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Halo Zero Part 7- Old Enemies, New Friends
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 15 March 2003, 7:13 AM

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Halo Zero Part 7- Old Enemies, New Friends

"Humans and Covenant," muttered the Master Chief. "We were the Forerunners. We became our seperate races over time, didn't we?"

"Correct," said the Hunter. Cortana gasped in shock. "I am the last of my kind here. I am the Forerunner. I helped create this super ring, to help kill off the Flood's food so they wouldn't evolve. However, it was previously activated and nearly wiped us all out. Except me. I am the last remaining Forerunner. And I have many things to explainto you."
The Forerunner sat down, the Chief following suit. 343 GS lowered to the ground and began to look around.

"You see, millions of years ago, we tried to create clones of ourselves. Though extremely enhanced, our machinery wasn't capable of performing such a task. We created the Flood.

"They are adaptive. They can be neutralised by the Sentinels and other weapons. However, they adapted all too well. They got a taste for meat and became able to find a host and live off them. We couldn't kill them all if they got free. So, we imprisoned them in the ring worlds, and made them so they could be activated and destroy all life in any set area. Unfortunatly, something activated it. Very few survived.

"So, in our last hopes of survival, we left a monitor on each installation. This way, they could watch over until we returned."

There was so much to ask, but the Chief found himself unable to talk, just to sit and take all of this information in. Suddenly, a question sprang forwards in his mind and he blurted it out.

"Why are Covenant after us?" he asked quickly. The Forerunner looked at him. 343 GS spluttered and looked around at him. Cortana's voice sounded shocked, as if he were questioning the Forerunner as to why his children were attacking him.

"Ah yes, I do know this question. And I in no way feel responsible for this. You see, we did successfully make smaller spawns of us. Covenant, as you call them, and the humans. These were used from pieces of our body and we much easier to build. You all went your seperate ways, the humans went to Earth and became primitive and lost all sense of weaponry and machinery. However, the Covenant went to a planet they call Covenia, where they successfully used their skills.

"Somehow, they must have discovered how you are also the children of the great Forerunner. They are obviously angry and must be attempting to attack you to destroy you, so they alone are the only remaining Forerunner. Even though they aren't."

Suddenly, overhead, thousands of miles up into the sky, up in space a huge amount of dust shifted and grouped together. A shock erupted over Halo Zero as it's sides opened up to reveal huge tubes and wires.

"The dust is gathering again. Oh, if it weren't happening, it would be so much easier this way!" cried 343 GS. The Chief turned his head.

"What are you talking about?" asked the Chief. Cortana chipped in before 343 could.

"You see, while in the Covenant computers, I discovered how the ring can be enhanced. Up in space, there is a considerable amount of 'dust', remains of previous rings and other planets. It was purposely placed there, probably to make sure this happened. You see, when it a great enough quantity, the dust can merge with Halo. Creating a real spherical planet, which has greater power than all the rings. Power enough to rip a hole in the space-time continuem and destroy everything. And this dust is beginning to gather," explained Cortana.

"Correct. We must get to the control facility to deactivate it, before it's too late!" cried the Forerunner. It snapped it's fingers and the frozen area behind them started again. The Chief, thinking quickly jumped up and grabbed the Captain, then fired round after round of bullets.

"Come on!" yelled the Chief. 343 GS dodged incoming Flood Zero and the Forerunner fired plasma from it's Duel Rod Gun.

Meanwhile, in an upper structure of Halo Zero.

"Hey look!" cried a Grunt. Another Grunt appeared next to it, looking at the computer screen. There was an image of Halo and dust around it.The dust began to clump together and shift closer to the ring. The Grunts goggled in wonder.

"That Cortana clone thingy was right! There is dust that can help make Halo bigger!" cried the Grunt. It laughed evilly and picked up it's plasma gun. "Let's get on duty and stop the humans getting to the new control centre!"

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