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invasion 2=the war. part one
Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 11 January 2007, 12:44 pm

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chapter 1
the arbiter.
11.25pm.on board the master ship, the mausoluem of the arbiters.

not far away from earth, the gigantic master ship flew toward it. an elite stood in the arbiters mausoluem in front of the 3 surviving prophets.

he was called zura canatammee and the 3 prophets were called war, reconcilliation and peace. they were originally 5 prophets, but a group of human children had annhilated them.

in fact he was here because of them. they had destroyed the forerunner mothership and he was being blamed for it. he thought the prophets were going to kill him in public.

if he was spared, however, he would hunt them down-or die. "do you realise what you have done?" war bellowed. zura sighed. "i am sorry master" there were hundreds of cobras, nobles, elites,destroyers and the new race that the forerunners had introduced in the war against the humans- the shadows.

they had no appearance and were just like a shadow. they had long claws hanging from their arms and red eyes like fire.

"you will not be killed" said peace."kill him!" all of the forerunners roared.

zura was overcome with relief. "then i shall hunt the demons at once" he said and began to turn round. "but you will find the 5 icons the foreruners need for the great journey" the prophets cried.

he was silently crushed. he would have to finish the humans on his own and he would be killed if the demons stopped him from finding the icons. suddenly, he watched a tube of arbiter weaponry come down and when the catchet opened, he saw it was the silver version of an elites armour. it had the mark of the arbiter!

"you are now the arbiter" war cried. "nothing can stand in your way!" he paused and lifted up the helmet. then he faced the prophets."and when do i begin"?

chapter 2
the crash.

not far from the master ship, me and my surviving 2 freinds were in a forerunner cruiser.we had started our fight for survival with 7 of us, but they had been killed in the campaign to destroy the forerunners.

when they landed, we had been in ferryhill. wed wiped out a scarab then saw our freinds in alpha base. when we headed for new york, sketty had been killed. in the war, we had boarded the invasion ship. bobby had died then. me and dane went to the mothership, rache and john on their planet. the invasion ship was destroyed along with jase. we all succeeeded our plan and met on the planet. rachel was killed and the planet blew. john had roared"this ends tonight"! and we had arrived in our current destination.

"we finish this for rachel" john said. he was stil shocked. we all were. i looked out and gasped. there were millions of flagships, the mastership,5 invasion ships and 2 motherships!

"theres no chance for us to survive" i said sadly. one of each had nearly wiped the entire of earth out. this was their final attack.

earth loomed in the distance. it was not the beatiful planet that it used to be,but half the world was a smoldering white hot mess. "home never seen so appealing" i grinned and my freinds laughed.

it had been a long time since any of us had laughed. it was good because it took our minds of the daunting, if not impossible task ahead of us. i saw a massive flagship block the view screen and we didnt have time to move. we smacked under it broke both the wings and plummeted towards earth on fire....

chapter 3
the task of the arbiter.

"arbiter" an elite said in a gruff voice."humans on the radar!" he nodded. "send out a cruiser to board there ship"! he commanded. he walked over and mannded the controls in the ships control room.

suddenly the prophet of war floated in eeriely on his chair. the prophets were known to do that. they could suddenly appear out of thin air or the rumours said.

"who occupies the ship?" the arbiter asked. "i wish to kill them" the prophet nodded. that meant he was allowed and the prophet grinned."your enemies"....

we had just scraped under a flagship and were rapidly approaching earth.smoke was trailing from the ships engines and the back room was completely alight."were going down!" cried dane."well" i said and grinned."thats how it looks, but we might not be=-"shut it!" john said angrily. "the forerunners have launched a pod to invade this ship!" "brilliant!" i said. "just when we start to relax"..