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Halo Zero 2 / p9 / Lost Cause?
Posted By: nicholas<brand_new_lightningguy@hotmail.com>
Date: 26 December 2003, 4:35 PM

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9: Lost Cause?

"It hit the dropship... It's gone."
Woodman grabbed the Sniper Rifle on the floor and aimed up.
"What are you doing?" asked Mitch.
"Taking that thing out," replied Woodman, evening up the rifle.
"What the hell? Are you insane? That piece of equipment probably cost billions of dollars, and you want to blow it up? It destroyed a dropship, that's all!"
Woodman put the Sniper Rifle down. "But it killed innocent people."
"I know... I know," said Mitch. "Come on man. Come on. The ION Cannon will stay in the sky. Just... Just forget it," Mitch and Woodman packed up their gear silently and moved back into the city.

Tiyuki walked up to Captain Zenith's body, lying on the table. A buzzer was sounding in the loudspeaker; Tiyuki knew somehow the message had been sent out that he had shot Zenith. But he didn't care, Zenith was in a lot of pain at least, and maybe even dead.
The doors burst open as two marines and two medics rushed in.
"What the hell did you think you were doing?" cried a guard. Tiyuki looked around, worried, when he felt an Assault Rifle to the back of his head. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he fell to the floor, dead. Behind him, stood an annoyed Captain Zenith. The medics had revived him, luckily.
"We can't trust anyone now!" cried Zenith. "Already, we've lost buildings and buildings, and, oddly enough, a Pelican? Thaw out Master Chief!"
"But sir!" cried the medic, rushing forwards to him. "We can't thaw him out! He's not ready yet!"
"Look! We have no choice! He'll be ready, okay? He'll be ready."
The medic looked at him. "I hope you're right.... I sure do hope you're right..."

Medula ran through the burning city, in active camo. She had seen the Pelican being ripped to pieces, and felt the hot flakes of metal rain down upon her and the rest of the city. She wanted to escape; she couldn't win the war. She was as good as dead.
343 Guilty Spark trailed after Medula II. "Spartan, please slow down! Why are you attempting to escape this city?" he cried after her.
Medula stopped and spun round. 343 floated up to her, waiting patiently for her to answer his question. As he waited, Medula turned around again, facing the empty fields ahead of the city. It had started to rain.
"You want to know why I'm running?" cried Medula, as the rain grew stronger and the sky turned grey.
"That would be very helpful to me, yes."
"I'm running..... I'm running because I've failed! Everyone on this planet... I've failed them! Those Brutes in the city," Medula spun round and pointed towards the burning and broken city. "Those Brutes are going to get Master Chief... And then it's over for this planet!" Medula turned around and dropped her weapon. "It's over Guilty Spark... It's over."
Medula walked through the gate into the empty fields, and the pouring rain grew stronger, hiding her from site.
"Oh dear... This is very bad indeed!" exclaimed 343 Guilty Spark. He looked around, spun towards the city and flew back. He had to find Zenith.

"Are you sure the Captain is fully sane? What if the Chief isn't ready? We'll have lost our last Spartan II!" cried the first medic. The other medic shrugged.
"I got no idea, but we've got to follow orders... Now come on. Get to the computer."

Medula sat on a rock in the middle of the field. She was overlooking a valley, leading to the IcePak Mountains. Beneath her helmet, she was sobbing. Suddenly, as she sat their, she became aware of some noise above her. She looked up to see-
"Banshees!" she shouted, jumping off of the rock as a red Banshee swooped down in an effort to hit her. It flew back up into the air, doubled round, and swopped down for a second attempt. Medula rolled out of the way as the Banshee crashed into the ground, releasing burst after burst of plasma.
"This isn't good..." Medula cried, jumping up and running towards the edge of the valley. She looked down to see that it was deep; she couldn't see the bottom. Spinning round again, the red Banshee almost collided with Medula, however, she jumped out of the way in time.
Medula rolled sideways, uncontrollably, fumbling for a weapon. "Where is it?" she shouted, through the pouring rain. Already, the ground below her was turning to watery mud.
The Banshee spun in the air and came down for another attempt. It swept after the rolling Medula, who was slipping everywhere. The Elite inside the Banshee looked to see the valley, and the muddy slope leading to it. Medula was very close to the slope. He laughed.
"Wort wort wort!"
Medula fumbled for something to grab onto, but the ground was wet and muddy, and her hands slipped on anything they touched. She was slowly becoming aware of the fact that she was getting close to the slope into the valley.
Inside the Banshee, the Elite saw a huge hill above, covered with rocks. On top was a huge hollow area, and this would be filled with water. The Elite charged up the plasma cannon, took aim...
Medula heard an explosion ahead of her. She tried to look at what it was, but couldn't see. She didn't realise that the rocks had been destroyed, and a huge wave of water was rushing towards her.
BAM! Medula hit a rock and lay sprawled over the ground. She was dazed, but saw the red Banshee ahead of her. Below it was a huge wave of water, heading her way.
"If I go down, you're coming with me!" she cried, pulling out a grenade. She jumped up and threw it. In the air, it spun, ripping through the rain. It came towards the red Banshee and suddenly it clunked. It had smashed through the light at the front of the Banshee, and was caught inside the glass.
"Ye-" The wave of water swept into Medula. She slipped sideways, down the slope, into the valley. "No!" she cried, as the darkness below devoured her.

Apologies for the long wait, but here it is... Pat 9. Enjoy!