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Posted By: Nick<altegar@comcast.net>
Date: 17 September 2004, 9:42 PM

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Xentorians: The Fall of Earth

On a cold misty day, a Space Marine named Zernoth Gargantuan walked into a small opening where he saw another man. His name was Girthos, a muscular man with a scar on his forehead, white skin, was 8foot 3, and had a SAB-OF rifle strapped to his back, and an M-2000 sub machine gun in his hand. Zernoth was black and was carrying an old SRB-MG rifle, and he had scars all over his arm. "Hey Girthos! When did you get the Super Accelerated bolts of electricity rifle? I want one!" complained Zernoth. "Quiet marine and the name of it is SAB-OF rifle. All marines with the rank of Colonel and above got one Captain Zernoth." Said Girthos is a taunting manner. Zernoth then proclaimed, "Gloat while you still can, all marines will get SAB-OF rifle to replace the old SRB-MG rifles (Super Repeating Bullet magnetic gun) soon. Besides, the old rifles are reliable enough. Look at your M-2000 Sub Machine Gun. That was made 10 years ago and is still going! Why I remember when-, Girthos interrupted Zernoth and said, "Wait! Do you hear that? It sounds like a ship!" "In these parts? I doubt it. This is a no-fly zone." Said Zernoth in a snobbish way. "Don't contradict you leader marine! Listen, footsteps! Wait, I'm getting a call from HQ." Girthos puts his receiver to his ear and listens. "Girthos! HQ's being attacked by aliens! They, they are too strong! They just shot lasers out of their hands! What the, he, he's aiming at me! AHHHHHH!" The message stops. Girthos says to Zernoth, "Zernoth, HQ's gone, an Alien race has attacked it and they won..." Zernoth then says, "Um, are those things the Aliens?" Girthos turned around and saw 3, 7 foot Aliens behind him. They wore metal masks and some armor that made them look more fearsome. Their hands were reptilian looking and 3 holes were in their knuckles. Long 2 foot steel claws came out of those 3 holes. They had cables connected from their head to their backs. And then a white light started forming inside the creature's hand. He aimed it at them, but before he could fire, Girthos launched 3 bolts of electricity at the creatures. They were flash fried in seconds. Zernoth went to the corpses and took one of their masks, the back of it clearly said, "Xentorian".
Chapter 2: Xentorians

"Xentorian, I wonder what that means, hey Girthos, what do think it means?" Girthos replied, "It's obviously what they call themselves. They don't seem to strong...I beat them with 1 hit." Zernoth laughed and said, "You fool! You see! If every soldier had SAB-OF rifles, HQ would have been saved!" Girthos laughed back and said, "You're the fool, I bet that there are more powerful versions of them. In the message, I heard roars; I bet that those were the "newbie's" in the group. Or maybe scouts. Who cares-AHH!" Zernoth then said, "Oh my god!" Standing in front of him was a 10 foot tall Xentorian with 4 foot titanium claws coming from their knuckle holes. Zernoth picked up the SAB-OF rifle from Girthos' limp hand. He shot the beast with 10 bolts of electricity. The beast fell back, but was unfazed. He took out a rail gun and shot Zernoth with a pure laser beam. Zernoth fell to the ground, dead. Girthos suddenly came to and shot the Beast in the back with an electricity bolt. The wires on his back exploded and the beast was gone. Girthos looked at Zernoth's limp body and said, "No, not you Zernoth! You were the best in my regiment! NO!!!" Girthos spent the rest of the afternoon weeping about his lost friend.
Chapter 3: The War

"I WILL DESTROY ALL YOU XENTORIANS!!! I'm coming for you!!!" Screamed Girthos after a day of weeping. For next few years, Girthos killed every Xentorian he saw with his SAB-OF rifle. The human fleet of 5000 ships quickly engaged the more advanced Xentorian ships, which numbered in the 4000's. The humans had 1 advantage though, their ships were equipped with the NL-S4A Nuclear laser cannons (uses a fusion generator to split atoms and then refine them in to a laser beam, which can go through 50 ships, and destroy them all. However, the beam takes 10 minutes to recharge, so the human ships had 1 other defense, the ML-7000's. They shot powerful seeker-missiles that did a reasonable amount of damage to the Xentorian ships shields and hull. Little is known about Xenotorian technology, but what is known is this: Xentorian ships shoot rays of white laser beams that go through all known human shields and hulls. Luckily, they take 15 minutes to recharge, and also, the Xenotorian ships have NO known second defense. Meanwhile, the land campaign was going much worse. The Xentorian "beasts" were massacring the human marines. Luckily, the "scouts" are much more numerous then the beasts. Now, somewhere in the Cintanian desert on the plant Eureka, a battle is taking place.
Chapter 4: Eureka

"AHHH!" The sounds of dying marines filled the air. The millions of beasts and scouts that invaded the military planet Eureka were destroying the marines that were stationed there. Even though the huge planet held 10 billion marines and had its own fleet of 500 ships and 100 orbital NL-S4A guns to defend it, the planet still got invaded by thousands of Xentorian stealth ships. The Xentorian soldiers were winning, except in one place, where Girthos was stationed. "I want 30 of you marines to defend that breached wall! The rest of you rangers, with me! We are going to attack the Xentorians directly!!! CHARGE!!!" Girthos said this as he led 10,000 army rangers into battle. (Army marines and rangers both wore armored helmets and dull gray body armor. Marines were usually 6 foot 1 to 6 foot 8.) "C'mon! C'mon! With honor!" These were Girthos' last words before he plunged into the battle. The battle raged on, with the rangers gaining the upper-hand in some parts, but soon, the 200,000 Xentorians overran the rangers, and slaughtered them, luckily, Girthos escaped in his private ship. His ship was shot down when it took off and Girthos landed in the middle of another battle, in this one though, the marines were winning. "Marines! What happened here?" asked a tired Girthos. The leader of the group said, "Sir, my platoon of 500 men and I were patrolling the jungle, when we were attacked by 1,000 scouts. As you know, scouts are weak, and we slaughtered them. We had sustained no losses until 50 beasts came out of nowhere. They killed 100 of us in a snap...then 200 army rangers came out of nowhere and slaughtered the beasts...it was amazing, they said it was a pleasure working with us and they were gone." Girthos replied, "Hmmm, sounds like you encountered the Elite Rangers of Earth's defender regiment." The Leader replied, "Sir?" Girthos laughed and said, "You don't know about the Elite Rangers? Well for starters, I was once one of them. We were the best of the best. Until we lost and I was severely injured. I was taken out of the Elite Squad and was put in the regular military. After that, I rose through the ranks and became Colonel. That is what I am now..., being an elite marine was tiring, but it was fun to be in the Worlds best regiment." The leader then said, "Wow, being an elite ranger sounds like hard work, did you guys have to do lots of important missions?" Girthos replied, "Yes, I can tell you this-what the heck is that?" Behind the leader of the marines was a 15 foot behemoth that had 6 foot laser claws that came out of the holes in his knuckles. This new Xentorian said in a deep voice, "Humans, I am one of the elites of the Xentorians. I am here to kill you; either that or you give up and tell your earths secrets!" Girthos yelled, "WELL GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT XENTORIAN!!!" Girthos then shot the "Elite" Xentorian with his SAB-OF rifle, but the bolts just bounced off of his armor. The Xentorian elite said, "HAHAHA! You fool, elites are equipped with armor harder then a 1,000,000, meter think titanium alloy, but as light as a feather! Now you can see the power of my laser claws!" With that, the Elite lunged at Girthos with his claws. He missed, and Girthos tried to cut of the wires on its armor, by now, he suspected that those wires supported a life support system inside of the Xentorian armor, so he cut at them, the knife tried to cut through it, but it just bounced off the wires. Girthos proclaimed, "What the-," Just then, the elite stuck the laser claws through Girthos mid-section. Girthos gasped and fell to the ground, still alive, but barely. The elite killed the remaining 300 marines, easily, and then he left. Girthos woke up on the human ship "Suspection". It was a healing vessel. He was told that the marines were killed, and Girthos told the military personnel about the new Xentorian. The new Xentorian was entered into the E.A.R. (Earth army resistance) database. Girthos then said to the captain of the ship, "Captain Roberts, these elites have IMMENSE power, and I don't even think that the Elite Rangers could beat them. They seem invincible. I couldn't even cut through the wires on their backs and head. I shot 50 bolts of electricity at it, and I still lost." The Captain said, "Well, then you will be pleased to know that a new gun has been invented. It's called the Super Nuclear Handheld Bullet Gun, or the SNH-BS. The Nuclear "bullets" should be able to kill them. But HQ wanted me to give you an even better weapon, the PL-B70 (Plasma Laser Beam.) The Plasma should be able to melt ANY armor like acid. Also, take this new strength pill, oh, and before I forget, we made a special armor for you. Good luck Girthos." Girthos saluted him and went to the armory to put on his new armor. It was a greenish color, and had a personal shield around it. Girthos was amazed, the armor felt like a second skin. He felt stronger, and faster. He then took the pill that the captain gave him. Girthos grew 7 feet. He was now 15ft tall. It also gave him MUCH more muscles, and strangely, the suit grew with him. With this new power, Girthos then flew back to Eureka to help in the battle. Chapter 5: Eureka Part 2

Girthos' ship touched ground on Eureka near the Main Eureka HQ. Girthos saw about 1,000,000 soldiers lined up, ready to defend the HQ. He went to join them. On the horizon, the full force of 5,000,000 Xentorian Scouts, Beasts, and Elites were marching toward them. He noticed that every marine had a SNH-BS gun. The Xentorians got to the base quickly, and soon the place was under siege. The Beasts were killed by the nuclear bullets in seconds, but the Elites were resilient against the bullets for awhile, until it punctured their mask, they then died in seconds. The battle raged on for hours, until the marines had lost over 600,000 men. Just then, the Elite Marines came down from their ships and started to turn the tide of the battle. The HQ was huge, and other than the remaining 400,000 marines fighting outside, there were still over 1,000,000 officers, marines, trainees, and crewman ready to fight if the Xentorians managed to get in the building. The 10,000 elite marines took their toll on the Xentorians, and soon the Xentorians were defeated. However, the Elites were relentless, and fought until they were dead, but the new rifles controlled them. When all things seemed to be going good, it got better. A huge beam came down from the sky. The "Suspection" was helping them! The beam destroyed thousands of the Xentorians as they retreated. The battle of Eureka was over, but more importantly, the worst has yet to come.
Chapter 6: The Leader of Xentorians

"Hurrah!" The sound of the Marines celebrating filled the air. They were very happy that they had won. Suddenly, a light beamed down and a figure was seen coming down. It touched the ground, with 4 Superior Elites guarding his flanks. (Superior Elites were 20 feet tall and had extra armor on their masks.) There was a larger Xentorian though, and he was 25 feet tall, and had 15 foot laser claws, and no wires, as he thought that it was a weakness. He also had shiny silver armor with a blue iridescence. His helmet was also shiny, but on is shoulder, there was a cannon, and he shot it. It killed 35 marines. He then said to Girthos, "Foolish human, I will kill you!" Girthos replied, "Hmmm, you're tall, but you still can't win!" The battle then ensued; the leader lunged at Girthos with his claws, and then shot at him with his shoulder rail gun (fires a beam of laser). Girthos was quick, and evaded all of the guns shots. The Leader fired a fiery red beam at Girthos with his hand, but all the while, Girthos had forgotten about the Superior elites, and as he thought that, the Elites shot their weaker hand beams at him, and hit him hard. Girthos came out of the smoke unfazed, and used his PL-B70 rifle to destroy the "Superior" Elites. The leader plunged one of his claws through Girthos' mid-section; he then threw Girthos at the ground and aimed his hand laser beam and his Rail gun at Girthos. However, Girthos was still moving, Girthos aimed at the leader at point blank with his PL-B70 rifle, and they fired at the same time, creating a huge explosion on the same scale as 50 nuclear bombs. Everything was gone, the HQ's top section was decimated, the remaining Xentorians were killed, and Girthos and the Xentorian leader were both killed in the blast. The war was over, the leader was dead, and the other marines on Eureka were mopping up the rest of the Xentorian forces. The Xentorian fleet of ships was being destroyed by the Earth defense fleet, and the humans had just found where the Xentorian planet was. At this very moment, Earths WHOLE fleet of 5000 ships went of to the Xentorian planet. But without Girthos, can they prevail? You'll have to see for yourself.


Theme based on the game Halo.
Xentorians based on Predators.
Battle of Eureka based on the battle of Sigma Octanus from the book Halo: The fall of Reach.
Girthos based on the Master Chief from Halo.
Zernoth based on Sam from Halo: The Fall of Reach
Marines based on the ones from Halo
Xentorian name comes from Xenomorph and Praetorian
(Xenomorph=Alien Praetorian=Predator)
All weapons made up by me.
Xentorian claws based on Predators claws.
Battle of Eureka 2 is based on the battle of Reach in the book Halo: The fall of Reach.

Xentorians: Xenomorphs Unleashed: Coming Soon