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Halo Zero Part 4 - Cortana's Clone
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 31 January 2003, 7:37 pm

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"What is Cortana used for?" demanded a Grunt. Though Grunts were small and weak, they were the only Covenant members capable of speaking proper English.

"You won't find out," said the Chief. He had been chained to a wall and couldn't move. He was surrounded by Hunters and Elites, all ready to fire, or in the case of the Hunters, hit and severely injure.

"Are you sure you won't tell us? Okay then. Hunters!" cried a Grunt. He stepped aside as a Hunter rushed up and punched the Chief in the face. He shuddered and went limp.

"Er... Is he dead?" asked another Grunt. The other one shrugged and warded them out of the room.

Meanwhile, in another room, Cortana was being uploaded into the computer.

"What are you trying to get Halo Zero for?" demanded Cortana. The Grunts around her laughed.

"We aren't telling you anything. But you'd better tell us this. How is it possible to destroy your race?" cried a red Grunt. The others folded their arms and stared at Cortana.

"I'm not telling you scum anything!" yelled Cortana. He body flashed red quickly. The Grunts looked at each other, then grinned evilly.

"You might not. But let's see what a clone could do," said a Grunt, then burst out laughing. He pulled a lever and tapped a few buttons, while Cortana screamed for escape.

The Master Chief's head span as his vision slowly came into view, very blurred. He was still chained up, but the room was empty. He looked at his wrists, which were covered in chains, then ripped them away from the wall. The chain snapped to pieces and he was free.

"Chief! Help!" yelled Cortana. The Grunts laughed as the computer bleeped and buzzed.

Suddenly, the Chief burst in with a pistol in his hands. "Drop the computer generated guide!" he yelled. The Grunts stopped and looked at him.

"We don't think so!" one of them yelled. They all grabbed plasma pistols and began firing at him.

The Chief ran forwards and kicked one the Grunts in the face, then shot at the others. He pulled out the Cortana chip and loaded it back into his head and moved out of the room.

"You think we care? Well, look what we've got!" cried a Grunt. The Chief turned around and looked as the computer buzzed.

"Er, Chief? Get out of here now!" cried Cortana. The Chief stood still though. The computer stopped bleeping.

"Fire it up!" cried the red Grunt. An orange Grunt moved forwards and pressed a button. A bleep was heard and a figure appeared. A red figure. Another Cortana.

"Get them! The Chief has a weak point in his head! Attack!" screamed the Cortana Clone. The Chief ran through the corridors, hearing the alarms.

"They cloned you?!?" cried the Chief. Cortana spluttered and coughed. "Great! Now they'll find out everything!"

The Chief planted a grenade and pulled out the pin, then ran. An explosion filled the air as well as Grunts cries.

Suddenly, the corridors ended and the open area appeared. The Chief continued running until a super explosion filled the air.

"What the?" cried the Chief, turning around. A huge green light poured out of the top of the building in a huge line, out into space. "What's going on?"

"See, I found out about how Halo Zero could increase it's power. I didn't tell anyone, but the clone must have told them!" cried Cortana.

"What are you saying?"



Coming soon: Part 5- The Flood Zero