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Sea of Steel: Part 5
Posted By: Omniscient<davenish@jps.net>
Date: 04 August 2001, 2:55 PM

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Part 5Location: Land-side, vicinity of aircraft carrier Alcatraz, somewhere on Halo.

"Well mistuh Renault," said Griffith after he hopped down from the rear gate of the drop ship, "since you be the captain an' all, what be our plan?"

"You boys know what to do. We are looking for a large clearing in the forest. About one hundred meters wide and three times as long, according to ship's scanners. The human marines are supposedly camped in the tress on the other side of the clearing. Louis, take your assaulters to the front. Rawlins, take yours to the rear. We have to take this in waves, we can't exactly maneuver one hundred troops easily in the forest at night."

"I don't mind scouting, sir, but can we get a couple flames up there, too?"

"Good plan. Griffith, send two flamers with the forward assaulters. Have the rest stay back with Rawlins' guys. I'll send five rocketmen with the rear assaulters and I'll stay with the rest behind on the beach. We probably won't have much need for them, but they'll be able to use radar for a beyond visual range attack if we do need them. It also gives us less men to worry about."

"Bah! Coward..." said Griffith, smiling. "Stayin' back on the beach. You'll git yer turn, though, I guess."

"We all will, we all will," replied Renault.

"Right," said Louis. "Let's get organized and move out." Then he keyed his radio, "Louis to Alcatraz seals, arrange in rough line and scout forward 300 hundred meters through the forest. If you come upon a clearing, let the rear know and wait up. I'll be right with ya in a minute." Griffith then radioed his men, and Rawlins his. Rawlins also ordered five of his men to stay on the beach with the rocketmen. Just in case, he told Renault.

Five minutes later, Louis and his team had covered the 300 meters. The clearing must still be a ways off, thought Louis. He radioed rear, "All clear 300, move up."

Then one of his assaulter's voices came through his helmet radio, "I've got something on HUD. I think it could be the clearing, possible 500 meters. Confirm."

"Negative, I don't have it. Anyone have any readings?"

"Hang on, sir, I'm moving a little closer," said another voice. Louis heard the rustle of leaves and sticks cracking on the radio. Thirty seconds later, the voice returned. "Affirmative. Repeat, affirmative contact. I think it is the clearing, sir."

"Roger that. Scout group, move forward 400. Rear, Louis-we have located the clearing, 500 from our position. Go 300 and wait for signal."

"Gotcha," Griffith replied. "How's the view up there?"

"Crowded with trees and bushes. Shut up."


Ten more minutes, and both waves were in position, with Griffith's and Rawlins' men roughly 400 meters back of Louis'. Now the clearing was visible just one hundred meters ahead of the scouts. Louis stepped behind a tree and keyed his radio. "Front, Louis-situation report."

"Sit-rep negative," everyone replied.

"Four assaults and one flame cross the clearing. You know who's first," said Louis. The seals always had a wave order that was the same for just about everything, so that they never needed to plan one. The only difference now was the flame thrower. The crossing group just grabbed the nearest one and one of the assaulters told him, "We're going in a single file, tight line. Along with our stealth suits, that helps confuse personnel radar."

"I know!" shouted the flamer right back at him.

"Good. Just checking. Let's move!" The five navy seals grabbed their weapons securely and dashed the one hundred meters into the clearing, all the time keeping a close watch on their HUD's for any sign of their marine comrades. Or any Covenant, for that matter. They were about midway across the open clearing when a message came in from Rawlins.

"Front, Rawlins-urgent. We have two air contacts on intercept course for the clearing coming from the northwest. Confirm."

"Rear, Louis-that's a negative. No readings."

"Well, I'd be careful. Ya might git some unwanted comp'ny pretty soon," said Griffith. His men had the contacts on HUD, as well.

"Rear, Louis-I think . . . wait . . .yes, contacts confirmed! Repeat, contacts confirmed. Front, Louis-check for two air contacts coming from northwest. The assaulters confirmed the contacts as they came onto their HUD's. "They must be Covenant drop ships!" called one of the men.

"Front scouts, Louis-hit the deck! Two enemy drop ships on intercept for your position! Stand by for orders! Repeat, hit the deck! They may pass us by, but backup is ready if they don't. Confirm." -silence- "Repeat confirm. Front scouts, Louis-confirm contacts. Come in!"