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To Survive II
Posted By: OpeningAct<OA@Aol.com>
Date: 5 June 2004, 3:40 PM

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To Survive II

1st January 2553
In forerunner structure
On desert plateau
On UNSC controlled planet Earth

      The Master Chief backed away as Lincoln cackled insanely. The primitive A.I disappeared from the control panel and into the structure's system. The sentinels soared into the control centre to assault the Chief. The Spartan aimed at the oncoming forerunner robots. His M90 shotgun fired several heavy shells into the sentinels and they crashed to the ground burning. Still any that were shot down were replaced by many more. Realising escape was his only option over victory the Chief hurled a plasma grenade at a bunch of the sentinels. It latched itself to one of the many 'bots and imploded on itself. The Chief covered his eyes as the bright blue grenade flashed in a blinding light. About twenty sentinels fell blazing to the ground. The Chief made a break for it, firing shells as he went.
      "Any UNSC dropships respond!" bellowed Cortana.
      "This is Lieutenant Steffan Miklese of the UNSC pelican Bravo-66. Is that you Cortana?" Miklese asked.
      "Yes this is Cortana with MC. We need extraction from the top of the rock structure in the desert plateau" announced Cortana.
      "Roger that. I've picked up your signal and I'm inbound" exclaimed Miklese.
      "Affirmative" said Cortana. The chief rushed into the elevator and tapped the button frequently, still firing shells. The doors closed just in time as several sentinels crashed against the elevator. The lift began to climb back up to the surface.

      "Hey I'm not through with you! If you don't hand over you're A.I I'll have some trouble from the Covenant" yelled Lincoln. The Chief ignored him and shot a grunt in the abdomen as he ran up to see what was going on.
      "Lieutenant, where are you?" Cortana questioned.
      "Two banshees are on my tail, I can't shake 'em" he shouted.
      "Don't worry Lieutenant, prepare a flyby and the Chief will take them out" Cortana announced.
      "Affirmative. Chief get ready!" bellowed Miklese. The Spartan brought out his Battle Rifle and stared down the scope, while loading a clip. A soft droning whirred in the distance as a smoking pelican flew across the night sky closely pursued by two banshees. Suddenly Battle Rifle rounds tore through the first banshee's armor. Finally it hit the small craft's fuselage and the banshee twirled towards the ground, swimming in a sea of flame. The second banshee turned it's attention to the Spartan and fired heavy plasma at his position. The Chief backed into the structure as the plasma drew ever closer. He just managed to avoid the hot plasma as the banshee soared over his head. Seconds later it came back for a second pass this time at the Chief's level. It danced out of the way of the Battle Rifle fire and was about to shoot burning plasma directly at the Spartan when Bravo-66 re-appeared and sped towards the second banshee, chin gun blazing. The banshee fell out of the sky in a burst of fire.
      "Good job Lieutenant!" exclaimed Cortana. All of a sudden the elevator doors opened to reveal a load of sentinels. They were after the Chief.

      The hatch of Bravo-66 opened as the pelican hit the ground and Miklese was a little surprised to see a Spartan leap into the dropship.
      "Let's roll!" shouted the Chief.
      "Yes sir!" exclaimed the Lieutenant. A sentinel was crushed as the hatch closed.
      "Floor it!" bellowed the Chief. The pelican slowly lifted into the air, chin gun firing at the oncoming sentinels. Suddenly the dropship's thrusters kicked to life and it sped in to the late night sky.
      "Woohoo, yelled Miklese. So Chief, where do you want the UNSC's taxi service to take you next?" he asked.
      "Earth City. I need to talk to high command" answered the Spartan.


2nd January 2553
Hovering in Pelican dropship
Above Earth City
On UNSC controlled planet Earth

      "Shit, just look at that" yelled Lieutenant Miklese pointing down at the city. Downtown was a wreck. A plasma-scorched wreck. The Covenant were laying siege to the capital of Earth. This wasn't good.
      "Lieutenant, down there. Land near those marines" commanded Cortana.
      "Gotcha Cortana" replied Miklese. The pelican swooped in and landed with a sickening crunch.
      "Miklese, what was that? Questioned the Chief.
      "The fuselage just died. Those banshees must have hit it. This bird ain't taking off again for a while" said Miklese.
      "Roger that. Guess you're coming with us then" exclaimed the Chief.
      "Guess I am!" said Miklese reloading his pistol. The hatch of Bravo-66 opened and the pair stepped out. A large middle-aged man stepped towards the Chief.
      "Morning Chief. Nice of you to join us. I'm Staff Sergeant McKenzie and this is Fire Team Monsoon" announced McKenzie. Five other marines stood around the sergeant, one holding his side.
      "I need to reach High Command. Can you take us there?" acquired the Spartan.
      "As long as it hasn't been hit, the command is 2km north of here. We'll use the upper passages. They connect all of Earth City together. Most of the marines will be up there.We might stand a chance of defending Earth City if we hold the upper passages" McKenzie told the Chief.
      "Are we on the upper passages now?" asked the Master Chief.
      "Yeah and so are the landing pads. We were guarding this pad until you got here. Since we're leaving maybe we should leave a surprise for the Covies. Matthews, do it" said the sarge. The private nodded and ran to the landing pad. He picked two land mines out of his pack and placed them down on the surface of the pad.
      "All set sir!" shouted Matthews.
      "High Command, this is Staff Sergeant McKenzie, make sure no UNSC forces land on landing pad B-14" exclaimed the sarge. There was a long pause before a voice crackled back over the radio :
      "This is High Command, roger that sergeant".
      "At least High Commands still there, growled McKenzie. Alright marines, lock and load. If anything on the ground moves, shoot it!".