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The Saga Continues: Halo 2 Chapter 3
Posted By: Edward Parker<edieparker37@hotmail.com>
Date: 12 April 2002, 2:49 am

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<the landing>
"This is the Aquitaine please report name and cargo.""This is shuttle 143.654 -8 carrying master chief." "Please proceed to docking pad 11932.""roger that." The shuttle began its decent towards the pad.
"Welcome to the ship Master Chief I am The captain of this ship. My name is Cmmdr. Victor Anshar."" My name is John. Pleasure to meet you." " And the same here Chief. We have accomadations for you in the spartan quarters. Enjoy your stay here at the ship. You will be breifed later." "Thank you. Goodbye." "Goodbye." Then the blast door opened and a crisp young officer walked in to the bay. "Hello my name is Todd Manion and i will be showing you around the ship." "Ok. Where to?" " First we will take you to meet the other spartan-5s we have here." "Well lead the way." So Manion led the chief to the elevator and he punched in 5 on the keypad.
The Master Chief was greeted by the other Spartan-5s. One of them seemed to be a bit shy and was just staring out from a chair in the corner. The Master Chief walked up to him to introduce himself. "hey i just noticed you sittin here in this corner. Why didnt you want to greet me?" " Sir im just a bit shy and you're a lengend. So i just sit here and wait for my nerves to calm. By the way my name is Chip." "Nice to meet you whats your code name?" " My code name is Titan." "well see you around." "see ya." The Master Chief went and met back up with Manion and was escorted to Mess Hall.
The master chief went down the elevator and wound up on the 3'rd floor. The mess hall and took up his position in the back of the line. As he neared the counter a call came into his com sensor. "Master Chief you are needed in the spartan lounge immediatly." The master chief dropped his tray and ran back to the elevator leaving Manion to eat with his buddies. The chief hit the entrance, a little though, but the door lifted away and a banner across said WELCOME HERO OF HALO. The chief was stunned by it. Then the other spartans jumped out and scared him silly. They enjoyed the party until the morning, the morning of his last day on a UNSC ship for awhile.
They were all tired from the all night party. "All spartans are to be battle ready in 5 min and then are to report to the docking bay for instructions." This cackling message signalled the end of the ship board cruise and signalled another harrowing experiance on a HALO ringworld.
"you are all very late. You were supposed to be here 55 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!!" "Sir yes sir." "Now, you are about to embark on the greatest adventure you will ever go on (present company excluded of course). You will be taking this NCS-19 class Landcarrier to get yourselves from here to there." He pointed to a circle on the large briefing map. "Once there you will deactivate it and come back here. Now load up and give em' heck." The chief and his squad of 6 spartans walked into the Landcarrier and started it up. The ship left at 1000 hrs.
The spartans were getting bored of just sitting around doing nothing when the alarm started sounding. "Red alert Red alert covenant ZCS class warships in bound. I repeat 2 ZCS class warships in bound." "I want everyone to get to their stations stat. Move it now." The spartans ran to their stations to get ready for a fight with the covenant. " The covenant are closing in fast and furiously, fire the primary cannons."The ship shook as the 200mm PDS cannons fired, the laser bursts hitting the covenant ships on the broad side. One erupted into a giant fireball and went sailing into space. The second launched its cannons hitting the Landcarrier on its engine. "Sir we've lost engine power we're sitting ducks.""Two more ships are in bound 2 DCS class warships in bound evacuation recommended." "Okay everyone go get a fighter and..." "Sir there is the ring." "Okay grab a fighter and drop to the ring surface." The spartans ran and jumped into the 4 fighters and one longsword. The chief and Titan were in the longsword. BOOM another covenant blast hit them. They flew out as fast as they could, but before the four fighers could get away they were blasted by secondary autocannons.
"Chief they didnt make it and we're the only ones left." The situation was grim but they might have a chance with the two of them and all the supplies he'd stuffed into the ship before they had left.