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Halo Zero /p6/ Brute Force... Quite Literally
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btopenworld.com>
Date: 20 July 2003, 9:36 AM

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6: Brute Force... Quite Literally

Up in the Icepak Mountains north-west of Nwe Quarta, a huge group of Covenant Elites and Brutes were gathered. Other Covenant members were also there, but there were few of those.

"Keep it up!" came the voice of a Prophet. He floated towards a group of Brutes. "And how are you getting on?"

The Brutes spoke another language, but the Prophets could understand them. "We are trying to mine away the ice, but our power is not quite enough! This ice is very well held together, and has been here for millions of years!" said a Brute. The others grunted; they agreed with this.

"Ah yes, well then... You're not working hard enough!" shouted the Prophet. He looked at them with an angry face and pulled an Elite Sword Module from his gliding chair. He activated it and used some kind of psychic ability. Whatever it was, the Sword sliced through the ice, and a huge chunk the size of a double decker bus smashed down from the side of the mountain, crashing onto the Brutes, squashing them. "Now let that be a lesson to you!" screamed the Prophet, looking at the others. "Now keep on working!!!" He glided away.

"He neds to lighten up," said an Elite. The Prophet appeared behind him.

"So do you," he said, and cut off the Elite's arms and legs. "Ah, you seem a lot lighter now! Hetcku, come here!" A Brute walked up, growling at the limbless Elite. "Throw him off the side of the mountain, would you?" The Elite shouted as the Brute picked him up and threw him full strength. The Elite hit a pillar of rock and a huge explosion was heard. "Wow..." continued the Prophet. "You've really been working out..."

"A smashed visor... Limp body... Burns everywhere... Broken body parts... Damage to brain... Expensive AI ruined... Humans obliterated... Covenant base ripped to pieces... High level of chemicals in Vasta Desert... I think that's all sir," said the Medic. He looked at the bodies. "Oh yes, one more things. MJOLNIR armour version 9 almost totally destroyed in the explosion..."

"This really does not look good," said Captain Zenith. The Master's Chief body was on a bench in front of him, the MJOLNIR armour smashed open and burnt. His visor was blackened and smashed, his arms and legs were broken. His brain was damaged too. "And you say the AI was destroyed too?" he asked. The Medic nodded and held up a tiny chip, bent into a strange shape.

"This is all that was left," he said. He threw the chip down onto the bench.

Captain Zenith sighed. "The most expensive AI ever made... Ruined because of methane tanks..." He scratched his chin in though. "Can we repair her?"

"I'm afraid not... She's dead."

The Medic let this sink in with Zenith who stared into space. "Okay... The Chief... What's happened to the Chief? Is he okay? Because he and Medula II are the only Spartans that made it out of Reach alive when it was attacked 3 years ago," Captain Zenith looked at the Medic's face. The Medic stood there silently, looking over the Chief's body on the table.

He sighed. "This is a tough one..." he muttered. He raised his eyebrows and looked to see if anything was alright. He looked back up at Captain Zenith. "I can't give you an answer right now. The Chief is severely damaged, and I can't even tell if he's alive or dead... His life support systems seem to be running on the lowest possible setting, but I can't find any life force of any kind... That explosion must have been really strong, this MJOLNIR armour looks like it's at least model XII. Am I right?"

"It's MJOLNIR Mark XIV," said Zenith quickly. "Medula II has MJOLNIR Mark IX, but that's insufficient for any kind of battle here on Nuuth. There must be at least 20 Covenant Elites to each human fighter here... And plus the fact, Medula II has been in a CryoTube for the last 4 years. I don't think we could fire her up if we tried..."

"Well, I suggest you try. We're going to stick the Chief into a CryoTube and begin fixing the life support systems. His armour needs a lot of repairing, maybe after he's fixed - if we can fix him - you could put him into a new MJOLNIR," explained the Medic. He grabbed the table, pressed a button and the legs withdrew and the tabletop hovered. He began to push it out of the room. "Thanks for your time Captain Zenith. We'll report back to you in a week on his condition. In the meantime, I would get this sorted," He threw the almost destroyed Cortona chip to Zenith, who put it into his pocket. "Goodbye sir," And with that, he left the room.

Meanwhile, in the IcePak Mountains, the Brutes stood together in a long line. The Prophet was behind them, commanding them.

"Now go!" he yelled. The Brutes turned round and ran top speed at the mountain of ice, and rammed themselves into it. The mountain gave a shudder. The Brutes stepped back and rammed against it again. The mountain creeked. The Brutes gave one final push and the ice cracked and slipped along a massive slope. The mountain have been completely ripped apart. It slipped away and fell into an icy crevasse, and exploded into a shining shower. The Brutes grunted, now it would be much easier finding the relics.

"Good! Now, we will be beginning the search for the first relic! All Brute forces will immediatly retreat and begin the second line of attack on Nwe Quarta! We've been given information that the Spartan II is seriously injured and held in Nwe Quarta. So Brutes, destroy everything in Nwe Quarta. The Elite forces will immediatly assist in the searching for the relics. All Grunts and Jackals will immediatly head towards Carlisse Island for invasion of the army forces there!" cried the Prophet. The Covenant members around him immediatly began to move into dropships waiting nearby. "I will be taking the Covenant Bus to the entrance of the desert, so I can go to the Facility we set up! The Prophets should all be there, and we will decide the next plan of action. Now get moving!"

The Prophet soared off in his levitating chair, ready to hold his Prophet Meeting.

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