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invasion 2-the war part 2
Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 12 January 2007, 9:22 am

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the arbiter had just got into the cruiser and it had blasted off toward the enemy dropship. his battle force consisted of 3 shadows,10 elites,20 cobras and 5 nobles plus the arbiter.

he looked out into space and saw the dropship. the cruiser halted and a tube connected to the ship. he ran into it with his allies and got ready for his revenge.....

i looked out the window. "there boarding the ship"! i cried. my 2 freinds looked. "if we can hold them off until we land on earth, we might be ok" dane said. "why ok?" said john nervously." what will happen?" dane was about to reply, when i saw the dropship and forerunners about to open the ship and get in!

"get ready" said dane and we levelled our guns at the aliens. the door strained and started to get holes in."as soon as they come in, shoot" i said. the door shattered and an emergency door came out and covered the hole. the forerunners got through and the battle begun.

chapter 4

A huge amount of foreruners charged into the ship. there were 10 elites and another in silver armour. it had letters engraved into the helmet and was more stronger looking than its fellow elites.

Its eyes burned red and its teth were extremely sharp. There were 20 of the little dog ones,5 nobles and 3 shadow like aliens. they too had burning red eyes and looked exactly like a shadow.

they had no mouth or any other features. there arms had long, sharp claws on them and they were completely black. they had no weapon we could see. we began to fire and the fight started.

The aliens began firing and we ducked behind a chair. "what are we gonna do?" dane asked."theres no chance we can take all them!" dane checked a little thing on the ship. "its- he began but the chair exploded and we had no cover. we began firing and 3 of the dogs went down.

an elites shields began to flare and dane hurled a human grenade. before the aliens could move, they were flung up in the air and when they landed there were only 3 cobras, 4 elites, 2 nobles and 2 shadows. the silver alien roared in anger and we continued firing at them.

the aliens returned fire and we ran up the stairs into the 2nd room. it was a small dinner hall like place. there were lots of tables and chairs. the entire place was gold.

"this is cool" i said slowly. the entire place looked like treasure. it was nice until the aliens charged in.

i pushed a table into a noble and its shields flared. the alien slowly began cutting the table and laughrd menacingly.

suddenly the ship swerved and the table crushed the noble against the wall."no ones on the controls"! i cried. we could crash anywhere on earth!" the ship sweved again and we slid near the forerunners. they smacked into the walls. i slid into an elite and opened fire.

its shields flared Andi hurled a chair at it. it went slow.TOO slow. "were slowly losing gravity!" i cried to my freinds. the seat hit the elite and downed its shields.

we noticed
there was one noble, the silver one, and 2 elites and one shadow left. the silver elite rose its sword and charged straight for me.

it slashed where i had been seconds ago. i was now on the table and i fired. the aliens shields held and i was going to have to reload soon."remember this name!" the elite roared."the arbiter!" i reloaded and flipped off the table as it was cut in 2 by its sword.

"youre the what?" i asked as the alien cut of the chandelier. i dived out the way and so did the arbiter. it crushed the elites. "the arbiter" he snarled and slashed again. this time, he cut the wall behind me and i smacked into him.

he fell down. i bended the sword away and shot it. the blade disintigrated and the arbiter knocked me away. i saw the shadow was chasing john. i fired at the arbiter and ran to save my freind. i fired at the alien and it slowly turned round and leapt at me.

i fired at it and the alien just missed me with its claws. "retreat!" the elite roared and the aliens ran back to the ship.

the elite paused. "we will fight again" it snarled andthey drove off. i looked out the window,saw green forest and evrything went black.