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the jackal brothers: parts 2 and 3
Posted By: new1nab113<Ada57@aol.com>
Date: 7 March 2004, 1:40 PM

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Adam used his bird like claws to open his eyes, Jamie had his head rested against his shoulder, no one had patched up his arm since the control room.... Adam found some material and bandaged up his arm. He looked around.... Most were asleep a couple grunts were chattering nervously, he walked over to them and let Jamie slump down on to his seat....
"Oh... um.... hi!" the first grunt invited him into the conversation.....
"So you heard about this new life form they have found?"
Adam was intrigued... "No... What's it all about?"
"Well, apparently it's where we are going... to try and stop it breaking out..."
"That's the rumour..... All forces being rerouted to there, the humans are on to us as well...... a team of marines and their captain entered the area earlier, they won't survive long....."
"But we can beat these guys right?"
"I hope so...."
"Hmmm......" Adam looked over to Jamie, he and quite a few others were stirring...
"Well guys, I will leave you to it, thanks for the Intel..."
"No problem......" Adam moved over to Jamie, he felt the craft descending...
"Wake up... we are landing...." Jamie opened his eyes, it was obvious he had cried him self to sleep.... it was moments like this that made Adam hate the covenant so much.... some individuals were nice, but the prophets propaganda brainwashed them... he almost felt sorry for them... The craft opened and all the jackals and grunts bundled out... like a drink spilling out on to a table.... they faced a structure, he felt a sense of evil about it.... suddenly he was over come....
"I don't want to die!!! They are evil! I can feel it!!! Parasites!! Death!!! NOOOOO!!" he grabbed Jamie and dragged him away, they sheltered behind a rock...
"What was that all about?" Jamie asked, this was the first time he had spoken in a long time....
"We don't want to go in there! Trust me!"
"I can make my own decisions!!! I'm going in! Let's get this over and done with!"
"But you will die!"
"Then so be it!!!!!"
Adam stopped........ that was no way for someone so young to be thinking, only around 9 years old in human times... perhaps he was over protective, but it was only because he cared...... In this moment of paralysis, Jamie broke free of his grasp and ran to join the group; they disappeared into the darkness of a big metal doorway...
An elderly jackal walked up to him...
"Nice lad..."
"I cant help feeling I'm going to lose him... he is the only thing I've got left... my family are all dead, as far as I know...I cant lose him, but there is so many ways of me losing him here! Everyone hates him and what about the mater chief? Add to that this parasite and all... "
"Then make the best of your time with him!"
"Maybe your right...."
"You know I am." And with that Adam nodded, he bid the elderly jackal farewell, and ran through into the darkness, the unknown, and a whole new chapter of his adventure...


The walls were grey, forerunner style... made the swamp outside look inviting.... Adam just missed the lift....
He lent against the wall, waiting for the lift, he had to get to Jamie, make peace... if they were to die here, then they should die as brothers, not as enemies...
Suddenly a sound, in the corner
"What was that?"
He used his flashlight to look around; the light swept around the room...a flash of yellow.
"What kind of operation is this!?"
The lift came to a halt at the top, so Adam turned, and stepped on to the lift, always aware he wasn't alone... he was only about a meter down... he had a radar, not quite the same as the master chiefs we know... but it could sense movement none the less...
Red, a big wave of red...
"Holy ****! Something's on top of me!"
He looked up, charged his plasma pistol... nothing....
"Who was that? Jamie? JAMIE!!!!!"
The lift was docking, Jamie was being attacked! Suddenly hundreds of yellow flesh eating parasites rained from the sky on to Adam, they swarmed the walls like a tidal wave, and he heard the fire of Jamie's pistol, but he couldn't see him, all he saw was a wave of yellow, on him, eating him.... "NO!" Jamie got covered in flood and was buried under them...
"AAAAAAAAHHHH!!" Adam drew his plasma pistol and unleashed a ball of plasma, the parasites directly in front exploded, he flailed and fought wildly, throwing them off him and dispatching them with his pistol, he looked to the direction where Jamie used to be, shooting crazily at them all, suddenly a big patch of flood glowed green....plasma shot up towards the roof as the flood melted and popped, Adam fired a wild shot that zoomed passed Jamie's ear hitting a ledge, making it collapse and cause a fire, Adam caught his first glimpse of the actual walls, they were green.
"Look out!" Adam dived across and pushed Jamie out of the way, and dispatched a couple more flood
"They just keep coming!"
Then they heard a low growl, as 3 elites dived down form the roof tops, plasma rifle blazingly fast at dispatching multiple floods
"You two, back to the surface! Now!"
Adam and Jamie didn't argue, they ran, but the elites didn't hold them for long...
They got infected; Adam and Jamie ran as fast as they could towards the lift, infected elites gaining on them by leaping through the air over horizontal pillars in the ceiling as the little floods somersaulted and rolled towards the primary target, dinner... the pair got to the lift, Jamie dived on and smashed his bird like hands on the pad...
"Up, up, UP!!!" Adam shot multiple floods with shots form his plasma pistol, the elites arrived, the lift slowly started going up slowly, and Adam tossed a plasma grenade...
"Fire in the hole!"
BANG! One of the elite floods was blown away, along with a few of his little friends, one of the elites jumped for the lift and caught on the side, the lift was still going up
"Battery depleted and no grenades!" said Adam
"Same here!!" Jamie ran up to the elite and started stamping on it
"Get off!" the lift went up, and the elite was cut in two, Adam brought his shied online...
"Get under here!"
Jamie and Adam got under Adams shield, as the little parasites rained down on them, they kicked and stamped and punched until they could punch and kick and stamp no more... the lift got to the top, and Adam smashed his shield down on top of one final flood...
"That was close" said Jamie
"I'm so sorry Jamie, I should respect you so much more, I'm only so protective because I care... why us eh? It's not fair..."
"All is fair in love and war; we are entangled in both..."
"If we work as a team, we can get through this..."
The lucky duo shook hands, and hugged each other... then they snapped back to reality, and realised where they were...
"Let's get out of here..."
A pelican soared over their heads, and a team of marines got out, along with their captain
"Over here"
They looked across, a pink jackal? A girl? Here? they could question later, they ran to the bush where the pink jackal was hiding and stayed quiet, they heard assault rifle fire and the shouts of a captain calling to their team... they ran to the lift... and it descended, Adam felt sorry for them...
"Guys, lets go, there is accommodation for jackals and grunts over here, they ran to the covenant hideout camp, Jamie and Adam went in the same room...
"Come on Jamie, let's go get dinner..."
Dinner was exactly what Jamie had planned, as Adam hadn't noticed the yellow blob of infection that had taken residence on Jamie's neck...Adam continued
"I've got a feeling something's waiting for me in the near future..."
Jamie could do nothing but agree...