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the jackal brothers:episode 1
Posted By: new1nab113<ada57@aol.com>
Date: 16 January 2004, 8:08 PM

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the wind whistled past, over our shields, as they reflected the falling snow on halo, I looked across and saw fear in his eyes, I comforted him, we had no wish to be here, but we were dragged into this by our cultures, everyone in the ranks knew, we were outsiders, our faces recognisable due to the holographic pages, he was too young to be in a situation like this, I had to help him......Adam arose from his bunk after a hard days work out in the snow yesterday with Jamie... speaking of which, Jamie wasn't in his bunk, he must of got up early to get ready for today..... There had been rumours of a defeat at the beaches of the silent cartographer, but these were unconfirmed by the elites at this time... Adam hated the elites.... bloodthirsty gits... dragging us into this...., just as he thought this he heard the low wart wart wart of an elite outside.....Translated to mean all jackals and grunts report to the armoury..... Adam needed a new plasma pistol.....perhaps that was where Jamie was.... he would see... he picked up his blue shield to which the veteran, Alex, brandishing his orange shield snorted from the other corner of the room.... a red elite walked in, Adam and Alex saluted, the red elite strode over to Alex and whispered in his ear..... Alex nodded, and ran off, towards the ice fields... strange....... on his way to the armoury Adam passed high command, every time he did he couldn't resist peeking at the gold elites, he heard the main elite, known only as general glory, talking to he red elite from the room.... "Yes sir... we have relocated our best warriors and the uuuum... traitor to the battlefield, he will die out there, if the rumours from the beaches are true...."
"Good... continue with your duties....."
Traitor? Adam thought quickly.... Jamie.... uh oh..., Adam ran in screaming like a falcon....
"You can't do that to him you cant! He is too young! You are gonna kill him!"
"That is correct, its too late now, he will fall, you are next...."
"How can you do that?!?!?! Call yourself general glory and sentence a youngster to death for his beliefs! Which happen to be true!"
"Guards, take him away..."
Two gold elites walked over and grab Adam, they throw him out side..., as he was being dragged Adam was shouting...
"Don't do this! Whatever happened to your honour!"
"..... Your father would be ashamed of you!!!!....." then they threw Adam out... he lay there on the floor, it was a mistake for him to have mentioned glory's dad... he was the greatest fighter, and defended the elites when they were attacked by a renegade gang of hunters, he died taking down the last one of the renegades... he would be turning in his grave if he knew they had now wimped out and allied with them and the others.... before now the elites had quite liked the jackals, they lived on the same world, in harmony... times have changed since the new races came into play.... Adam got up and ran..... He came to a bridge; he looked to the adjacent bridge, could it be??? The master chief? He looked over the edge... JAMIE! A pelican descended, Adam jumped on the top and slowly dropped down.... master chief had got down by the time they landed.... he was in a warthog... driving towards Alex and Jamie..... He ran..... Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! The spray of bullets from the gauss gun cut straight through Jamie's shields and through his arm..... Suddenly a banshee swooped in; all gauss gun fire was concentrated on the banshee then.... The banshee exploded... and a silhouette figure came tumbling out of the flames that low deep voice... the light of the flames bouncing off his armour.... General glory...."AAAAAAAARRRGGGH!!" his plasma sword charged and he dived in front of the warthog, Adam grabbed Jamie and they ran to one of the corridors, they looked out. General glory was literally cutting the warthog in half! Gauss gun fire bounced off him like ping pong balls, master chief dived out the side, the marines perished.... Glory sliced downwards then upwards, cutting master chiefs assault rifle into 3, the master chief ducked and jumped to the back of general glory THWACK! "NOOOOOOOO!" ADAM and Jamie turned around, and faced about 50 grunts and jackals, they stared at them, and Adam could here whispers... "The traitors... they killed off glory?!? Oh god, they are in for it....." then Adam heard the sliding of doors, the elites had come to take them... but the door ahead was not open... all the beady little eyes of the grunts lit with fear... Adam turned, and towering above him, shining in his green MJOLNIR armour... the master chief... he grabbed Jamie and dived to the side... master chief dispatched the fronts with a plasma grenade, the jackal pair, ducked into a hole and placed their strange hands over their head, the master chief moved on... a few marines followed... the moved back outside.... Carnage... the wrecked banshee, still whirring, but motionless.... The body of general glory... he was a good fighter, the pride of the covenant forces on halo...but also a good alien, and his morals had been good in the end... if only his father could of seen... no one was here.... A drop ship came down, and a few survivors came out of a door on the other side of the battlefield, he heard a voice from within the drop ship "all forces to be rerouted to a swamp on the other side of this ring... important business, specific orders form the prophets!" all the jackals and grunts still alive boarded, Adam spoke to Jamie in a whisper "this is our chance to escape! Hide!" Adam ducked behind a rock... Jamie ran to join him, but was spotted, "you too! No exceptions!" Jamie boarded, a tear in his eye, Adam couldn't let him go alone, he gave himself up and got on board... he turned and looked at the battlefield as the craft took off... he saw Alex, his body mangled... his shield fading into nothing, and the last thing Adam saw, was general glory's body... no less valiant now that it had been in his final hours...