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To Survive VII
Posted By: OpeningAct<OA@aol.com>
Date: 16 June 2004, 8:35 PM

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To Survive VII

5th January 2553
On surface of derelict ring-world
Outside Forerunner structure
On Halo Instillation-01

      "What?" Staff Sergeant McKenzie asked.
      "There are Spartans down there!" repeated the Chief. He stared sternly down the dark tunnel.
      "How do you know that?" questioned McKenzie. The marines stared quizzically at the Chief.
      "Just trust me" exclaimed the Spartan. The marines of Fire Team Monsoon and their reinforcements looked at each other, as if thinking as whole.
      "Alright Chief. Move marines!" yelled McKenzie. The marines gave each other one last look, before raising their MA7B's and entering the interior of the structure. The ten marines and the Chief turned on their rifle's lights and the small beams sliced through the darkness like a knife cutting through butter. The Chief took up the rear as the marines headed deep into the ring.

      As the marines made their way further into the structure the Chief noticed a minor difference between this structure from Instillation-01 and the structures from Instillation-04. The tunnels seemed almost natural except alloy holding the rock above them. The tunnels were carved out of rock. The Chief wondered why there was a difference but he put it aside. He had to keep the squad safe and recover his fellow Spartan or Spartans. The ground beneath them finally levelled and the marines came to a door.
      "What the hell?" exclaimed McKenzie.
      "What's the problem sarge?" asked private Wells.
      "I've seen this type of door before. At ONI's CASTLE base on Reach" announced the Sergeant. Now that McKenzie said it the Chief recognised the door too. What was going on here?
      "Something strange is going on here and we're gonna find out what! Let's go marines" bellowed McKenzie. The squad moved through the door cautiously, rifles still raised, eyes darting to every shadow. After the compact rocky tunnels the marines were very surprised to see a large, sort of futuristic, room. It was one of the biggest rooms the Chief had ever seen, spanning at least half a kilometre in width. In fact the only room that he'd seen that was bigger was where they had recovered that forerunner artefact underneath ONI's CASTLE base. Metal-plating covered the floor and walls. What was the room's purpose though? The only reasons the Chief could think of were a hangar for a UNSC cruiser or a training facility. The marines continued into the large room.

      "Whooa, look at it!" said a marine in a mixture of disgust and fascination.
A dead rookie elite lay on the floor of the huge room, it guts scrabbled all over the metal-plating, scorched burns over it's body.
      "Looks like it's been hit by plasma" exclaimed Pvt. Reeves. The Chief paused and looked down at the elite.
      "I've seen this before. Stay alert and don't blink! The flood are out" announced the Chief.
      "The flood?" asked one of the marines.
      "Chief, we should get out of here!" shouted Sergeant McKenzie. The Spartan's six-note tune sounded over the Chief's COM again.
      "I've got a lock on it!" yelled the Chief. "Sergeant, get your marines to the surface. I'll meet you topside once I've extracted the Spartans".
      "Alright Chief! Good luck" growled McKenzie. The marines turned on their heels and exited the facility. Cortana placed a NAV point on the Chief's HUD.
      "Are you sure about this? It might be a trap!" Cortana said frantically.
      "What if it's not?" replied the Spartan calmly. The Chief headed towards the signal's source.

      The NAV point led the Chief to a large hatch. As soon as he approached the door it opened automatically. Inside was a long corridor with at least twenty doors on each side.
      "I detect life-forms. Yes six. Three doors down on your right. Try there" commanded Cortana. The Chief came to the door and it opened. It was empty.
      "No, your other right" announced the impatient A.I. The Chief grumbled and crossed the corridor. This room contained three rookie elites. The Spartan dropped a frag grenade and closed the hatch. A satisfying bang later and the Chief moved on.
"Down the end of the corridor, I detect more life. I can't tell which side it's coming from though" said Cortana calmly. The Chief sprinted down to the end of the long corridor. Both doors were locked.
      "Cortana, unlock the left hatch please" commanded the Chief.
      "Alright Chief!" replied Cortana. The hatch screeched open. A dark armored figure stood inside. It was a Spartan alright but not like any he'd met before. It's silver armor wrapped in veins on the outside like vines, and sticking off it's right shoulder, a weathered flood infection form. The Chief recoiled in horror backing away, as the 'Spartan' approached him. His back hit the other locked door.
      "Open it Cortana!" bellowed the Chief. The door flashed open and the Chief fell in. Cortana locked it again just in time. The Chief hoped their weren't more of these 'Spartans' behind him. He slowly turned his head to see two shocked, but familiar faces. It was Docter Halsey and Kelly.