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Halo Zero /p5/ Interrogating Private Sanders
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btinternet.com>
Date: 5 July 2003, 7:18 PM

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5: Interrogating Private Sanders

"Tell us!" cried the Grunt. The human in front of him refused again. The Grunt held the remote control.
"ARGH!" cried the human as the button on the remote was held down. His body was alive with plasma and pain, and his head span. The pain stopped, and he felt himself go limp, his head lolling from side to side. He coughed, and out of his mouth came blood. Once again, he lifted his head and looked defiantly at the Grunt, his eyes blood red and blood running slowly down his face. It was Private Sanders, of Sniper Position 07. He had not been killed at all...
"Now tell us where the relics are hidden!" cried the Grunt. Out of the shadows behind him, came an Elite and a Brute. "Or I will be forced to make you spill the beans."
Private Sanders stood there in the chains. The Covenant had taken him from his CRAZE and killed the pilot. The Elites had taken him to the Covenant base somewhere in the middle of the Vasta Desert, south of Nwe Quarta. The Prophets had planted something inside his brain, a chip or something. The chip could not be seen, or taken out with ease, as it was fairly small. However, when the Covenant pressed that red button, he was tortured with plasma. Already, his head was bleeding and cut, and now when he coughed, out came blood. However, he would not reply to what the Grunt said. He would be tortured to death before revealing where the relics were hidden...
"He's not going to talk... But maybe we can persuade him," said the Grunt. He nodded to the Elite and Brute, who moved in towards the wall. Sanders shouted in pain as kicks and punchs were thrown. "That's enough," said the Grunt again. The Elite and Brute moved away, to reveal a battered Sanders. He swayed, but he was chained to a wall, so he just fell backwards onto it.
'Ah, something to lean on...' thought Sanders. He looked at his arm, through his blood filled eyes. As far as he could see, it had been broken. He could feel a lot of pain in it.
"Now tell us where the relics are hidden!" cried the Grunt again. Sanders shook his head.

"The Chief is currently in a CryoTube, making a successful recovery. He should be out in the next two days. You can talk to him if you wish," said Captain Zenith. He opened the double doors to the CryoWard, and shut them again after Private Thomson had gone in.
"Hey Chief," said Private Thomson. He looked worried, but was also out of uniform. Probably on a day off or something.
"Hello Private Thomson," said Cortana. Thomson grinned.
"Hello," said the Chief. "I haven't been expecting any visitors. Especially after I was crushed by that building. But, then again, as the building came down, I didn't expect I'd visit anywhere again except under that pile of rubble," Private Thomson smiled faintly.
"I came to see how you were getting on..." he paused. He took a deep breath. "And I have something to tell you."
"Yes?" asked the Chief. "Proceed."
"Yes sir," said Thomson. He looked around the room quickly, as if looking for something, but none was found, so he began.
"Private Sanders and I were placed on Sniper Position 07 for a particular reason. Not because we were any good at sniping things out, because we're just average. It was, in fact, because we knew something, and had to control it getting out. So, we had to kill off any enemies we saw. You see, we know something... Something beneficial to the survival of Nuuth... We know where the relics are hidden."
The Chief sat up quickly. "What?"
"Private Sanders and I have known since we were young. We were told. There is a reason the Covenant are here, though only a select few know why they are invading. Anyways, the relics are the most powerful talismans in this quadrant of the universe. They can control the fate of the universe as we know it. However, they were hidden away, so the wrong hands couldn't find them accidently. However, the Covenant think they know where they are hidden... And are very close to the place they are hidden. So, I believe they had captured Private Sanders to interrogate him, there have been several distress calls from him."
The Chief took all this in. So the relics were hidden away, and the Covenant wanted them... If Sanders was being interrogated, he was obviously being tortured too. And if he spilt the beans on where they were... Thoughts like this raced across the Chief's mind.
"Then there's only one thing to do," said the Chief. Private Thomson looked at him anxiously.

"Tell us or I will be forced to hurt you again!" said the Grunt, holding a Needler. Several other Grunts were also there, the Needlers aimed at Private Sanders.
"No way..." muttered Private Sanders. We was growing very weak now. He had a broken armed, bruised body, couldn't feel his leg, his face was cut and bleeding and his eyes were filled with blood.
"We know you have the position of the relics in your knowledge, Private B. Sanders! Now tell us where they are!" screamed the Grunt. Sanders shook his head. "Fine... If you are unable to tell us, we will have to destroy you now! Grunts! Fir-"
An explosion rattled the room, throwing the Grunts to the ground. Methane tanks came off, and this caused two of the five Grunts to suffochate. The remaining three jumped up and looked at the roof, where there was a huge hole. The Master Chief jumped down, with Private Thomson.
"Take this!" yelled the Chief, grabbing a Needler on the floor and pumping a Grunt full of needles. It screeched and exploded, it's body hitting the ceiling and bouncing off. Another Grunt picked up it's own Needler and fired at the Chief. He ducked as the needles collided with a machine, exploding. Thomson yelled.
"Watch what you're doing Chief!"
The Chief switched to a plasma grenade and stuck it to the Grunt's head. He grabbed the other Grunt quickly and threw it. It hit the first Grunt and exploded as the plasma grenade went off. They paused. The room was on fire, but only small flames. A hissing noise had filled the air.
"Wait a second... Isn't methane flammable?" said the Chief. He turned round.