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Halo Zero part 6- Return of 343
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 12 March 2003, 4:41 PM

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6- Return of 343

The Chief hit the ocean with a terrific bang. Water crashed up everywhere as he sunk down. Cortana's voice buzzed in his ear, but the Chief couldn't hear. His shields were flashing and kept getting lower. Whatever vision he had became blurred by the water currents pushing him about.
Suddenly, a strange and too familiar buzz was heard. The Master Chief snapped on, his shield recharging again. Floating in front of him was 343 Guilty Spark. The Chief grabbed his Assault Rifle and aimed it at 343, as if posing a threat.
"Please, do not harm me, Reclaimer. I am here strictly to help. I have heard the Flood have evolved. This is very bad for everything in the universe. They have a much larger knowledge now, and they have an appetite for robotic equipment as well as live flesh," explained 343. His lights flashed blue as the Master Chief slowly put down his gun. He was now at the bottom of the ocean floor and the Captain had surely been killed.
"Chief, what are you doing? He tricked you before, remember?" yelled Cortana. The Chief hit the side of his head and her voice was silenced.
"If this is true. IF. If it is true, why didn't you warn us?" asked the Chief. 343 looked down as if in shame.
"Truely I am sorry. Yet, I did not know if any human life signs had arried on Halo Zero yet. I do not understand one thing though, Reclaimer. Why did you return to Halo Zero? Surely the efforts I made to destroy you before made you decline going back to this ring?" asked 343 GS.
"Covenant. Unfortunatly, Earth has been removed from existance. The Covenant have nuclear forces much stronger to human technology. And Earth was destroyed, just after the Reach Nine left Earth. We were lucky to survive. The speed we travelled at was 43 times faster than light, ripping a hole in space, allowing Covenant to get here first," said the Chief.
"Chief! Stop! You cannot tell that thing what has happened. It was his fault. Don't make me drain your shields!" cried Cortana. The Chief sighed. He doubted whether she was trust worthy anymore.
"I see. Truely I am sorry for you in the most sympathetic of ways. I know how it feels, to have your Installation to be removed from you. Truely horrible. However, I would like to help you in whatever way I can, to help ensure our survival. Would you appreciate it?"
The Master Chief stood still, fully aware of Cortana's whispers in his ear. She was clearly against what the Chief did next, but he did it anyway.

The teleportation grid was weakening due to the Flood Zero. Several areas were completely blacked out by Flood forces, while others were losing power with every passing minute. However, 343 GS would be able to hack into the grid and open up every area possible.
"Go 343, we need to get to the Captain before the Flood infest him!" cried the Chief. 343 GS buzzed as he decoded files and blocks on areas. The area they needed had been blocked out, and they needed to get to it as quickly as possible. Suddenly, he flashed green.
"All systems are go. Prepare for transportation!" cried 343 GS. Cortana mumbled something about how she could have got the area open faster, but they disappeared in an amber light.
Suddenly, the trio appeared in the rocky area from before. The Chief leapt over the rocks with his Assault Rifle held high, followed by 343 GS.
"Whoa..." muttered the Chief. He dropped his gun. ERverything was frozen. The Captain was in the air, Flood spores jumping up. The larger Flood Zero had it's mouth wide open. Nothing moved.
"What the hell has happened here?" came a voice from behind them. They spun round and there was a very horrific sight. A Hunter stood there, armour ripped off in places, revealing human parts on it's sides and back. It had clearly been in a battle. A Grunt's face was attatched to it's head, presumably to allow it to speak English.
And this was when the Master Chief realised who had been the Forerunners. It had been the Covenant and the humans.

Coming in part 7:
Old Enemies, New Friends
The Chief discovers just how Halo works and who was the Forerunner.
343 GS and the Forerunners reveal how to destroy Halo Zero
The dust gathers more and the Covenant realise how Halo Zero can be enhanced further...