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Halo Zero Part 3 - The Grunt Alliance
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 30 January 2003, 4:24 pm

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The Master Chief set down on a small cave in the mountains. No one was here as far as the Chief could tell, and he would be safe for a while. Cortana would be able to signal to soldiers and get them to join for reinforcements.

"We'll stop here for a while," said the Master Chief. "This should give us a way to get rid of the Covenant forces we see. Hopefully they won't attack, if they can see the Banshee, they'll just forget it."

"Okay. I'll radio in to the Reach Nine, and you can sort out the Covenant forces. If they appear, that is," said Cortana. The Master Chief put the Cortana chip into the Banshee and her image appeared. "Thanks. I'll radio to them from here..."

The Master Chief grabbed his Sniper Rifle and went up to the edge of the cave. He zoomed in and began to search the edge of the mountains. However, no Covenant members could be seen.

"Okay. Chief. I've called to the others, and they're on their way. There was quite a lot too. Maybe thirty or forty. Until they arrive, let's finish up here," said Cortana from the Banshee.

"There's no one here though, Cortana," said the Chief.

Hundreds of Grunts piled out of the side of the mountains. Red, blue, orange and even green Grunts. Though Grunts were weak on their own, they were strong in a pack. And this pack had around three or four hundred Grunts in it.

"Okay then! He's up there, I see him! Now, remember the orders, grabbed his gun and grenades, then get rid of them. Then dispose of him. Then we grab that Cortana thingy and race to Spark. He needs that information to get revenge on the humans and that filthy Master Chief. Now, let's get him!" cried a Grunt. They all charged up the side of the mountains as fast as they could, all equipped with plasma guns.

"There's no one? Are you sure? Put my chip back in your helmet and I'll take a look. I can put on your heat-sensitive vision," said Cortana. The Chief grabbed the chip and placed it into his helmet, then walked over to the edge of the cave.

"See? Hold on a minute... I don't think that mass of something coming close to us looks very good. I'll look through the Sniper," exclaimed the Chief. He pulled the Sniper up to his helemt and zoomed in. "It's a huge pack of Grunts. Three, maybe four hundred of them. And they're heading this way. There's no way a Sniper can do enough damage to destroy them!"

"Wait, I have an idea. Look behind you, there's Active Camouflage. Grab it and start to Snipe them out," cried Cortana. The Chief grabbed the Active Camouflage and moved forwards. He started to Snipe out the Grunts, watching them fall.

"He knows we're coming!" cried a Grunt as Grunts all around him exploded or collapsed. "Let's get him!" The Grunts moved up faster.

"I'm out of ammo!" cried the Chief. "And I don't have any packs left!" He moved backwards into the darkness of the cave as about ten Grunts entered the cave. They looked around suspiciously.

"He's in here somewhere... I know. Wait a minute..." said a green Grunt. He looked around, and others did the same. The Chief moved around the edge of the cave. The Grunts looked about a metre away from his direction.

"Hey! There's a Banshee!" cried a red Grunt. He moved towards it.

"Oh, please, no..." murmured Cortana. Suddenly, the Banshee door snapped open and a Grunt looked in.

"Found Cortana! I'll take the Banshee!" cried the Grunt. It hopped in and flew off.

Suddenly, the Chief's camouflage deactivated and he came into view. "There he is! Get him!"

"Take him in for questioning!" cried a nearby Grunt. The Chief ran, but they crowded around him and removed his weapon, then carried him off.