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invasion series part 2-the end of book one
Posted By: paul cooper<lcooper764@aol.com.>
Date: 10 January 2007, 1:41 pm

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"this way you idiot!" rachel snarled at john. they were headed to a dropship that was heading for the forerunner planet.it was going to launch in 30 seconds.

they ran down a corridor and skidded to a halt when they saw the dropship."come on!" john said."quick" and they entered the ship. they noticed that it got a lot colder. there was just enough room for them both and they noticed the same red wallpaper in the ship. there was no seats for them to sit in and a little window and a door.

there was a very loud noise and they felt themselves flying down toward the planet. rachel looked out the window and discovered that the automatic dooropened. they were very near the planet. it was green and had lots of strange plants and rivers of black stuff. she stepped back inside."were about to"- rachel began before the ship crashed and they both saw darkness....

me and dane ran for a ship that was heading for the mothership. we knew because an elite had told some others. over 20 armoured nobles walked in. they were equipped with energy swords. when the ships door hissed it began to shut.

"we have to get in that ship!" i told dane and we both ran and jumped at the last minute and narrowly missed the door as it shut.

when we entered it, we noticed the ship was massive. it had 3 levels and we noticed there were 10 nobles in the room we had just entered. the nobles emmited startled cries and before they could alert the others we opened fire. their shields flared.

but still under this hail of bullets, before it died, one noble managed to press the alert button and say "guard the controls" before it slumped to the floor.

when we paused to reload, there were still 3 forerunner warriors left. they snarled, activated their plasma swords and charged. ones shields overloaded and fried it. there was 2 left now as they both slashed out at us. but the blades only found thin air as we both ducked. we rolled out the way and before they could turn round, we shot them where there armour didnt cover- their backs.

as the 2 aliens fell, we walked up a level. "all their forces will be in the control room" i told dane as we entered the second room. it was pitch black in this level. i was only partially right as 5 noble blades slashed the air. they were no were near us, so we switched to our plasma guns. the superheated bolts of plasma overheated their shields in no time and there was only one wounded noble that located us. "we need the lights to be on in the control room, so we can see the panel!" dane exlaimed.

i nodded and we walked up the stairs with some difficulty. when we entered the control room, i noticed that there was a dim red light on the roof. 5 nobles with guns guarded the control panel. "deal with the nobles" i told dane."ill make sure were headed for the mothership" he nodded and i rushed for the panel. one noble was guarding it and it reached for its gun.before it could react, i pushed it out the way and stuck a plasma grenade on it! with a roar of rage it leapt to get help from its comrades-and blew.

dane wasnt hurt,but every noble was killed. i checked the controls and saw the gigantic mothership loom in the view screen. "wow" i said, stunned. it was massive. it was the size of a planet and a moon toghether.

there was a pull and we were in the ship. we exited through the door and saw that their were over 50 cobras running around. i saw a sign that said the control room was 10 minutes away.

there was a room we had to go through. we opened fire at the cobras and carved a path to the room. they were that busy running that they didnt return fire. "in here!" said dane and we entered the room. we brought up our guns- the room was full of elites and we were surrounded.....

rachel and john slowly awoke. "we made it!" she said and they slowly arose. john clambered out the dropship, closely followed by rachel and they gasped.

they were in the middle of a massive tunnel. it was completely pitch black, save the hole they had made in the roof.they could see a large light up ahead and they began to walk.

"this might be their main city!" john said exitedly. "we may have a chance to wipe them out" rachel nodded as the light grew bigger."but that means theyll be determined to destroy us as well" "wonder if paul and dane have succeeded?" john said. "i hope they have because we will have to go back to earth and drive them into space then do this all over again"

she nodded. they continued talking and in a few seconds they entered the light.

it was a massive city. hundreds of forerunners were walking about and they were on speeder bikes too. the flying vechicles were there too and there was a lot of scarabs. the entrance to the control room was right next to them and they realised-they were preparing for a final war....

"why do you continue to annoy us?" the leader snarled. "your intention is to destroy all of us obviosly" it smiled evilly."and thats not going to happen"!

we opened fire immediatly. "think so?" i said and we shot at the bridge that held them all. as the restraints began to crack, we noticed a bigger machine. it looked like a big beetle and had 2 guns on its head and we clambered inside.

dane fired and we blew the bridge and killed over half of them. there were still 20 elites left as well as the leader and with a furious roar, he leapt onto the vessel. he drove the sword through and it narrowly avoided our throuts and we as he fell, we crushed him. "out" dane cried and we ran into the tunnel that led to the control room. this was about to finish....