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Halo Zero Part 8- A Bigger Halo
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 15 March 2003, 3:04 PM

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8- A Bigger Halo

The dust began to shift into larger clumps. A huge lump of dust glowed grey as the dust everywhere around it shot inwards and joined it. Soon it was a glowing semi-circle. Halo Zero's plates turned around to face outwards, and the huge semi-circle came closer, then attatched to the ring. It shone and became a normal planet shape. On the other side of the ring, light shown out and formed the other side of the planet. On the edge of the planet, the Master Chief, 343 GS and the Forerunner looked out as the light appeared and formed what was sound to be a bigger and more planetary Halo.

"Look! The planet is beginning to form!" cried 343 Guilty Spark. "We have little time until the planet gets activated. We are in extreme trouble now! We must find the Control Centre!" The Master Chief nodded, as well as the Forerunner. They began to run along the side of the glow, trying to find some means of transportation.

"Chief! There should be some small dropships up ahead that crashed when the Reach Nine collided!" yelled the Captain. "The Covenant took them over just recently! Get the Covenant out of the way then take one! I've got a Needler here. You'll have to use your best weapons if there's a lot!"

The dropships came into view as the ran further, as well as hordes of Covenant Elites, Brutes and Hunters. The Master Chief stopped in his tracks. The Captain stopped and turned to look at the Chief, as did the Forerunner and 343 GS.

"What's wrong Chief?" muttered Cortana. The Chief didn't say anything, he just stood, looking at the Elites. Then, when Cortana was about to ask more loudly, he said something.


Captain Zenith nodded, knowing exactly what the Master Chief was going to do. The Forerunner charged up it's Duel Rod Gun as 343 GS flew high up into the air. He would be the distraction. The Chief, Zenith and the Forerunner slowly walked up and hid behind some rocks. An Elite jerked it's head towards them, but saw nothing. It looked away and continued it's parole. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, 343 GS burst out and screamed at them.

"Hello there!" it cried. The Elites sprang into action and ran after the monitor, the Brutes following. The Hunters charged up their Duel Rod Guns and blasted 343 GS, missing every time.

"Now!" yelled the Chief. He, the Forerunner and the Captain burst out of the rock and fired at every Covenant there was. Elites and Brutes were falling everywhere as huge blasts of green came from the Hunters. The Forerunner ran up and began to melee them, while the Chief attacked their weak interior. The Forerunner blasted from his Duel Rod Gun, Elite's corpses flying everywhere. Brutes roared and charged, but the Captain and the Chief sorted them out. Soon, very few Elites and Hunters were left.

"Grab a dropship! Now!" screamed the Captain. The Chief and the Forerunner ran into one, followed by 343 Guilty Spark. The Captain made a run for it, but an Elite grabbed him and threw his weapon at the ground. "RUN!" shouted the Captain at the top of his voice. The Chief looked on in despair and looked at the Captain's pleading face. He knew what he had to do.

"Step on it Forerunner," he said.

"But Chief-" said Cortana.

"Step on it."

The doors at the back began to close as the Master Chief looked out, watching the struggling Captain. It was all over. They had the Captain and there was nothing he could have done to save him.

"My calculations would say the new Halo Zero's crust should have fully formed in a few days," said Cortana. "Which means Halo Zero is hollow and if you step on the light making the crust, you'll fall through. Oh, come on Chief, don't blame yourself. There's nothing we could have done!"

"Yes there was. I could have saved him. Now he's going to be killed by those things," he muttered. 343 GS floated up next to him and buzzed.

"Oh please, Reclaimer. It was truely not your fault. You cannot say I am lying, I was programmed to tell the truth. Evil though I may have been," said 343. The Master Chief looked at him and looked down again. "Hey. I have a wonderful idea! They would not kill your Captain on the spot, I have studied their instincts. They will take him to somewhere to question him. From there, then they will kill him. So, why don't we track them? And when they attempt to kill him, we shall save him!"

The Master Chief looked up. After a few moments he put his thumb up. 343 Guilty spark flashed in happiness. Then, Cortana said something really unexpected.

"343 Guilty Spark? I'm sorry I doubted you. I see now, you are willing to help us and you really are trustworthy," she muttered. The Master Chief looked dazed, she would never have done something like this!

"Thank you AI Cortana. Truely I am thankful for your heartwarming display. I suppose it was only natural for you to doubt me, after all, I have done some very horrible things in the past. But thank you, for seeing how I have changed," said 343 GS. He buzzed and flashed and flew around.

The Forerunner hit a few buttons. A light flashed and a monitor appeared displaying the co-ordinates '3574,3891' "There!" yelled the Chief.

"Tell us now!" yelled the Grunt. The Captain kicked out and caught it's arm. It yelped, then looked up again. It pulled a plasma grenade, but didn't pull the pin. "Tell us where the Control Room is!"

"I don't know!" cried the Captain slowly. The grunt held up the plasma grenade and put a hand on the pin. The Captain, thinking quickly kicked out again, catching the grenade. It flew in the air, the pin still in the Grunt's hand. It yelled as the grenade stuck itself to a huge machine and erupted into a blue light. The Captain shut his eyes, then opened them. The machine was in ruins and the Grunt was hiding in a corner.

"Execution is set for an hour from now in Covenant units. Three Earth minutes for you!" yelled the Grunt. It hit a button and the Captain's chair fell backwards, to take him outside to a plasma charging booth.

"He's down there?" asked the Chief. 343 GS looked out and looked back, then floated up and down, the equivalent of a nod. The Chief nodded slightly as well, and pulled out an Assault Rifle. "Someone's gonna die today. And it isn't going to be me."

The area they were above was like a giant arena. Covenant members everywhere were in the seats, and in the middle was a round tube, which was at least a metre wide and clear. The top was sealed off and large metal parts were on it. A hole in the middle of the tube opened and the Captain appeared on a chair covered in locks, which he was trapped in. He was looking round, his eyes darting for an exit. He was sweating, knowing he would die.

A Grunt jumped up onto the podium. "Welcome, Covenant, to our human execution! Here we have one Captain Zenith, set for over-plasma charging!" he cried. The Covenant audience erupted into cheers.

"Ready Chief?" asked Cortana. The Chief nodded. "Now!" The Chief grabbed a health pack and some grenades, and jumped out of the dropship visor. He landed on the platform safely and jammed the health pack into his pocket. Then, he lobbed a couple of grenades as the Covenant screamed their hearts out. Some of them jumped out of the audience and grabbed weapons, and started firing at him. Luckily, the Forerunner was there to back him up, and started firing it's Duel Rod Gun, blowing up Elites and the latter everywhere.

"There's still time!" yelled the Grunt on the podium. He leapt forwards and pulled a lever. The Master Chief ran up, the Grunt cowering. He hit it across the head, taking him out, not caring about the riot around him. The Chief dropped his Assault Rifle and tried to pull the lever but it was jammed. He looked at the Captain who was jerking about, the plasma charging through his body.

"Chief!" yelled Cortana. He spun around, a Hunter with it's Duel Rod Gun over his head. He jumped to the side, the Gun coming down on the lever, pulling it back into place. The Chief grabbed his Assault Rifle and jammed the butt into the weak spot. The Hunter roared as it died, not able to move. It collapsed.

The Chief, thinking quickly, grabbed his Assault Rifle. Then, jammed the butt into the tube containing the Captain, smashing it partly. He pulled the gun back out then jammed it back in. He pulled it out, when a scream erupted from behind him. He turned round and saw a Grunt screeching as huge blasts of light hit it. The battla area was clear. The Chief jammed the Assault Rifle in further as the front smashed to pieces. The Chief looked at the Captain, who was unconcious. He meleed the locks on his arms and legs and carried him out, then back to the dropship.

"Come on, I've got the Captain! Now let's get to the Control Centre!" cried the Chief. He got into the dropship as it flew up into the air and flew forwards.

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