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invasion series part 2-the end of book one part 2
Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 11 January 2007, 10:47 am

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Meanwhile,Jase was in the control room. after a near fatal battle with the prophet aboard this invasion ship, it had fled from him and sent him to a place called the mausoleum.

he had battled lots of forerunners to escape the place and fought his way to his current destination.

sadly, a few hours ago he had discovered that the forerunners had used every lifepod and he was stuck on the ship. there were still millions of them on the ship though.

he had also discovered that his radio couldnt do anything as it had ran out of its batteries. "well" he thought sadly. "it was over for him" there was no chance he would escape and he would be killed by forerunner forces on his escape.

he flipped off the safety latch and saw the red button. he slowly pressed down and set the timer for 15 seconds.

he realised that he was dying and he would never again see any of his freinds. the timer read 13. he grinned. but they would be proud of him.

as the timer struck eight seconds, 2 nobles rushed into the room. "hello!" he grinned and they fired. the plasma hit him, but he fell on the floor and his last thought was that he would see his other freinds that had already died. he looked at the timer-o

flames flew from the walls and their was a massive explosion. it caught the fuel in the ship, it ignited and the ship blew from the inside.

outside, in the air, the ships shields flared like mad. they turned red and eventually collapsed. the ship was like a massive flower opening up. it turned into a momentarily 2nd sun and there was a deafening blast. the ship lurched and nose dived into the city of new york.

lots of forerunners were destroyed, and the humans fought back. but when they brought reinforcesments the forerunners were unstoppable. the humans had lost.

me and dane ran as fast as we could along the corridor. alarms were blaring and the aliens were on full alert. "attention"! an elite roared over the speakers. we skidded and ran up the last passage. "humans on board!" it roared. "assemble 5 of each race in attack teams!" "crap"! said dane. he stopped for breath. he could only run for so long and his chest hurt.

"the invasion ship and evrything on it as well as the humans on board are dead!" it roared and we stopped dead in our tracks. "Jase did it!" we hifived each other. we were both upset that he was dead, but the situation didnt really suit mourning.

"the humans on board are near the control room and will succeed if we dont kill them"! it roared in rage. we turned a corner and smacked into a group of cobras. 2 died from the impact and a hail of bullets brought the rest down.

"we have to do this!" i roared to dane and we were seconds away from the control room, when a troupe of 5 elites attacked!"deal with the aliens" dane said. "ill finish it"!

i nodded and shot at the aliens. one plasma grenade reduced their numbers to 2. i concentrated fire on the one near dane. it lunged for him, but as it was in the air, its shields overloaded and it fell, riddled with plasma burns.

the final one roared with rage and charged for dane. it pulled out its gun and prepared to fire, but dane shot it as it was right near him. the force downed his shields and the bullets left a hole so big, i saw dane press the selfdestruct button and set it for 1 hour. i waited for dane to see me and the doors all began to shut and we slid underneath them . we saw a ship and a lotta forerunners. "this isnt gonna be such a quiet escape after all!" i told dane and we charged for the ship.

chapter 27
a victory and a tragedy.

john and rachel were in the city. they saw some stone things and had to run a few seconds in the open to reach it. then they had to run a full field to reach the control centre!

"come on!" rachel whispered and they ran as fast as they could to the rocks. seconds later, an army of bikes and 20 scarabs went past. the scarabs legs barely missed them and crushed the rock.

now they had to run the short field and they ran as fast as they could. suddenly rachel heard a familar noise. she turned round and as the scarab fired, they both leapt into the control centre. "we have to finish this now!" john cried and they ran into the control room with over a million forerunners pining for their blood directly behind them......

we entered the ship and 2 elites snarled and charged for us. the ship began to fly and they were wiped out as we flew toward the exit.

"weve got 50 minutes until this blows" said dane seriously. "dont be there when it does!" "i agree" i said and we flew into a room. there was a sign that said it was the 1st of 5, then their was the evacuation tunnel.

i noticed 5 troop carriers were after us, so i began to fire. 2 exploded and one hit our wing!"cow" i cried and smashed into the 3rd. it exploded and we caught fire! the wing fell off and we noticed that a door was about to fall down and block our exit! "were not gonna make it"! i said and noticed 10 other ships after us. we just flew under it and the others exploded and we were in room 2!

but there was no time to celebrate as we were immediatly attacked by a scarab, another ship and some bikes! "run"! dane cried. "were in a ship"! i said sarcastically. "that would be a bit tricky"! i fired the torpedo at the scarabs and before it blew, it fired, hit us and we flew toward the other ship! "we have to board that"! i cried and we both climbed onto the roof.

we leapt. we landed on a wing and dane nearly fell! i pulled him up, and we opened the door. the pilot cried out as he was sucked out and sliced up in the engines.

i shut the door and we saw ours smash into the bridge and explode........

we entered the 3rd shoot and saw a group of 50 nobles. we ploughed through them and headed for the 4th chute with 10 minutes left till detonation....

john and rachel entered the control room and they smacked into a group of 2 nobles in black armour! they opened fire and john primed a fragmentation grenade. they ducked and the aliens returned fire, undetured by their assualt.

john gasped. these aliens must have been the forerunners most powerful warriors as they were not dying.

a noble called zuka zammamee grinned as the humans entered the room. there little plan was about to fail and he knocked down the girl. his shields finally overloaded, but the human didnt return fire. the humans would die and he charged to makre her the first......

rachel grinned as well. if the stupid noble thought she was out of ammo, it had another think coming. she pulled out a sniper. when it leapt, there was no time to aim and she pulled the trigger into its belly.

zuka leapt in the air and was about to pull out his plasma sword, when she pulled out a long gun and fired. he couldnt move and when the bullet and the noble made contact, he ceased to exist.

with a roar of rage, john jerked the final nobles head back. it fell limp. he set the timer for 2 hours."lets give em some fireworks!" john grinned and they exited the other way.

"weve got 10 minutes till detonation"! dane said sternly. we were in the 5th room and we sped down the tunnel. thousands of forerunner ships flew towards us. over a billion forerunner troops ran for us and hundreds of scara bs blasted. but we were far away from them.

the door began to shut and we flew out. seconds later, it smashed down and we saw the forerunner planet and sped toward it. i looked back and in a massive blast, the mothership blew. "we did it!" i told my comrade and he grimaced. "weve still got an entire army of-i stopped mid sentence. in the distance was the massive master ship! i remember that the prophet told me about this" dane said. " its called the master ship!" i nodded. "then its far from over" dane disagreed. "i think its just the beggining...

later on, we got a tramsmission from rachel. "meet us behind the city" she said. i nodded. " is john alive" "yes" she replied. "but the detonation is is 15 minutes" "yep" i said and ended the transmission.

we landed on the destination rachel had told us and they were there like they had promised. "alright"! john said. but i wasnt in a funny mood. i told them about the master ship. "thats bad" said john. we all were about to get in and evacuate when a blast of plasma caught rachel in the back.she cried out and fell down. "nooo"! cried john and smacked into the 10 nobles. he blasted until they retreated into a small cave. john and dane followed. " look after her" he said sadly and he was crying.

i knelt down. she was white and i knew she was dead. suddenly she moved and her last words were finish it.... i began to cry. i laid her down and waited till my freinds appeared. "shes dead" i said sadly. "noooooooooooooo!!!!!!""""""" cried john. "she was my best freind for all my life"!! "well" i said. " lets finish this for her" we clambered into the ship and were soon in space. we flew past the massive mastership. john wiped back his tears and roared. "THIS ENDS TONIGHT!!!!!!

to be continued.
i will submit book 2 and 3 in the upcoming months.