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Halo Zero 2 /p4/ An Old Friend
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btinternet.com>
Date: 5 July 2003, 5:13 PM

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4: An Old Friend

The Chief touched the Elite's body with his foot. Dead. The impact of the bullet had ripped through his skull and destroyed it. The one time human weapons of mass destruction were not useful...
The Phantom had already begun to get down closer to the planet, as there was no pilot, it had not been able to hover. It was a wonder he hadn't hit the ground yet. It didn't matter though. He now new the mountains just north of Nwe Quarta had the rare relics... But he could bet his life the Covenant were making their way there now.
The Chief yelled something to Cortana, but she didn't catch it, he had jumped over the side of the Phantom and the air was rushing past them.
A nav point appeared on the Chief's visor, aiming at the ground. Straight down, of course. Only one hundred metres away. That gave him... three seconds to hit- A smash echoed through the air. The Chief had hit the ground, apparently not having been hurt a bit. He straightened up and ran forwards.
"This is the Master Chief, Spartan John-117, I need the co-ordinates of Private Chuck! His troops are in trouble!" cried the Master Chief through his speaker. Private Thomson answered.
"Chuck? I've sent the co-ordinates to Cortana, she'll put up a nav point!" cried Thomson. "But get there fast! There's hundreds of Sword Elites! We'll try to take out as many as we can from Sniper Position 07, but they've got some kind of armour that is making our bullets just fly off!" The Chief stopped in his footsteps. New armour?
"Analysing," said Cortana, reading the Chief mind. "This doesn't seem right... Only the Prophets had access to this kind of armour... How could Elites get ahold of it?"
"Prophets," said the Chief. He ran forwards. "This is how they're planning on getting the relics! The Elites get super powerful armour so human troops can't pentrate it! While the human are distracted, the Prophets and Brutes will be trying to get to the relics in the Ice Mountains!"
"Correct," said a familiar voice. The Chief spun round. 343 Guilty Spark.
"Spark?" asked Cortana. The orb flashed green quickly.
"Captain Zenith sent me to help you! He says he has seen the Elites and their new armour, but the human troops cannot attack them. So, I have been sent as a kind of weapon portal. Just tell me which weapon you need, and I will produce it," said 343 Guilty Spark. The Chief smiled slightly. Guilty Spark had been partly useful last year for destroying an onslaught of Elites. But this year, he was a weapon vendo, and the Chief would be able to kick some Elite butt properly now.
"Active Camouflage," he said. A triangular box came out and fell onto the floor. The Chief didn't pick it up yet. "And a heavy duty Sniper Rifle."
"Model 677. New from the market. Not available anywhere. Captain Zenith only just finished testing. The scope came reach x200 magnification," said 343, and a Sniper Rifle came out. Sleek blue, and smaller than the average Sniper Rifle. The scope had a nice design, and felt light in the Chief's hands. He looked it over quickly, then activated the Active Camouflage.
"Now keep quiet," he whispered.
They crept forwards slowly, 343 Guilty Spark hiding between buildings as they went. The light on him turned a grey colour, as night was approaching he was hard to see. The Chief liked his ideas for hiding away.
They were now only metres away from the Elites. The troops were putting up a major struggle. However, most of the troops had died. Luckily, air support had arrived and the ground support rushed in. Two hundred new marines. Seventy-nine Sword Elites. Still didn't look good.
The Chief crept round to a large pile of rubble, and kicked out the flames. He layed down and got into Sniper position. He aimed it and fired at the nearest Sword Elite. It went down. However, the attention of the nearest Elites went to his spot. They moved forwards, about six in total. The smoke stream was still there. The Chief, got up quietly and planted a fragmentation grenade. He pulled out a plasma grenade, but didn't pull the pin.
The Elites walked over to the spot, their swords poised for the attack. The Chief pulled the pin, but didn't throw. One second... The Elites heard the hiss... Two seconds... They began to mutter, slashing at whatever they could find... Three seconds... The Chief threw it. The plasma grenade blew up, and the fragmentation grenade exploded too. The six Elites went flying, the Elite Swords shattering, and others flying into buildings, slicing out great holes and shattering. One fell close to the Chief, but didn't shatter, the plasma blade retracted. He looked at it.
Cortana's voice whispered, "Pick it up... Use it."
The Chief grabbed the Sword, and turned it on. He put down the Battle Rifle he was holding. A new weapon for him to use...
"Hey! Elites!" cried the Chief. All the noises stopped and the Elites looked round. Only sixty of them left now, but less than 100 humans. The Chief reappeared with the Sword held high and paused. "RAR!" he yelled, running straight forwards, slashing at Elites. They immediatly fought back, slashing towards him, the Chief too quick, cutting off heads. A Sword fell next to him, he looked at it, then ducked. Another Sword had been thrown at him. His own shattered. Thinking fast, he picked up the nearest Sword and began to duel again.

"What's going on down there?" asked Private Sanders. Private Thomson zoomed in his Sniper Rifle.
"It's... The Master Chief! And he's using an Elite Sword! The Elites are rushing in, but he's surviving the hits!" cried Private Thomson. He let out four bullets, all of which bounced off the Elites. "Uh oh..."
"What?" asked Sanders. He zoomed in. The Elite were facing Sniper Position 07, roaring and swishing their Swords.
"They've spotted us..." said Private Thomson.
A huge rush ensued, as Private Sanders tried to hold the Elite back with the Dual Pistols he had, but to no success. The Elites were getting closer. Private Thomson meanwhile dialled in to the Command Centre.
"Command Centre, this is Sniper Position 07 of Nwe Quarta, repeat, this is Sniper Position 07! Come in!" cried Thomson.
"This is Nwe Quarta Command Centre, we are listening to your request," came a voice.
"Sir! We are about to be attack by a group of Sword Elites! Our Sniper Rifles have no effect on them!" cried Thomson. Behind him came the call of Sanders saying "400 hundred metres away,"
"They're only four hundred metres away!" cried Thomson. "We need pickup now!"
"Sending over two CRAZEs now!" came the voice from the Command Centre.
"Hurry!" There was panic in Thomson's voice now. He was quite obviously scared.
"200 hundreds metres," said Private Sanders.
Two CRAZEs shot overhead. They doubled round to pick up Sanders and Thomson. They left their weapons and clambered in. The CRAZEs began to move away, but the Elites had arrived. They roared and jumped onto the nearest CRAZE. This CRAZE held Sanders.
"Sanders!" cried Thomson, looking out of the window as his CRAZE flew off and the other one exploded into flames and hit the ground. The Elites, luckily, were killed too.

The Master Chief sliced again. The final ten Elites stood ahead of him, partly cowering. They had black armour. This armour was harder to penetrate.
"The human forces are all dead," said Cortana. 343 Guilty Spark shot around, distracting the Elites.
"I know..." said the Chief. His eyes went from the Elites to a building nearby. It was at least three storeys high, and was tottering madly. He had an idea. "Ungh!" he gasped as he flung the Elite Sword full speed at the building. The Elites spun around and roared, as the building toppled above them.
The Chief's Battle Rifle began to fire. The Elites were trying to get out from the rubble. Only 48 bullets left. He stopped. He now began to move away, however, the tottering building collapsed further and hit the building next to him. He yelled as it was brought down on him, rubble everywhere. 343 Guilty Spark flew about.
"Master Chief! Are you okay? Speak to me!" he yelled. He flew around and saw an almost destroyed Battle Rifle. He peered down at it. 48 bullets in the clip... "Oh no..." muttered 343 Guilty Spark and looked at the rubble sadly...