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7- The Flood Zero
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 8 March 2003, 5:17 PM

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5- The Flood Zero

"They did what!" cried Captain Zenith. Cortana muttered something.
      "They've activated the Second Dust. We believe this could create the second Halo. But this hasn't been proved," said the Chief.
      "So far, the Second Dust has begun to gather. Nothing more. However, I cannot estimate how long it will be before the second Halo is up. They could use loads of dust to give it extra power. Or not," said Cortana. The Captain stood, looking at a control screen for a minute.
      "Hold on!" cried the Chief. "Something must have made sure this would have happened. Something with a huge knowledge of Halo. Covenant couldn't have done this. It's not possible. They're not smart enough for this. Maybe the Flood?"
      "The Flood!" cried Cortana. The Captain and the Chief swung round. "No, they couldn't have activated this, something else did. But this structure is formed from the old structure, right? Well, that means there's more Flood spores somewhere! We didn't contain them, we only destroyed some of them!"
      "Sir, we'd better get out of here," said the Chief. The Captain looked bewildered. "Come on, there's no time to explain. Come on!" The Chief grabbed the Cortana chip and ran out of the room with the Captain.
      "Too much activity must be causing an outbreak!" cried Cortana. She was right. A lot of activity caused the Flood to evolve quicker. And these Flood had evolved further than their true evolutionary final stage. This time, the Flood had become... The Flood Zero.
      The Chief burst out of the room and onto the planet. All around him were horrible red creatures with long tentacles like jelly. These must have been the Flood Zero. The Chief grabbed a gun and blasted them. They just groaned and moaned at him.
      "They're impervius to guns!" yelled the Chief. Quickly, the Chief lobbed a plasma grenade and jumped down into the rocks below. The Captain followed him quickly as a huge blue explosion took place. Flood Zero scattered and mangled remains flew down into the rocky hideout.
      "Chief. The Flood Zero are not fully impervius to guns. I hacked into the Covenant Battle Net and they've discovered the Flood Zero's long arms are the source of power. I recommend a high power weapon, perhaps a Sniper Rifle or something plasma based," said Cortana. The Chief nodded and looked around the rocky hideout. He suddenly became aware of more human soldiers, hiding out. They were looking at the Chief with great awe and seemed to want to help him.
      "Here Sir! Take my Sniper Rifle. It's fully loaded and has a brilliant lens!" cried a soldier, saluting and passing the Chief his Sniper Rifle. The Chief grabbed it and saluted back.
      Then, he turned around and poked the Sniper out from the rocks. It was time for some payback.
      Tentacles were flying as round after round of bullets went flying at the Flood Zero. The Chief was having fun, dispite his growing pain in his sides. Rocks were jutting into him and Flood spores were latching on too. The Captain and the soldiers were taking out the Flood that were attacking the Chief and had a good supply of health packs for him.
      Finally, as the last Flood Zero fell to the floor, the Chief collapsed. His head was spinning and he couldn't see too well. And, just when it couldn't have gotten any worse, it did.
      The ground ahead exploded! Wave after wave of Soldier and Worker class Flood Zero appeared, followed by the biggest one of all. A Flood Zero or the Soldier class appeared from the ground, yet this time, it was thirty feet tall. It roared and grabbed the Chief, then threw him. The Chief, running out of energy, and his shields failing, passed out s he soared up in an arc towards the ocean.
      The soldiers shouted for help and tried to kill the Flood Zero, but more and more spores were appearing from nowhere. The huge Flood Zero screeched and made a grab at the soldiers, hitting them onto the sharp and jagged rocks. It made another grab and caught the Captain in it's fist, then lifted in up to look at him. The Captain looked at it menacingly, but it didn't work. The Flood Zero dropped him to the ground, the smaller and hungry Flood Zero waiting...

7- Old Enemies, New Friends

343GS returns and decides to help MC; the Flood Zero pose a threat to robots as well as life. His Sentinels are at hand, but can they get there before the Captain is put out of action?