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Xentorians: Alpha Attack
Posted By: Nick<altegar@comcast.net>
Date: 17 September 2004, 10:00 PM

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Xentorians: Alpha Attack

Girthos walked down a hill with fire teams Gamma and Alpha. He looked around and said, "Those Xenomorph freaks should be here, if Alpha bases sensors worked right. Let's hope for the best." Private Mendoza came to Girthos and exclaimed, "Sir! Coming out of the water!!! Over there! There coming!" The fire teams sprayed nuclear bullets and plasma at the approaching Xenomorphs. Girthos killed the last one, and led the marines into a structure where there was supposed to be an old Xentorian weapons cache, that carried millions of Xentorian weapons, chargers, and extra claws. When they had made their way in, after fighting about 75 Xenomorphs in the building, they made it to where the weapons cache was supposed to be, but found a tightly locked door instead of the weapons. Girthos asked their tech specialist to open the door. He replied, "Sir, I don't know, it looks like the Xentorians AND the Xenomorphs wanted this door kept locked." Girthos yelled back saying, "Do it Soldier!" The marine turned and said, "Alright! Alright! Geese..." The door clicked open, and all they saw was empty space, but on the floor and walls, there was human, alien, and xenomorph blood everywhere. And on the floor, dead marines, Xentorians, and Xenomorphs scattered the area. Girthos, suddenly scared, ordered the marines to split up, and search the HUGE room. The 2 teams of 50 men found nothing, and just as Girthos and crew were about to leave, they heard a distant banging noise. Boom! Boom! Boom! The sound got louder, until a banging was heard at the doors. Hideous mutated floating bulbous balls came out, with tentacles and a razor sharp spike beneath its main body. The creatures latched onto marines, and injected them with a strange serum, Girthos thought. They seem to neutralize the target, then, move into the dead body. I don't like it. Time to leave! Before Girthos gave out the order, a huge 20 foot behemoth crashed through the wall, and killed 10 marines. Girthos shouted, "RETREAT, RETREAT!!!" The marines made a mad dash to the door, but were stopped by 8 foot beings with tentacles, legs, and a huge bulbous for a head. Another "form" of these monstrosities is 6 feet tall, and sort of resembled a human that died, was buried, and was taken out 2 months later. Girthos ran through the carnage, trying to get to the surface. As he ran, a Xentorian Death Squad stopped him. The leader of the group said, "Foolish Human! You opened the locked door, and let out or most feared enemy!" Girthos turned, and quickly said, "What the heck are those things!" The elite sighed and said, "They are what we call "The Flood". They are small bulbous creatures that kill any living thing except themselves. They then infect the being, and take control of it. You may have noticed that the 8 foot monsters resembled an elite, and the 6 foot ones resembled a marine. Human, get yourself out of here!" Girthos nodded and ran through hallways, rooms, and vents, and finally made it to the lift that brought him down here. He then heard the bang again, and realized that the Xentorian death squad hade been decimated, and that the infection forms had already turned the dead Xentorians into members of the Flood. The boom/bang got louder, and suddenly, the 20 foot monster stood before him. Girthos looked around the room, trying to find a way out. As he realized that the lift would be to slow, fear struck him when the 20 foot monster walked up to him. Suddenly, he wished that he hadn't chosen this mission. He than blacked out as the Floods tentacle crashed into his helmet. Girthos could see his life fading away. He had to make a stand, it was time to retaliate. But he was too weak. He couldn't move. He was injected with venom, and drifted to a deadly sleep.

Chapter 2: The Flood
Girthos woke up in a strange room with combat forms and infection forms of the flood present. He then noticed that 5 Xentorian elites and 75 Xenomorphs were being infected and transformed into combat forms. He tried to pull out his pistol, but he just felt air. A combat form took him to the 20 foot monster, and amazingly, the monster started to TALK. It said, "Hehehe...now that we have been fed by your humans and Xentorian friends, we are now able to rise to power again! But, I must know, what are these things called "Xenomorphs"?" Girthos turned his head and said, "First answer this question, where am I!!!" The monster grinned, and said, "Why, were in the "Death Destroyers" cargo bay! We have decimated your precious soldiers here, and all 1,000,000 of them are now combat forms! HAHAHA!" Girthos took out a battle knife that the flood hadn't confiscated, and slashed at the monster. He then killed a combat form and took his PL-B70 rifle and his MPG-44 sidearm. He killed the remaining combat forms and weaved through the "Death Destroyer's" corridors. He was surprised that the flood was nowhere to be seen, but he did find a few marines here and there that the flood hadn't infected, and when he finally sneaked out of the ship, he had 436 marines following him. They started to sprint to alpha base, and they got there in about half a day. Alpha base was supplied from the "Death Destroyer", and the other battleship, "Decimator". Instead of the normal 5,000 men in a base, Alpha Base had 1,000,000 men, fortified with 50,000 automated 70mm auto guns, and 2,000 portable plasma cannons, nicknamed the "Shadow". Alpha Base had come many other defenses as well. It boasted 10,000 scorpion battle tanks, and 50,000 trucks with a 30mm cannon on the back of them, the truck was nicknamed the "Warthog". Because of this, Girthos felt relatively safe. He knew that if the Flood found him, he and the other marines would put up one helluva fight. Girthos strapped a PL-B70 rifle on his back, put his MPG-44 pistol in its holster, and latched extra ammo and grenades onto his belt. A knock was heard at his door, and Girthos thought, I wonder who that could be..... Girthos soon found out. It was Admiral Hensforth, leader of the ground opposition. He smiled and said, "Glad to see your awake Girthos. Or should I say Master Chief? Yes, that's your new rank. You've earned it. Now, you must get up there to the bases walls, thousands of Xenomorphs have attacked." The Master Chief didn't move and said, "Admiral, there's a bigger threat than the Xenomorphs, a much bigger threat. I don't know if those 436 marines told you anything, but there's a new enemy, the flood."

Chapter 3: Alpha Base
The Admiral nodded and said, "Yes, the marines were muttering about a "flood", but I though that they meant the Xenomorphs flooding the area...tell me Chief, what are they like?" The Chief looked into the distance and replied, "I think that we're going to find out soon..." With that, a huge explosion rattled the mighty Alpha Base. The warthogs were deployed with a driver, passenger, and gunner. The passenger weakened targets, and then let the gunners 30mm cannon finish them off. The Xenomorphs came in hordes of 100,000 at a time. Soon though, after about 1 day, the Xenomorphs numbers went to only 10,000 at a time. The reason was found out when a Scorpion tank with 4 warthog escorts found the Xenomorphs other army's busy fighting off the flood that the Admiral and Master Chief had warned about. The flood infected the Xenomorphs, and turned them into a very powerful combat forms, soon nicknamed F-Elite (Flood-Elite). The flood quickly decimated the scout squad of the scorpion tank and 4 warthogs after they sent the distress signal. After 30 minutes, millions upon millions of flood filled the woods where Alpha base was stationed. A platoon of 10,000 snipers kept the flood at bay for now, but the Master Chief knew that they would soon run out of ammo. Another group of soldiers named the shotgun brigade was a team of 50,000 men and women specially trained with shotgun-use. They stood at the ready outside of the 50 meter thick Titanium-A alloy that formed the bases "gate-way". The flood eventually got through the sniper fire and used assault weapons, laser claws, and plasma weapons alike to slowly cut through the walls. Surprisingly, they brought in 20 captured E.A.R. vehicles, which included 10 tanks. The tanks main gun quickly decimated the outer walls, and the only thing there to protect the admiral and the other 1,000,000 soldiers was a wall of elite shot gunners and a 10 meter thick layer of Titanium-X alloy. They killed the flood in one hit, while the 10,000 snipers pulled in behind the shot gun experts. They also expertly used their sniper rifles to decapitate the hordes of flood coming through the decimated wall. Alpha base was huge, about 10 kilometers in length and 30 kilometers wide. So, the battle was widespread, as reinforcement men of 100-200 shot gun specialist and sniper specialist poured in from surrounding bases every 45 minutes it seemed. The flood was pushed back, and Girthos couldn't wait anymore. He jumped off the senior officer platform and rushed into the battle. He sure wished Zernoth was here, but he was leading 500 elite army rangers into the "Death Destroyer" to try and take it back. Girthos knew that Zernoth had a slim chance of defeating the thousands of flood in there, even with the elite army rangers. He focused his attention back to the battle going on right now and took out his PL-B70 rifle and tore 20 invading flood into smoldering pieces of flesh. The shot gun brigade had sustained heavy losses, and there were only 44,500 left to defend the wall, which was deteriorating at a rapid rate as some captured scorpion tanks still shot at the walls. There were some orders too get some warthogs out there and destroy the tanks, but Admiral Hensforth denied the requests, and only said, "We must keep all defenses inside the Base, 'less we give the flood more vehicles." Alpha Base also had a squadron of F-700 Lion class fighter aircraft, which were equipped with 40 missiles, 1,000 rounds of 90mm bullets, and 5, 30 megaton nuclear missiles. The Admiral had no choice but to send 500 F-700 into the air and to try and stop the flood before they got to the base. The plan worked, and seeing that the flood had no air defense, the F-700's sustained no losses and by the time they went back to base to recharge their electric engines up, they had utterly destroyed at least 50,000 flood forms. The Master Chief tried to give a call to the Xentorians, but nobody answered. He hoped that the Xentorians had not been wiped out yet...
Oka' Omoree looked around the Xentorian base. The elite had never seen so many of his comrades fall in battle...but it had happed. Millions of flood, just coming out of nowhere...he turned to hear footsteps, and activated his laser claws. 20 flood combat forms poured through the doorway. Oka' gave his final prayers and charged to meet the Xentorians assailants...
The Master Chief turned, and threw a grenade through the opening in the wall. 20 floods down, infinity to go...Girthos shivered at the thought; for every human that died, an infection form would transform the dead marine into a combat form. Things then went from bad to worst. The 44,500 members of the shot gun brigade dwindled to 37,300. The chief scanned the area for more flood. He saw nothing. He then started to make a 5 kilometer dash from where he was to the command platform.
Admiral Hensforth heard footsteps behind him, and thought that it was the Master Chief, but only saw 10 combat forms, and a thousand small infection forms. He ordered his 6 elite guards to open fire, but it was too late. They combat forms were blasted into paste, but the infection forms got to all of them before a single shot was directed at them. They injected the Admiral, and all of his guards with the venom, and they then made there way into the victims chest cavity. The 7 men turned into 7 floods after about 15 minutes. Footsteps came again from behind, but this time, it was the Master Chief.

Chapter 4: Recovering The Xentorians
The Master Chief looked around, and what he saw was terrible. There was gore everywhere, and all of the marines were all turned into hideous combat forms. The Chief shot them all and picked up the Admiral's body. He looked up into the distance, and could sense that they were still in trouble. He was right. For the Xentorian Leader had formed an alliance with the Flood. And he was already making plans to finally decimate Alpha Base.


Epilogue of Xentorians: Leader's Revenge: Zernoth walked into the room, and found a 20 foot monster. He was short on men, only 57 left. Before he could catch his breath, it attacked him.