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Halo Zero Part 9- 343 Guilty Sparks
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 16 March 2003, 5:01 PM

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9- 343 Guilty Sparks

"Captain! Captain!" cried Cortana. The Captain slowly opened his eyes and looked up. His vision was blurred and the plasma charge had half blinded him. However, he could still see fairly well. He jumped up and looked at the Chief and 343 Guilty Spark.

"You two! Why did you come to get me again?" cried the Captain, angrily. The Chief sighed and sat down. 343 GS looked at the Captain strangely, as if he didn't know what he was. "And who the hell are you?" asked Captain Zenith. He looked at 343.

"I am the monitor assigned to Installation 04. I am the 343 Guilty Spark. I have come to assist in the destruction of the Covenant. Who might you be, sir?" asked 343 Guilty Spark, politely. The Captain looked at him and smiled.

"I am Captain Zenith, captain and Water Team Neuro squad commander. I'm a human, from planet Earth. Pleased to meet you," said the Captain. 343 Guilty Spark flashed blue.

"I am sorry. I heard the Covenant destroyed your planet soon after you left. Still, maybe our Forerunner here could forge you a new planet. It is possible, he did help create the rings!" cried 343. The Captain and 343 GS got into a thick conversation, while the Master Chief sat back, tired.

"Well done Chief. You did brilliantly saving the Captain. You should be proud you know!" cried Cortana in the Chief ear. He didn't respond. "Don't worry Chief. Rest. We won't be at the Control Room for a while, so stay here."

Soon enough, the dropship came donw by a huge structure. The Chief, the Captain, 343 GS and the Forerunner piled out and began to override the door, carefully avoiding the Covenant Banshees flying around the area.

"Done!" wishpered Cortana. Suddenly, a Banshee moved around the side of the structure. The Chief and the Captain jumped behind some pylons, as well as 343 Guilty Spark. However, the Forerunner stood still. His Duel Rod Gun charged up as the Banshee swooped down. A rocket came from it's side, hitting the Forerunner. A green explosion erupted as the Plasma charged out of the smoke, right into the front of the Banshee. It erupted into flames as the top cracked open, the smouldering Elite flying out, crashing a few feet ahead of the blackened Banshee.

The doors began to open a few seconds later. They were slow, as if they hadn't been used for years. Luckily, they made no noise, so the other Banshees did not come by. As the doors finished opening, the Captain, the Chief, 343 Guilty Spark and the Forerunner bolted inside. They ran a few feet in when a cry came from behind them. They stopped and looked round to see hundreds upon hundreds of Sword Elites, all waving their blue swords, ready to fight.

"Ugh!" yelled an Elite. They all charged forwards. The Captain yelled out as he was hit, the Chief was pushed backwards a few metres, and the Forerunner was surrounded, metal scrapes being heard as the Sword Elites hit it. The Chief looked up. He looked at his shields. Fully charged. Not a scratch.

As the Chief got up, 343 Guilty Spark floated up to him. "Please Reclaimer. Do not attact them. I am going to neutralise them if I can. There should be some kind of plasma conduit here, and I should be able to focus it onto them!" he cried. The Master Chief nodded.

"Scanning room," came Cortana's voice. "There! Room co-ordinate 36,63!"

"I'm on it!"

343 Guilty Spark rushed to the roof of the room and looked around, searching for a plug. He found one and buzzed with glee. He plugged himself in and screamed.

"Hey! Covenant!" The Elites all stopped and looked up at 343. He turned green as wave after wave of plasma came blasting from him. He screamed and buzzed; it obviously hurt. The Elites hurt more. They collapsed, swords exploding and body parts scorching. Soon they were all gone.

343 Guilty Spark dropped from the roof. His light was weak and about to go out. He flashed and a few beeps were emitted from him. The Chief ran up, as did the Captain. He crouched down by the monitor and picked it up.

"Spark! Spark! What's wrong?" he asked. 343 slowly turned round.

"I am sorry. I cannot go on. My body is charged with plasma and can no longer function. Just. Please... Get to the control... roo-" 343's voice cut out. The light faded away. No more beeps or buzzes comng from him. Just a small sizzling and crackling sound.

The Captain just looked down, the monitor reflected in his eyes. It had ended. Guilty Spark had gone.

After a few moments he slowly got up, still holding the monitor in his arms. He thought back to how he had talked to him, how he had hardly known him before he went. It was almost like 343 Guilty Spark was somehow human, like a brother, or friend.

The three slowly walked into the Control Room, sadly. They all felt the sadness of losing 343. They opened the doors and walked in, to the same styled Control Room from the first Halo, back in 2552. They went up to the control board and the Master Chief put the Cortana chip into the computer. She appeared, and she was clearly unhappy.

"It's unfair. You can cry, but I cannot..." she muttered, looking at them sadly. She had turned blue now, and the data streaming through her body was very slow now.

"How do we destroy it? How do we destroy every horrible memory from this place?" asked the Captain. He placed 343 Guilty Spark on the board. Suddenly, the light activated again. His voice seemed to be coming back, and the sizzling was gone. "How in the hell?"

"Using this control board, I can return for the time I am on here. If I am removed, I will deactivate. Now to business," said 343. The Captain's face erupted into a smile. "This planet can be used to destroy all life with this terminal. But only when it is fully formed. This will not be for days. But, we can set it to self destruct. When it is fully made. The only way to stop it now is to overload it. I have no idea how though,"

"Get out."

The Forerunner had his Duel Rod Gun charged up. He repeated what he had said. "Get out."

"What the?" asked the Chief.

"I lied. I'm not a Forerunner!" Suddenly, the 'Forerunner' came into parts, which were all Covenant. They had been sitting on parts of him to make it look different, as if it were Forerunner. "Now we have the Control Centre, we will destroy all life and get revenge on the human race!" A blast of yellow light burst through the doors.

"I don't think so!" yelled a voice. A real Forerunner. It was yellow, like a Hunter, but with yellow armour, and not nearly so large. It had a human head and no Duel Rod Gun, but rather, parts of the Sentinels attatched to him. Blasts of yellow light burst at the Covenant, sealing them in smoke. "Now come on!" yelled the Forerunner. The Chief grabbed the Cortana chip, the Captain yanked 343 GS from the board and they ran. They ran out of the room, heading for the edge of Halo Zero. It was time.

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