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Halo Zero /p7/ The Prophet Meeting
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btopenworld.com>
Date: 20 July 2003, 9:50 AM

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7: The Prophet Meeting

South of Nwe Quarta lay the Vasta Desert, where the Chief, Private Thomson, Private Sanders and Cortona had been when a methane leak combined witth flames made the entire Facility explode, and causing problems to everything within 2 miles of it. The explosion had been that strong, and now the middle of the Vasta Desert looked more like it was a bomb testing zone. However, the Prophet did not care. He knew the Facility was still usuable, despite the pieces of Covenant dead bodies.

He glided swiftly across the desert, making for the Facility in the middle, now no longer a large building with long turrets, but a wreck, still only partly intact. Luckily, it still had 4 walls and a ceiling, so they would be safe to meet in here.

"Welcome to the Medula II Spartan II Testing Facility. You are required to run a test to make sure all of the joints in the Medula II Spartan II work in their correct fashion. Have a nice day," said a female computer voice from a speaker. Captain Zenith opened the door behind him, and in came a pale green Spartan II, with a Pistol in hand. She looked around at her testing bay.

"You woke me up from a 4 year sleep for this?" said Medula II. She had been woken up very suddenly, and was the only one who could help now. "Come on Captain, surely John-117 can handle the Covenant? Why can't I just sleep?"

"Because, Medula, the Master Chief is currently on the brink of death in a CryoWard. We need you. You two were the last Spartan IIs that made it off Reach, the Master Chief went along to Halo in the Pillar of Autumn, and you went off in the Reach Four, straight towards Nuuth for a safe home. Very few people know you still exist Medula. We want you to serve us well, as Nuuth is completely counting on you," said Zenith. He looked at Medula's orange visor sincerely.

She gave a sigh. "Fine. I'll help you," she said. Captain Zenith smiled and shook her hand. "Come on, we haven't got time for small things like shaking my hand! We've got to run the testing, then get out there and kick some Covenant butt!"

Soon, the computer voice echoed around the testing bay. "Joint testing and Movement testing complete and passed. You may now move onto the aiming bay. There you will require to check you can aim at things and lock on. This will help you when you begin Weapons testing. Thank you, and have a nice day," Medula II and Zenith walked into the next training room. Captain Zenith crossed his fingers behind his back; if they didn't pass the tests, Medula II could not go into battle. And they needed to pass, something was going to happen to Nwe Quarta very soon.

The army of Brutes were now only an hour away from Nwe Quarta. The troops in Nwe Quarta had been tipped off to them coming, so they had been called to the north gate of the city where the Brutes were coming from. They had Rocket Launchers, Battle Rifles, Shotguns and Fuel Rod Guns. They were ready for the Brutes. Above the troops, on the buildings were some Snipers, with a total of 8 positions. Sniper Position 03 was the major attacker for this fight, they had the latest model Sniper Rifle which would be able to hold off the Brutes, Brutes required more than three bullets to hit their skull from normal Sniper Rifles before they died. Private Sammy and Private Davey were worried about this, they could end up letting everyone down.

After a few minutes of silence, Private Davey looked through his scope. "They're closing in fast. I may be able to pick one or two off from here, but I can't be sure," he said. He looked up again.

"Best risk it. Better get some of them out of the way now, before they invade Nwe Quarta and destroy the troops," replied Private Sammy. Davey nodded and began to fire his Sniper Rifle. He grinned after a couple of shots.

"We can take them out from here. The Brutes aren't sure what's going on, but they know someone is firing at them. Either that or the Brutes just upped and died," He smiled. "Bye bye Brutes..."

"Ah... Nosii-Cee... So glad you could make it," said a Prophet. The Prophet from the IcePak Mountains, obviously this Nosii-Cee they mentioned, had just glided into the room.

"Quiet you," Nosii-Cee took his place at the table, right at the head of it. He looked down and saw it was littered with charts. "These are the charts?"

"Yes sir," said a Prophet further down the table. A chart flew up into the air and placed itself in front of Nosii-Cee. "These are the charts of Covenant wins and losses in Nwe Quara."

Nosii-Cee looked over the chart. "It says we've won nothing!" He looked up at the other Prophets at the table, who looking around uncertainly. "We've won nothing?"

A younger Prophet decided to pipe up. "No sir. Our Covenant forces are no longer what they used to be," he said. Nosii-Cee looked at him with pure hate.

"Then you will make them what they used to be."

The doors of the building opened. Out walked a Spartan II, along with Captain Zenith. Medula II had been awakened and was ready to fight.

"Now Medula, the world is counting on you. We need you to sort out the Brute forces on the way to the city, before they destroy it. Remember, we're counting on you. Expecially the Master Chief, if the Brutes find him, he'll be killed!" said Zenith, handing Medula II a Battle Rifle.

"Don't worry Captain, John's gonna be fine! Now run along, I don't want you getting in the way of things around here," said Medula II jokingly. Zenith smiled and entered the building again. Medula turned around and looked at the city. This did not look good... This did not look good at all...

"This is Sniper Position 03, repeat, this is Sniper Position 03, do you read me?" called Private Davey. Private Sammy looked through his rifle still and fired again.

"It's no use Davey! They have some kind of... something that's forcing our bullets back at our men!" he cried. Private Davey looked around anxiously. Suddenly, Captain Zenith's voice came through the speaker.

"Hello Sniper Position 03, this is Captain Zenith. I apologise for not picking up sooner, but I have had a lot of business to attend to," he said. Private Davey cut in before he could say anymore, he didn't have time for small talk.

"Sorry Captain, but there's no time! The Brutes have something which is deflecting all of our bullets onto the troops!" he cried.

"No! The Brutes have arrived!" An explosion rung round the city, along with terrified screams. "Oh no... They've totally annihilated the troops! The gateway to the city has been completely totalled!"

Captain Zenith came through again. "Can you get a look at whatever it is that is protecting them? Any kind of visual would be good."

"I'm on it," said Private Sammy. He looked through his Sniper Rifle at whatever the leading Brute was holding. He put his mouth towards the speaker. "It's a kind of purple thing, and it glows."

Captain Zenith froze in terror. His face was now white. He lifted the speaker slowly to his mouth and a small voice trickled out. "They have the relic..."

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The Brute forces in Nwe Quarta begin the search for Master Chief
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