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Halo Zero Part 1 - Return of Halo
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 28 January 2003, 7:54 am

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"What's happening here? Everything's gone nuts!" voices echoed through speakers. The Master Chief walked through a doorway and grabbed a Sniper Rifle.

"We've got a reinforcement on his way! Hold your positions for now!" came Cortana's voice. "Chief, head for the control room, we're nearly there,"

"What exactly is going on?" asked the Master Chief, walking along a long corridor.

"The Covenant, they're back. Somehow, they've brought Halo back again, with some kind of ancient artifact. The ecosystem has completely changed, and there is new flora and fauna I've never even seen before. This new version of Halo has been mentioned as 'Halo Zero' and has huge powers. It's evolution rate is really fast too. The Flood from before used to evolve fast, now there's a new version which evolve faster. Also, more Covenant members have revealed themselves, and these are more powerful!" Cortana explained.

The Master Chief pressed a keypad and a door snapped open, revealing the control room of the ship. A man stood in front of the screen, numbers flashing up all over it.

"Captain Zenith, I am here," said the Master Chief. The man in front of the screen turned around and nodded. The Master Chief walked up to the screen and watched the ring get closer.

"Good Chief. Now, we're almost to Halo Zero. The Covenant are already there. Now, there are some things in Halo Zero we don't understand, so we've got Cortana to accompany you again. Please place the Cortana chip in the computer Master Chief," said Captain Zenith. The Master Chief removed the chip from his helmet and placed it into a small tray. Almost immediatly, a small computer generated woman appeared.

"Ah, it's nice to be back in a ship. No offense Chief. Now, what is this ship anyway?" asked Cortana.

"This is the Reach Nine. But anyway Cortana, we want to know more about Halo Zero. What are it's powers and why are the Covenant trying to gain control of it?"

"Okay, let me see... If would seem Halo Zero is a newer and more powerful version of Halo. It's powers are amazing, I've never seen anything like this. This one isn't for housing the Flood though, no, it's much more important than that. According to my readings, there could be more dust out there, which could join with Halo Zero and make it more powerful. The Covenant want this for only one reason, the same as before: to gain control of the Control Room, and destroy Earth. I've got no idea why they want to destroy Earth though, we're still not sure. But, I'm sure we will be able to find out," explained Cortana. "Now, I think -"

Suddenly, a huge jolt rocked the Reach Nine. Cortana looked out of the window. Hundreds of Banshees were bolting towards them.

"Quick, take a ship! Everyone, take a ship and get down to the planet! Master Chief, destroy some Banshees while you're at it!" cried Captain Zenith. Everyone left their computers and headed straight for the coking bay. The master Chief put the Cortana chip back into his helmet and headed straight for the docking bay, when another jolt rocked the ship. He stopped in his tracks as the side of the corridor erupted into flames.

Suddenly, the corridor was torn open and Covenant members piled in, with plasma rifles and plasma pistols. The Master Chief leapt straight into action, firing at them as fast as possible, grabbing other weapons and Sniper Rifle ammo.

"Get him!" cried a Grunt. The Master Chief jumped into a smaller room as the Grunts fired at him. He threw his only grenade at them, then legged it out of another room and into a ship. He hit the engine button and the ship blasted off of the Reach Nine.

"I hope this doesn't end up like the last two times..." muttered Cortana. The Master Chief looked down at the planet below, coming nearer every second.