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Halo Zero Part 2 - The Silver Jackal
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 28 January 2003, 4:39 pm

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The Banshees started exploding into flames as the Master Chief's well aimed cannon took them out. Elites from inside started jumping out, only to realise they had no helmets on, and they crashed to their doom. Meanwhile, the Reach Nine began it's slow route down, the Master Chief clearing the way of Banshees.

"Chief! Forget those Banshees, go down to the planet! Now!" came the Captain's voice. The Master Chief hesitated. "Go!"

The Master Chief turned the ship around and blasted straight down for Halo Zero. He and Cortana were secretly worrying about what was going to happen.

"He's going to die," muttered Cortana. The Master Chief flew straight down though, he had to fulfil all orders of Captain Zenith.

The ship landed down on Halo Zero, only to be immediatly flocked with Grunts and Jackals.

"There's hundreds of them!" cried Cortana. The Master Chief grabbed his Sniper Rifle and a few packets of ammo.

"Not for long..." he said. He jumped out of the ship and kicked a Grunt straight in the head. He needed to lure the Grunts and Jackals away from his ship, so ran towards the mountain range ahead of him, punching a kicking enemies as he went.

"Get him!" screeched a Jackal, and everyone there ran after the Master Chief.

"This isn't going to be as easy as we thought!" cried Cortana as blue blasts of plasma whizzed past the Master Chief, lighting up the rocks ahead. However, the Master Chief wasn't disheartened, and spun around. He immediatly started blasting Grunts and Jackals in the head and torso. Piles of corpses and puddles of blue and green blood was everywhere. None of the Grunts were able to pull off a successful shot, though the Jackals were beginning to get close.

Soon enough, all the Grunts were dead, now for the Jackals. The Master Chief ran up, but suddenly stopped when he saw the Jackals standing in a circle, not firing or anything.

"Chief, what's wrong?" asked Cortana nervously. The Master Chief began to back away.

"What are they doing?" he asked.

"I have no- Chief? I suggest we get out of here, now!"

The Chief turned to run, but a shriek filled the air. The Master Chief felt his energy levels go down, and his body became weak. He collapsed into a small heap, and closed his eyes. He didn't feel anything for a few seconds, but suddenly, Cortana's image appeared.

"Chief, get up. Forget the shriek, ignore it. Get up and get out of here, before it's too late!" cried Cortana. Her image faded away again, and the Master Chief opened his eyes. He got up and looked around. However, where the Jackals were, there was a bright light. The Master Chief walked up to it and shielded his eyes.

Another shriek filled the air, and the light faded. In it's place was a Jackal. However, it was completely silver, with a silver shield. It shrieked again, and the Master Chief's suit began to buzz.

The Master Chief grabbed his Sniper and fired it at the Jackal. However, it's reflexes were amazing, and it moved it's shield, firing the bullet straight back at the Chief. He dodged quickly, and fired again. This time he ducked and looked backwards as he saw the bullet crashed into the mountains behind him.

"He's good," muttered the Chief. He turned around again and decided maybe a good Melee would sort it out. He ran up and jammed the gun into the shield, but it just glowed brighter and put more force back onto the gun. The Master Chief let go of the gun and fell backwards.

"Chief, get up! Look, this thing is quick to react, right? Well, remember your timing! Grenade it, but time carefully!" cried Cortana. The Master Chief got up and grabbed a grenade from his belt. He spun it around in his hands, then pulled out the pin.

"1..." muttered the Chief. The grenade would explode after five seconds. "2..." Cortana began to worry, but the Chief knew what he was doing. "3..." came his voice. As the timer reached 4, the Chief threw the grenade, then jumped backwards. An explosion filled the air as the Silver Jackal was vaporised. The Reach Nine pulled up a few seconds afterwards, so the Chief got it lucky.

"Sir, Captain Zenith just sent me a message. He says, go straight into those mountains to get reinforcements, according to his readings, Covenant have Shadows on thier way," said Cortana. The Master Chief looked around and saw a conveniantly placed Banshee nearby. He clambered in and set off for the mountains...