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Halo Zero 2 /p2/ The War Begins
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btinternet.com>
Date: 19 June 2003, 6:03 PM

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2: The War Begins

The Chief yelped as a huge metal arm punched him through the wall and out into the abyss. He hurtled towards the planet below, his shields completely turned off. If he hit something now, he would die.
"Cortana!" he yelled. "Turn my shields back on!" Cortana did not respond. "Cortana?" The Chief looked upwards towards the ship and saw a chip floating in space. The impact of him hitting the side of the wall must have knocked the chip out of his helmet! He reached up, but couldn't grab it, it was too far away.
"Think, Chief, think," he muttered to himself. Suddenly, an idea dawned upon him. Maybe he could get the chip back with something else. But what? Then, the Chief paused. "Grenade..."
As he floated further away from the chip, he grabbed himself a plasma grenade. He had to time his throw, and the strength, just right. Carefully, he aimed, then lobbed it full speed. It shot past the chip; it was going well so far. Now came the hard part... To see if it would explode.
A few seconds passed, but to the Chief it seemed like an eternity. But, then, the plasma grenade exploded in a blast of blue. The force of the explode echoed outwards and smashed into the chip, sending it spinning towards the Chief. He grabbed it and slotted it into his helmet.
"Chief! Chief, are you okay?" cried Cortana. The Chief smiled.
"I'm okay. Now turn my shields back on," said the Chief plainly. The Chief heard an energizing sound as his shields recharged to full strength. "But what now? If we keep falling like this, we'll burn up in Nuuth's atmosphere!"
"Working on it Chief!" said Cortana. Good old Cortana, always helpful in a jam. A few seconds later she spoke again. "I've sent for an Earth team. They'll be here in CRAZEs. In the meantime, we'll have to wait."
A few minutes later, a CRAZE pulled up. The Chief was surprised by the shape of a CRAZE, having never seen it before. The CRAZE was the shape of a Covenant Banshee, yet a lot larger. The main pod was now seperated into two pods, for two passengers. The landing sticks on the Banshee had been replaced by robotic arms, with hands the size of tables. These must help to land. Over the top of the second pod was a mountered cannon, a plasma cannon. On each side of the cannon was a smaller SMG, Sub Machine Gun.
The front pod opened, followed by the back. "Hop in Chief!" yelled the marine. The robot hands grabbed the Chief and popped him down in the second pod. It closed again, and the Chief looked out of the windows.
Suddenly, something on Nuuth caught his eye. "Cortana? What's that?" he asked, pointing.

Down on Nuuth, things were getting hectic. The Covenant Armada had arrived, in a place called Nwe Quarta. Nwe Quarta was a small country in charge of ammunition and weaponry. If they went down, Nuuth's supplies of weapons would be limited. The Chief's next job was to take out the Covenant air forces which were currently attacking warehouses that held many weapons, including weapons in their Aple Test stages.
The Chief hopped out of the Pelican and loaded up his Fuel Rod Gun. This was a Covenant weapon, but the people of Nuuth had translated it into a human compatible weapon. As well as the Fuel Rod Gun, the Chief had a Battle Rifle, fully loaded, plus as many plasma grenade as he could handle.
Straight away, the Chief ran up a road, which led to the top of a warehouse currently under attack. As he ran, explosions went on round him, and machinary went flying. "Come on marines!" yelled the Chief, with six marines following him.
Marines called back as they got onto the warehouse and spread out along it. A blast of plasma swept across the platform and two marines were scorched to death straight away. The Chief sighed, then hopped up into position, letting out his clip on a Banshee. The engine inside the Banshee let out a shredding sound, as pieces of the Banshee came off. An explosion was heard as a marine let out a shot from his rocket launcher; the Banshee exploded.
"Look out Chief!" yelled Cortana. The Chief spun round to get hit by an onslaught of needles by a group of cocky Grunts. The Chief lobbed a grenade and Grunts went flying. As they flew through the air, three Longsword Fighters came overhead. A Phantom met them and took out a Longsword with a blast from it's cannon.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Banshee crashed down onto the warehouse. The marines eyed it up. They looked at the Chief and nodded. He jumped into it; it was not badly damaged, and still had three tanks worth of shielding on it. The Banshee took off and began blasting the Phantom which was trailing the Longsword Fighters.
"Master Chief, Master Chief! This is Private Brumfield, from Longsword Fighter #078! Please, we are in dire need of assistance, we can't shake this Phantom off!" Brumfield yelled into the Chief's intercom. The Chief looked at the Longswords, the furthest away Longsword was #078. "ARGH!" The Longsword crashed to the ground, and exploded, ripping open buildings nearby. Flames engulfed it.
A flashing light appeared on the Banshee's screen; the Phantom had changed who it was targetting and had reduced the Banshee to one energy tank. The Chief swerved, but the Phantom had predicted it and landed another bolt of plasma right on target. One more hit and the Chief and the Banshee would be gone. The Chief spun round and then shot straight upwards, into the air. He passed Banshees, Phantoms, Longswords and CRAZEs battling it out. Hundreds, maybe thousands. However, the Phantom bolted upwards.
"Chief," said Cortana.
"Hang on!" the Chief cut across. A bolt of plasma shot upwards, towards the Banshee. It swerved to the side. Another bolt of plasma shot upwards, but the Banshee swerved to the other side.

Inside the Phantom, the Elite driving roared. It hit some buttons, and the Banshee was locked on. There was no way he would miss this time. He held his finger over the button, then roared as he slammed it down.

The Chief looked down. This was it. The plasma bolted up, and was now only metres away from the Chief. Suddenly, he jumped out, the plasma hitting the Banshee, ripping it to shreds. The Chief fell through the air, the Elite in the Phantom watching him the whole time. Another bolt of plasma was issued, shooting right towards the Chief.
He lobbed a plasma grenade, which hit the bolt of plasma. There was a huge explosion of blue and green, and the grenade and the bolt were destroyed.
The Chief was moving closer to the ground, and closer to the Phantom. Then, just before he broke even...
"ARGH!" yelled the Chief. The Phantom had moved forwards, and he had hit the top of it. The hatch on top opened and the Elite hopped out. It roared.
The Chief got up, cradling his arm. It was in a lot of pain. The Elite looked at it and activated his Sword. The Chief let go of his other arm and switched to his Fuel Rod Gun.
"Now... We can do it one of two eithers. Either you die, or you co-operate. What do you choose?" asked the Chief. He hit a button on his suit and a translator for the Elite activated.
"Say goodbye Spartan!" yelled the Elite. The Chief fired a burst of plasma on the Elite, and it fell backwards, over to the edge of the Phantom. He dropped his Sword, and it shattered. The Chief walked over and held a plasma grenade in his hand. The Elite looked down and saw the ground, a long way below. Around him, ships were crashin, and even the biggest ships, the CRAZEs were not surviving to tell the tale. He looked up at the Chief.
"Say goodnight..." said the Chief.
"No!" cried the Elite. "I will tell you... everything... Just please don't hurt me!" cried theElite. The Chief looked at him, then put the plasma grenade away.
"Okay then," he said. "Talk."