fleet. they were very long and had big spiked wings.Massive engines roared to life as the ship exited the current galaxy.

A round, circular ship floated near the fleet. It was the invasion ship and carried most of the alien forces. This species were called the forerunners. They were split into different species.

The first species were called the legendranes. They stood up like humans, but were several feet taller. They had burning red eyes that looked as hot as lava. their slightly reptillian face was covered by a steel mask that showed the bottom part of their jaw. it had a long spike on the end of its mouth. It wore red armour and it was desegrated with scratches and tears.

the 2nd of 6 species were called the nobles. They had a barrel chest and parts of their skin was torn with their bulging muscles. They did not require armour. They wore a helmet and they had a dragon like face.

THe 3rd race were the cobras. They had large frills on their heads and had tiny clawed arms. They were very weak and were covered head to toe with armour and the only feature you could see was their fearsome teeth.

The 4th were called the shadows and they were just that. They were the same size as humans and had long claws. Apart from 2 burning eyes, they had no features.

The 5th of the alien juggernauts were called the crawts. They resembled little dogs, but had curved jaws like the legendranes. They were extremely fast and had slavering mouths. Their tongues lolled uselessly at their side. They had a small shield covering them that glowed with psychonetic energy.

The last race were called the prophets. They were the leaders of the forerunners and had a red cape billowing behind them. They were only 3 and they were covered in ceremonial armour. They appeared to look like dragons as well and they had a staff. The names were called Mercy, Slaughter and War.

The fleet flew through the previous galaxy and entered earth. The the shadow covered all the stars and seem to blot out the stars. Soon the shadow was headed for earth and it would consume evrything in its wake........

chapter 2.

On earth, evrything was normal. Nobody even guessed that in the early hours of monday morning, humanity would be a step closer to extincion.

It was a hot saturday. 6 lone figures walked along a street. A bin bag flew past and made a strange whistle. Litter was scattered everywhere and it blew along the floor like little insects scurring away.

They walked past a shop thats window was shining with the beams of the sun. It was called 24 and it had a closing down sign painted with white goo. It drippled down the window and bubbled.

There was a distinct low rumbling noise and the figures looked up. A plane flew past and scattered the litter and also ruffled their hair.

They crossed a road and a lorry flew past them causing them to slightly move.

These 5 children were in a destination called ferryhill. They were a group that hunted paranormal things and sia stood for supernatural investigation agency.

The first person was me. i was 14 years old.I was called Paul cooper and i had ruffled black hair. I was very white and quite skinny. I was the founder of sia and usually knew what to do when we fought something.

The second was someone called James whittle. He had long brown hair and it was very ruffled. He was 11. He was a member who didn't really take it seriously, but when things got serious, so did he.

Number 3 was someone called John gardner. He was the same age as me. he had black hair and blue eyes like me, but his was shorter. He was the second in command and usually solved missions.

The 4th was someone called Rachel redshaw. She was 11 and had long brown hair. She had green eyes and was taller than john. Also she was the clue researcher and she was an expert at finding them.

The 5th was aden smith. He was the same age as rachel, but was the most mature of us all. He had sparkling blue eyes and had very short blond hair. He was the leader of the gruop and thought up missions for us. If we ever considered quitting, he would talk sense into us.

The final member was a boy called Dane Clemence. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. HE was the youngest of the group at 11.

the forerunners were about to arrive but wed be ready........