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Xentorians Unleashed
Posted By: Nick<Altegar@comcast.net>
Date: 17 September 2004, 9:46 PM

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Xentorians: Xenomorphs Unleashed

"Captain Roberts, we have picked up the remains of Girthos. We are unable to put him back together, but we were able to clone him and Zernoth." Explained Ensign Luis to Captain Roberts. "Good soldier, I want their clones ready for battle in 5 days. That's when we will hit the Xentorian Planet. Wait, what was that?" said Captain Roberts worryingly. "Sir, 50 Xentorian boarding crafts have entered our docking bay! All of the Xentorians inside are Elites!" exclaimed Private Kjing. Captain Roberts pulled out his COM receiver to try and contact the leading ship "Death Destroyer". He then started to say this to the person who answered, "This is the USS Suspection! We are under attack! 50 boarding craft have attacked us! They are coming into the bridge!!! Ahhhhh!" The other person on the Death Destroyer said, "Captain! Come in captain!!!" Meanwhile, on the "Death Destroyer"... "Captain Zenith, the ship "Suspection" has been taken over by Xentorian boarding crafts!" said Lieutenant Myers. Zenith replied, "Oh no, not them, they were the ones carrying the Girthos and Zernoth clones! How are we supposed to win without them?" Just then, a huge explosion came from the Suspection, looking closely, Zenith saw 2 life pods come from the explosion, he then saw them land on the Xentorian Planet. With that, Zenith said to his crew, "ALL MEN TO LANDING STATIONS! TIME TO TAKE THE FIGHT TO THERE HOME PLANET!!! PLACE COURSE TRAJECTORY AT 5 ALTA 67! ITS TIME TO ROCK N' ROLL!" As Zenith made his speech, the crew prepared to land. All of the 1,000,000 marines stationed on the 50,000 meter long "Death Destroyer" got to their landing stations. Lieutenant Myers then said, "Touching ground in 5...4...3...2...1...Prepare for impact!" BOOM! The colossal ship had landed in a flat desert area, and they saw the life pods a few feet away. Zenith opened the pods, only to find message recorder saying, "Puny humans, we have destroyed the Suspection and the remains of your 2 heroes! You may have also noticed that these life pods are really 2 nuclear bombs, HAHAHA!!!" (2 nuclear bombs go off) The smoke cleared, and the mighty "Death Destroyer" was still unharmed, and every soldier and crew member inside the ship lived, but sadly, all senior officers that went outside, including Captain Zenith, died in the tremendous explosion. Meanwhile, somewhere in space, a new creature was being born, the Xenomorph.
Chapter 2: Xenomorphs

"Give me the DNA samples of the Xentorian Leader and Girthos. Hehe, with these 2 put together, I will be unstoppable! Lets see, put this in the right serum, then to the left, yes, the splicing is complete!" said an Unknown scientist. The being that came out of the huge tube was hideous; it had the armor and claws of the Xentorian leader on the left side, and the armor and guns of Girthos on the right. However, the 2 fit perfectly together, and made a powerful being indeed. Just then, 20 marines smashed the lab door open and killed the crazy scientist, however, the "Xenomorph" was right behind them, and started to fight with the marines. The marines opened fire with their SNH-BS rifles, but the Xenomorph was not affected. After 5 minutes of fighting, the marines were dead. The Xenomorph walked out of the lab and stole a ship. He set a course to the Xentorian home planet. Meanwhile, back at the lab, another person came out of the tube, this one was Zernoth, and another came out, this one was Girthos. "Whoa, what happened?" said Zernoth as he looked around the room, seeing the dead marines. Girthos replied, "What happened? This is what happened! I got blown up and you got shot in half! Why are we alive? Said Girthos, still in his green armor, and still having his PL-B70 rifle in hand (Plasma Laser Beam 70). Zernoth said, "Looks like we were cloned, but our memories stayed in our DNA...weird huh?" Girthos didn't answer and looked at the lab screen, it was a picture of him and the Xentorian leader, and then the picture turned into one hideous creature. "Oh my god! They cloned me twice! My other clone is attached to the Xentorian leader!" screamed Girthos. Zernoth said, "Well let's not wait around here, c'mon, we have to go." With that, they took a freighter off the remote asteroid. Back in the lab, another creature came out of the lab, it was the Xentorian leader.
Chapter 3: The Alliance

"Damn humans, I shall kill every one of them!" yelled the Xentorian leader as he stepped out of the tube. (Meanwhile in Girthos' ship) "Gosh darn it Zernoth! Can't you go any faster!" yelled Girthos. "Well, let me see, NO!!! This ships going at light speed! We will join the attack fleet soon enough!" replied Zernoth. Girthos answered, "Wait, what's that on the radar screen? It's...disfigured...it's almost like....OH MY GOD!!! IT'S THE THING THAT IS ME AND THE XENTORIAN LEADER COMBINED!!! GO FASTER ZERNOTH!!!" Zernoth suddenly turned a switch and the ship went 50,000 times the speed of light, and quickly outpaced the cumbersome "Xenomorph" ship. Zernoth yelled, "We are going to hit the main fleet soon! Prepare to stop!!!" BOOM! Girthos let out a sigh of relief as they entered the fleet of 5,000 ships. A voice was heard on the ships radio machine, "Any E.A.R. forces respond! This is brigade 547-234 of the "Death Destroyer"! We are under attack by an unknown species! They wear green armor on one side and Xentorian armor on the other side!!! We can't holdout much longer! (Laser beam sound.) AHHH! Help...Us...ugh." Zernoth stared at the ships and noticed that they were ALL heading towards the spot that the "Death Destroyer" was on the Xentorian planet. Girthos then said, "How could the Xenomorphs multiply so quickly???" Zernoth answered, "Humph, obviously the guy who recreated us made lots more Xenomorphs then that one that was chasing us..." Girthos, suddenly alarmed, said, "In fact, where is that Xenomorph?" BANG! "What the heck was that" screamed Zernoth. "I think we've got company" replied Girthos. Girthos and Zernoth turned on all of the ships defenses, and 25 battle droids came out of hatches in the ships walls. They stood, ready to defend the ship. Girthos then programmed them to full power and gave them all patrol routes throughout the ship. Zernoth then got up and said, "Well, shouldn't we help them?" Girthos replied, "Yes, lets go, I'd like to see the strength of these Xenomorphs myself..." Girthos and Zernoth searched all 300 feet of the ship and still found nothing, until a distress signal was heard from the armory, Girthos pressed another button and a total of 125 droids came out of the walls (Droids are thin with robotic 2 foot legs carrying a 15mm caliber laser turret on the top of its legs.) The droids scurried to the distress area and found the Xenomorph. Girthos saw too, with one side of it looking exactly like him (even with the full green armor and helmet), and with the other side looking exactly like the Xentorian leader. Girthos leaped at the 9foot behemoth, while Girthos, still 8 feet, and was thrown against a wall. Zernoth pulled out his gun and shot the Xenomorph 5 times, nothing worked; just then, the Xenomorphs claw came out of the Xentorian side and was slashed at Zernoth. Girthos leaped up and kicked the Xenomorph. The Xenomorph aimed his guns at Girthos, but before they could fire, four 8 foot Xentorian elites came out and started to attack the Xenomorph, their endless assaults from their laser claws finally brought down the Xenomorph. The Elites turned to Girthos and said, "Human, we have come to offer an alliance, you are the strongest of the humans, and we need your help to stop the millions of Xenomorphs infesting our planet, and soon yours." Girthos answered, "So...you want to join us???" The leading Elite turned to him again and said, "Please human, we are sorry for what we did to you, please let us join you." Girthos turned to Zernoth, then back to the Elite and said, "Well then, welcome aboard partners!"

Chapter 4: Xentorians vs. Xenomorphs
The 2 species walked to the bridge of the freighter. Zernoth turned to the leading elite and said, "So, why did you fight us in the first place?" The elite turned to him, sighed, and said in a deep voice, "Human, our leader, the so called "Revenant" forced us to. We had no choice; it was his own lust for power..." Zernoth nodded and landed the ship on the Xentorian planet. They went out of the freighter, and looked around. What they saw was gruesome. There was blown up Marines, Scouts, Beasts, and Elites everywhere. Girthos broke the silence when he said, "Holy Crap! What the heck happened here?" Before anyone could answer, a voice was heard in his COM receiver. The voice said, "This is Alpha Gamma 689! All landing crafts have encountered heavy resistance! Also, to all E.A.R. (earth army resistance) forces, do not engage Xentorian forces! They have formed an alliance with us!!! Wait! New orders! Every E.A.R. soldier that hears this message, get to the Death Destroyer's landing position! They are under heavy fire! Alpha Gamma 689, signing off! Zernoth exclaimed to everyone, "C'mon! Let's move!" The Xentorians followed, and in 15 minutes, they were at the landing point. Here, there was a HUGE battle going on. About 10,000 marines were fighting in the desert area; also, hundreds of Xentorian elites joined the battle against about 7,500 Xenomorphs. The marines used there guns to support the elites and other Xentorians. Meanwhile, the Xentorians cut through the Xenomorphs the best they could with their claws. The marines retreated into the ship, while the Xentorians went inside too. Girthos proclaimed, "Looks like the party's over." Then Zernoth chimed in, "But the fun has just begun!" The small "elite" squad of 2 marines and 4 elites than started to pick the Xentorians off like flies. When the Xenomorphs knew all of their "tricks", Girthos and squad retreated to the Ship. The Squads or "Fire Teams" were all assigned patrol routes in the forests around the desert that the "Death Destroyer" had landed in. Each Fire Team consisted of 50 soldiers of 20 privates, 20 corporals, 9 sergeants, and 1 lieutenant. There were a total of 1,000,000 fire teams after a few more ships landed on the Xentorian planet. Every 100 fire teams joined up and created a base. Each base was about 75 miles away from each other and consisted of 5,000 soldiers. The Xentorian "Death Squads" also helped in the bases. Each Death Squad consisted of 25 elites, 50 scouts, and 25 beasts. 1 Death squad joined every 3 Fire Teams. The Xenomorphs, being only half and half of the 2 most powerful fighters, turned out to be only 1/10 the power of 1 of them. So they traveled in HUGE packs of 50,000 legions of 5,000 men. The Xenomorphs quickly laid siege to the Human/Xenotorian bases. The E.A.R. and X.P.D (Xentorian Planet Defender) forces easily defeated the Xenomorphs, as they seemed to not care about their own safety. Meanwhile, in the snowy section of the Xentorian planet, Fire Teams Zulu, Charlie, Gamma, Delta, and Death Squads 345, 674, and 563 were held up trying to defend the Xentorian planet power system. The Xenomorphs, which numbered in the millions, quickly subdued the Fire Teams, but the Fire Teams Girthos and Zernoth arrived. Their Fire Teams consisted of 1,000 elite marines, so they easily pushed back the Xenomorphs raging hordes. But then, when all was looking ok, a small personal Xentorian ship crashed into the X.P.D. and E.A.R. position. A huge 10 foot behemoth came out. It was the Xentorian Leader.

Chapter 5: Zuka Zamamee'
The leader walked up to the 8 foot Girthos, and said, "My name is Zuka Zamamee, the Revenant, the Xentorians made a mistake aiding you, and now, you will both pay!" Zuka lashed his laser claws at Girthos and some Xentorian Elites. The Elites were cut in half, but Girthos' shields took most of the blow. Zernoth came in with 20 marines, and ordered them to fire. Zuka shot laser spikes from his left hand, and the spikes hit all 20 marines. Girthos took out his PL-B70 rifle and shot at Zuka. Zuka's armor and shield blocked it, but another controlled shot from Girthos burned through Zuka's armor. The Revenant looked at Girthos and quietly said, "The worst is yet to come Girthos, for I am just one of the leaders best servants, I am a Superior Elite. He is coming for you!" Zuka looked around and finally said, "He, is the real Revenant, I am just a servant...of...him..." The elite died in Girthos' arms. Girthos dropped him, threw him off a cliff, and continued to fight, completely aware that the leader could be watching him RIGHT now. And he was right, for in the shadows, a Leader filled with anger and rage retreated to his own private stealth vehicle, and flew to the jungles near the "Death Destroyer." Even now though, the Xentorian Leader was weaving his plan to lead the Xenomorphs to earth, and DESTROY it. But for now, he concentrated on destroying his own planet, and was well on his way to doing so, but it would take some time. He smiled beneath his thick metal mask. He alone was going to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. He laughed at the thought and started to think of ways to get the fearsome Xenomorphs under his command. Until than, he thought, the humans could do whatever they wanted, he didn't care, they were just a speck in his road to conquest. But what bothered him before he drifted off to sleep was the human in green armor. Fear pulsed through him when he thought of this human. He would make sure to dispose of him first.


Based on Xentorians: The Fall of Earth

Epilogue: Girthos looked around the room, trying to find a way out of the room. Fear struck him as a huge 20 foot monster walked toward him. Suddenly, he wished that he hadn't chosen this mission. He than blacked out as the creature hit him with a huge tentacle. Girthos could see his life fading away. He had to make a stand. It was time to retaliate. But he was too weak. He couldn't move. He was injected with venom, and drifted to a deadly sleep.