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a grunty tale
Posted By: nimby<yospencer@direcway.com>
Date: 18 November 2004, 9:46 PM

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Galactic date 5-5-3200 Covenant date 3-54-91263 Journal of Shriki 598.00.323
Grunt: Gunner On the ship reconciliation 2 Platoon 3 Leader Anhink black elite
O500 units

Shriki woke up in the barracks' training facility. He had fallen asleep again during the mission debrief. With all this running through his diminutive mind it took him a while to grasp that the leader of us grunts Juhoi was screaming at him.

"What do you think your doing Shriki they will see you!" He yelled concernedly.

"Sleeping." Shriki groggily replied to his superior.

The 13 other grunts laughed at this smart remark, but they quickly quieted when Anhink strided through the air locked door

"All grunts report to the third level bay after debriefing." Commanded the elite.

With that the great figure left the grunts without another word. The group remained quiet as Juhoi commenced the remainder of the debriefing.

"You will then report back with all the information you find of the area." He said.

With that the grunts proceeded to put on there gear and ready for battle.

3-54-91263 0600 units
Shriki new he would die on this mission its how the great seer gungud had died fifty years ago, and he was the best soldier there ever was as far as he was concerned. As he proceeded down the hallway saw jackals elites and hunters walk out of grunt restricted areas. This must mean that something must be urgent.

As Shriki walked into the bay he was amazed by what he saw that there was a new drop ship and shadow in the bay with platoon three written on the side of each. Unfortunately that wasn't what this large gathering that seemed to take up the whole bay was for. Shriki had to jump to see what else was getting everyone's attention. It was a prophet.

"Today shall be marked as a great day in covenant history we have found a 19th Halo!" exclaimed the prophet.

"Soon this ship will be ready for the first battalion to step on its surface. You will scout out the land and report back in 15 crossings." He continued.

The hologram flicked off and everyone started moving about again. Shriki went straight for the ship so he could try to impress his superiors. He knew that if he got a promotion he would get to be a special op. the only truly respected grunt position. As he walked on board he saw that he wasn't the first on. His older sister Gree was sitting there pretending not to know how mad she was making Shriki.

"Hello." She said to him.

He didn't answer her and strolled right past her trying to pretend not to notice. He was shocked again when he walked into the sleeping quarters. There were sleeping chambers now instead of beds. He decided to take one for a test fun. He took off his armor and propped himself into the chamber. He quickly fell into a deep sleep.

3-57-91263 0800 units-Onboard recon ship wicked sacrament

He woke up as his door opened. He was angry that his sister woke him up in what seemed like minutes later. He put on his suit and walked out of the room without talking to her.

In the hallway he looked out the window and saw that they had already arrived. The chambers really worked! They had landed without him even noticing, but that's not what caught his eye. The halo was very different from the three he had previously been on. He could see another halo in the middle of this one constantly spinning around a ball of darkness. This awed the little grunt until a jackal walked past and pushed him into the window. Shriki rubbed his forehead as the jackal proceeded down the long hall.

Shriki walked in the same direction that he was going. It led to the bay; it was whirring with activity, the hustle and bustle of the excited 3rd platoon. He walked to his commander seeking information and addressed him properly.

"Sir will we have anything special on this journey, I mean us puny grunts?"

"Yes the atmosphere on this halo is inhospitable for us highly prestigious elites as well as you puny grunts. Therefore we have special suits for the both of us also the active scans have informed us that there may be sentient life on this halo so you shall be equipped with a fuel rod gun."

"But sir I am only a gunner I don't know how to use one."

"Well then we have a problem don't we. You are now Shriki Special operative of the 3rd platoon."

Shriki almost fainted in excitement when he heard the great news. He walked away to the equipment hall to get his new suit and gun.

3-57-91263 0830 units-Onboard recon ship wicked sacrament

After suiting up he returned to the bay. He saw his group on one of the shadows, so he walked over to it. He got set up and the mounted plasma cannons then sat and waited.

He was perplexed by the almost magic HUD with motion sensors and the status of the armor. The door to the bay was slowly but surely opening to the unknown world before them. The world outside the ship was like a lush rainforest with lots of beautiful numerous flowers. In the undergrowth he could see animal scurrying around attending to matters unknown.

"Let's head out!" He heard the one elite that was going with them say.

After he said this he heard a roar of satisfaction all around him as the shadow quietly zoomed out of the confines of the ship out into the dangers of this new unknown world. As soon as they left the ship an amethyst triangle appear on his HUD. It also had numbers steadily decreasing under it. The area they were going must have had a large signature on the scanner. Then he realized that he was the only specter going this way. There were many going in all other directions.