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The Fall of Fate: Invasion, Part One
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 24 July 2003, 1:11 AM

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1490 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Onboard Destiny.

      "Do not leave a single human alive, do not spare one of the vile blasphemers! They have defiled the will of the gods; they must all perish into pools of their own gore! Slaughter with the only the reason to slaughter, kill with brutality, smash their delicate faces and crush their weak bones! We will not be satisfied until each and every last brick and body has fallen! The gods will their destruction, and we are their instruments!" Field-master Kala 'Jiutemee finished his oration to cheers and vicious battle cries. The Elites stomped their big, hoofed boots; the Hunters bellowed roars and the Grunts and Jackals hooted and yelled.
      "Hanger bays three through thirty seven, prepare for deployment," the commanding voice said over the intercom of the Covenant battle cruiser. Destiny was deploying approximately seventy dropships, Providence was prepared to deploy another fifty, and the assault carrier, Judgement, was to release 150 more dropships. This accompanied with 300 banshee fighters from each ship created an invasion force that would be a substitute for glassing the planet. The Prophets could not bear to lose such a precious Forerunner artifact. First, the invasion would take out Delta Base 148 and the nearby city of Hammondton. Then, they would move on, accompanied by more troops deployed by the three frigates, and take out the planet's other major cities and instillations.
      "Are you nervous?" the veteran Elite Fusa 'Lutamee asked his younger brother, Fusa 'Yongaree, who was clad in blue armor.
      "No," the young Elite said. 'Lutamee clicked his lower mandibles. Although his brother gave the appearance of being strong and brave, he saw the same look in his brother's white eyes that he had know ever since he was a child. It was a kind of worry, a slight rising of the skin above the eyes, like he was absorbing the dramatic scene all at once.
      "Just follow my lead, stay close. This is your first time into battle, and you need to remember what I taught you. What do you do when you see a human warrior clad completely in green armor, eh?" 'Lutamee asked.
      "Stay away, let the veterans and Field-masters take care of them," 'Yongaree answered.
      "Yes. Don't tell any other Covenant soldier that, I and you could be executed. I have seen many a warrior fall before the might of the Green Ones, the infidels call them 'Spahr-Tins'," 'Lutamee's eyes widened as he whispered the name of the warriors. "I don't want you to be killed by one of them, or any human. If you encounter one, it is almost certain death," 'Lutamee continued.
      "Yes, I will kill the others," 'Yongaree said. They climbed onboard dropship 13-585, and waited to be deployed into the atmosphere.

1500 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Beneath the Surface of Ucundus, in the Forerunner Control Center.

      Gregory watched as four other Sentinels floated from their rack and listened to Augustus explain more information about them.
      "So this thing's weapon can take down an Elite's shield and do a bunch of other stuff. Can it cut through a piece of weakened hull, say Fate's?" Gregory asked and Augustus grinned.
      "A potential plan to get us out of here I presume?"

1510 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Inside the basement of Delta Base 148.

      Peterson sobbed over the death of his fellow marine, but tried not to let his emotions get the better of him. He was in the middle of a war zone, and Browning died while activating the blast doors, thus saving all the marines' and civilian workers' lives. They had been able to get the power back on and found their way into the armory. All marines equipped themselves with extra ammo and weapons. York carried the full amount of shotgun ammo, 60 bullets, and put two M6D pistols into holsters at his side. All the civilians carried weapons too. They were ready for anything.
      "Sir, we should be getting reinforcement A.S.A.P. Command says five scorpion MBTs, twenty Warthogs, a few hundred marines and four Spartans. They say this is going to be a big invasion, and that we're basically screwed.

1510 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//In the Hills Near the Cleanup Site.

      Field-master Wkehu 'Drrana climbed into the hills once again, there to find the Ossoonas' dropship, along with the other nine Ossoonas. Three revealed themselves to the Elite warrior.
      "Field-master Wkehu 'Drrana?" the commanding Ossoona, Arga 'Yulemee, asked.
      "Yes," 'Drrana replied.
      "Praise to the gods! You are alive and well!" the Ossoona exclaimed.
      "Ahh, you were expecting otherwise?" Wkehu replied with a grin.
      "No, I was--" Wkehu cut the Elite off.
      "Enough, I understand, you are happy. Now, tell me what is happening here," the Field-master demanded. The Ossoona cleared his throat.
      "Right, well. The Ossoonas that appear before you were sent here to free you, investigate and secure the ancient room, and scout. We shall go unseen by the humans. The banshees are clearing the site around Fate, ridding it of the humans. Lastly, two dropships worth of Special Ops soldiers have infiltrated Delta Base 148 and are killing the humans hiding in there. The infidels have already suffered heavy casualties.
      "And the prisoners have revolted against the humans?"
      "Yes. It is chaos. If they don't bring reinforcements, this battle will be over very soon," Arga said with a maniacal smile.
      "Let's hope they don--" Wkehu 'Drrana paused as he heard the roar of an engine. He peered towards the sky and saw a dropship pass overhead, a human dropship.

To be continued...