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Posted By: One Who Knows<onewh0kn0s@yahoo.com>
Date: 27 November 2000, 8:54 pm

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"I cannot believe this shit!" Andrew's breath streamed out like fog in the cold morning air. "It's 0200 and I'm up patrolling for Covenant. What the hell'd I do to deserve this?"
"You didn't do jack shit, ace," came the CO's reply. "We're on a mission and you're going to accomplish it, so shut your mouth and keep marching." He turned to the rest of the marines. "We're going to march until we hit waypoint delta, understood? UNDERSTOOD?" The rest of the squad grumbled in acknowledgement as tired feet trudged upon the hard packed dirt. Within the hour, the squad proudly named the "Fearless Few," came across their designation.
"All right men, here's the deal. We're going to meet a company of marines from base-camp Delta. We rendezvous with them here and receive their supplies." The commanding officer, Devies, scanned the horizon. "They should have been here already, but we'll wait for them here."
"Don't surprise me that those damn Delta boys are running late," came a remark full of derision from Charlie Marks. "Heard those fools ran from the Covies at first sight."
"Marks, shut your mouth before I shut it for you." Charlie looked at the only female in the group and began a retort, then thought better of it, remembering a bar fight he saw with her in it.
Jessica Delmar was a female, true, but was respected, if not held in higher regard, as a true member of the Fearless Few.
Almost two hours had passed before feet began to shuffle in anticipation or perhaps annoyance. Devies signaled to Andrew. "Chi, I want you to make your way down the south-side. That's where they're coming from. Go down the hill and find me some damn clues as to where the hell the Delta boys are."
A simple salute and the man was gone, making no more noise than the grass swaying with the slight wind. He made his way expertly down the slope and up another small hill. A light click and the gun's safety switched off, he continued treading towards the south. After about 3 miles, light pops could be heard, like firecrackers. The closer he got, the sound of bullets became unmistakable. The lighter sounding energy weapons became audible as he crossed over the crest of the hill.

To Be Continued...