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The Fall of Fate: Freedom(8)
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 2 July 2003, 8:08 PM

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April 29, 2548. On the surface of Ucundus, inside the human prison shack.

      Wkehu 'Drrana stared in disbelief at the little grunt for several seconds.
      "What do you mean, another invasion is in the works?" the elite inquired.
      "I mean, that they are coming back for us. We're gonna be saved!" the grunt exclaimed. At that moment two marines entered through the wooden door.
      "So, how are we feeling today? Hmm?" York said to the prisoners. The elite just stared in contempt at the human, while the grunt said nothing.
      "Well, I hope you're ready to work, Grunt. We've got a lot of debris removal to do. Ha ha ha!" York chuckled. The other marine raised his shotgun as York opened the prison door and dragged the grunt out. They led the alien out of the wooden door onto the once silent and somber battlefield, which had been transformed into what looked like a massive construction site. Dozens of huge cranes removed debris and rubble that had once been the hull and interior of the Covenant battleship. Grunter saw hundreds of prisoners of war that had been brought from various battles to help remove the wreckage. Grunts, jackals, and he even saw a few hunters helping out with the heavier pieces, but those were the only species of Covenant he noticed. The others, the elites were to strong willed, unlike the three weaker minded species.
      "At this rate, we'll be done in about a day," York shouted above the din.
      "Yeah, but the removal of that ship is going to be a bitch," the other marine yelled. Grunter watched as one of the cranes dropped a large package of rubble into the back of a garbage-craft.
      "Yeah, some of this stuff will be shot to the space dumps, others will be rushed to ONI, like the ruined ship," York explained to the other marine. Hehe, that is if the garbage-crafts don't get blown up by the oncoming invasion , Grunter thought.
      "Hey, Grunt! You'll be working over there in cleaning up some coolant leakage from the craft," York yelled, Grunter felt the chill of the coolant already.
      "Just don't fall into the pools, hehe," the other marine snickered.

April 29, 2548. Onboard the Covenant Sistership of Fate, Destiny.

      "How long until deployment?" the Ship-master, Quasa 'Ligoree, paused his pacing upon hearing the elite's voice appear from nowhere. Suddenly the air in front of Quasa rippled and a pale armored Ossoona materialized. 'Ligoree grunted.
      " Well, Arga 'Yulemee, don't sneak up on a Ship-master like such, I could have you executed," the noble voice of 'Ligoree responded.
      "Well, how long will it be before my special ops team goes in for deployment?" the Ossoona inquired once again. And at this moment a dozen other stealth troops materialized from the dark of the room.
      "Oh, how long were you in here?" Quasa questioned. "Never mind. Be prepared for deployment in fifteen (minute) units," 'Ligoree commanded.
      "Yes, Commander," the Ossoonas left the bridge and continued through the purple halls of the ship into a docking bay. There, two dropships were waiting for the Ossoonas. The stealth troops gathered their gear, some carrying plasma rifles, others carrying the holsters to plasma swords. They boarded the dropships and took off into the space. They traveled along the far side of the planet until they quietly landed in the hills where the Seraph fighters had crashed. They had dismantled the human radars from space so they never knew of the two dropships.

Back inside the makeshift prison

      Wkehu 'Drrana sat in silence, watching the four human marines talk about their private life while playing cards on a makeshift card table. Suddenly, the wooden door swayed open as if from a breeze. A marine stood up and volunteered to close it. He walked to the door and held out his hand to push the door back, when suddenly he was seized. He was spun to face the marines by an unseen force. He limbs swung about violently as if possessed by a demon, he tried to yell but a strangled scream bellowed from his lungs. And suddenly, a loud crack! was heard, as the marine's neck was snapped and he fell to the floor, dead.
      "What the fu..." the marine never finished, because at that moment three, shimmering blue plasma blades appeared out of thin air. The marine was caught in the stomach by the sword. The Ossoona ripped it out sideways, splashing crimson blood and fragments of the marine's ribs across the floor. The other two marines were startled by this new threat, they groped for their assault shotguns, or anything to use as a weapon against the new assaulter. The card table was shattered into fragments by a sword almost as easily as the marine. One soldier saw the rippling air and smacked an elite in the face with the butt of his weapon, but the elite had a clearer shot at the human and did the same. The headless carcass fell agains a chair with a sickening thud! The last marine backed against the far wall and fired random rounds at the air from his shotgun. He watched in desperate horror as the neon blades crept closer, and closer. He was pulled away from the wall by an invisible force and he felt one of the weapons sever his torso from his stomach. He fell onto his back and stared in ultimate horror, as he watched the aliens fling his departed legs to the side.
      Wkehu 'Drrana watched in amazement at the slaughter from behind the metal bars, as each of the guards was killed with precise brutality. The three Ossoonas deactivated their camouflage and placed the charge to the bars. There was a dull boom and a flash of light as the metal bars were disintegrated. Wkehu 'Drrana felt an exciting notion of freedom, like one gets after taking his last examination before school is released for summer. The Ossoonas handed the Field-master a plasma rifle and a few grenades. Wkehu checked the weapon and thanked the Ossoonas, who had now reactivated their camoflague.
      The marine who had last been killed was still conscious to watch his assaulters reveal themselves, to see them free the prisoner, and to activate an M9 HE-DP Grenade...

To be Continued...