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The Saga Continues: Halo 2 Chapter 2
Posted By: Edward Parker<edieparker37@hotmail.com>
Date: 10 April 2002, 2:56 am

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The chief was hidden in some bushes behind a tree. Since the landings the covenant decided to take a rain check on the fight for now(but they would be back but in stronger numbers). The chief decided it was time to go out and get a step ahead of them. He organized an attack plan and the marines were seperated into groups of 10 each make 25 groups total. The plan was to spread out and encircle the covenant camp. "Go!" shouted the chief and that was it they were off on a daring mission deep into covenant territory. The first group reached a place where some dropships had come and gone but that was it just markings nothing else there. The second through twenty-fifth group arrived to be amazed at the findings. Then all of a sudden the ground opened up on the far hillside to reveal an entrance to a secret command base. Then 20 hunters came out and started to come at their position and charged up their fuel rod guns. Little did the marines know but the cheif carried the one gun that could knock two or three out at once. The marines ran to take cover in the treeline while the master chief went around to the side to set his gun up. Ten the hunters fired blasting two marines to cinders and injuring 10 more then an awful sound errupted and a huge green blast hit two hunters reducing them to mere footprints in the mud. Then again the awful sound rang out blam! Two more just prints on the ground. The hunters didnt know where or who jad the firepower to do that so they just started blind dives at the trees and were quickly killed off by bayonets, assault rifles and sniper bullets. By this point the covenant base was blinking red at the entrance signalling the reinforcements to go kill them off. But as soon as a squad appeared the quicker they dissappeared off the planet and of this life. Again and again this motor sound would charge up then blam blam blam! Covenant would go down. So the marines took liberty to go down and charge the base. They threw grenades in and blew up some elite guards. The master chief showed up and went straight in to where the covenant leader of the base was. As soon as the mach-5 was shown he gave up and was taken back to the LZ for dust-off.
Hey here he is the hero of the battle this morning. Cheers all around from the marines. "This is the general speaking I want combat teams Alpha through Echo to report to fire stations."" Master chief you too."
"The covenant are amassing forces on the planet below and you've been elected to go and kick their butts."
"Sir yes sir and we will accomplish every goal and then some sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Well good marines now load up and kick some BUTT!!!!"
The chief jumped into the side seat and the ship flew out of the bay and started off downward towards the planet surface.
The silver dropships landed next to a large rock face close to the covenant Ammo Depot that was the objective to be destroyed by the laser guided rockets. That have small nuclear warheads in them. The chief and his team climbed up on top of the cliff to get their snipers into position. The laser designators were in place and little red spots were on three of the main buildings and two of the barracks buildings. In 30 minutes a dropship would arrive drop off 5 men and 5 rocket pods and then BOOM!!! No more covenant force. So the soldiers waited and waited for an hour and still no dropship. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw the covenant force lining up and small purple specks were on the horizon heading to the base fast. The chief told the snipers to open fire and the rest of the men to charge. The orders were given and blam blam blam covenant after covenant died until the elites and hunters arrived and started shouting orders out. The fight was getting intense then the drops ships arrived and were setting up the rocket pods so the marines retreated then the purple specks were overhead the base and landing. Then there was a loud whooosh as five warheads slammed into the base just as the dropships were going up a small shockwave of intense heat went under. They were lucky that the dropships came and that the covenant were dead. Today they would enjoy their sleep.
›› DATE:2/23/2554
"Good job john for that elite you brought for us, And as you can imagine he is providing valuble information." The briefer stood up. "Sir as it turns out there is another HALO ring that is held by the covenant but it is not the same as the others this is the covenants own version meant to be fired at the earth in two months at the earth you are to go to this planet and deactivate it.
"Ok chief its time you and your team went to that covenant ringworld and save the planet Earth." The chief and his squad boarded the dropships that joined the others on their way to rendevous with the Aquitaine Agenda a SCS-5 class warship somewhere in delta quadrant 5.
Chief was getting a little restless from the long journey towards the ship when the pilot reported ETA 5 minutes to docking with the Aquitaine.