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The Sacrifice
Posted By: NevinNiven<scioncommander@hotmail.com>
Date: 06 February 2001, 4:01 am

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MacKenzie ran along the lush, rolling green hills. A Covenant energy beam hit the earth beside him, he was violently thrown to the side. He hit the ground hard and rolled over, only two more kilometers to the base.

He picked himself up, dirt clumps fell off his green armor. He turned with his handgun firing. The Covenant soldier nearest to him was shot four times in the chest. Purple blood oozed out from the wounds and dripped to the ground.

He started running again, he dove into a thick outcropping of something best described as wheat. He was fully concealed in the field, the Covenant soldiers encircled it.

The brush only three yards away erupted into flames, lighting the rest of the plant life on fire. He exited the field through the side and spotted two Covenant soldiers. One was the one he had shot, the other was some kind of heavy soldier complete with armor and spikes on its back. He popped off two rounds into the one he had shot. Those two blew the already injured one's left hand off. Purple blood sprayed out with every thump of its heart.

MacKenzie turned and ran, his powerful legs were further enhanced by cybernetic implants. He was now only one kilometer away from the base. Energy beams shot past him, one caught him on the arm and twisted him around and down to the ground.

Dust clouded his vision and he felt a burning sensation on his forearm, he glanced at the arm and saw the armor bubbling. He tore that section off and threw it into some browning grass. The grass burst into flames from the extreme heat. He jumped up into a sprint.

He reached the base, well ahead of the Covenant force. He blew through the doors shoutinmg of an impending Covenant attack. He ran into the armory and replaced the armor section he had removed, then he grabbed a minigun and strapped a sniper rifle to his back.

He walked out to the front of the base. People were scrambling to get into position. He stood above and behind the first trench. Some engineers were pulling out the BAT. It lumbered into position, no way were the Covenant getting past that thing.

A Covenant skimmer emerged from the forest that surrounded the base. Immidiately a medium tank opened fire. The skimmer was hit in the front, the round had wrenched apart the nose and shrapnel flew everywhere. Smoke poured from the gaping hole in the skimmer. Two seconds later, the round exploded, tearing the skimmer in two and ripping the riding in half. Golden flames engulfed the body and the skimmer. What was left of the skimmer rained down for another seven minutes.

Six Covenant warriors stepped out from the woods. MacKenzie opened fire. The barrels rotated as the 19mm bullets screamed across the terrain. The first Covenant warrior to get hit was the one on the far left. It was splintered in half as the bullets tore through the body. Its innards spilled out as the pieces fell apart. The ground was covered with blood. The next was the one in the middle, he had his right arm ripped off at the shoulder, he whipped around and fell face first to the ground.

The BAT fired, its ten inch gun hit the trees behind them. Three were pulverized, not disintegrated, by the shockwave. The sixth had his head severed by a flying chunk of wood and his body impaled by splinters.

"Good work Vogel." MacKenzie radioed.

"Thanks." Vogel replied.

"All units we have movement in the forest!" A lookout shouted at the top of his lungs.

"We never get a break." MacKenzie murmured to himself, "AND I REALLY HAVE TO PEE!" he thought.

Two of the Covenant's light tanks emerged from the forest. The Covenant tank fired at the infantry. The blue beam hit a soldier about four yards from MacKenzie. It tore his legs and arms off his torso and burned all of him.

"RILEY! NO!" Shouted the soldier next to MacKenzie, he had a look of anguish etched on his face, "I'll make you pay you Covenant BASTARDS!"

The man fired at the tank, MacKenzie fired at it too. The bullets ricocheted off the armor. A thunderous explosion roared behind them. He instinctively ducked, a massive funnel of flames burst forth from the lead tank. The front half was mangled and the metal was molten. With no anti-gravity to suppotr the tank it crashed to the ground, heaving up dirt.

The driver got out and started firing. The shots lanced towards MacKenzie. He dropped the minigun and leapt to the side and started running for a lookout tower. Blue beams rushed past him and soldiers fell all around him, one recieved a shot to the face that melted it away. He reached the ladder and quickly clambered up it. The Covenant spotted him and opened fire. MacKenzie dove over the crest just in time. He could hear the energy beams chipping away at the wall.

The BAT fired its twin .50s and took out the other tank. Flames spewed from the sides of the tank. The Covenant driver ran away from it, he threw himself into the air just as the tank exploded. It threw him into a tree, cracking his skull.

The other Covenant driver was momentarily distracted. MacKenzie popped up, grabbed the sniper rifle, steadied it and fired. The 20mm DU bullet blew the Covenant's chest apart. It was thrown to the ground.

MacKenzie looked through his scope and spotted a red Covenant warrior at the outer edge of the forest. He pulled the trigger. The gun roared as the bullet exited the barrel. The bullet screamed across the terrain. It hit the front of the leader's head. The leader's head popped when the 20mm bullet passed through. It was tossed on its back. The main Covenant forces took cover.

MacKenzie spotted the very top of a Covenant warrior's head. He pulled the trigger. BLAAAM!!! The bullet tore the top of the head off. Purple blood spilled on the ground. DINK! The casing hit the ground. The Covenant forces were now running away.

MacKenzie fired off two more shots. The first took off a right leg, the second went through one's back. Launching it forward.

"This is perimeter scout five!" the scout said, "The Covenant are...AAAUUUUUUUUUGHHHHH!"

"Where was that scout?" radioed MacKenzie.

"He was on the south side." Colonel Targul answered.

"Our forces had better get a move on!" MacKenzie shouted.

He started running across the ledge. It was the quickest way there. He saw a column on smoke rise and he ran faster. Skidding to a halt, he looked on as Covenant forces poured into the human stronghold. He pulled out his rifle and fired, he blew a Covenant arm off.

The Covenant's comrade looked up at MacKenzie. He was just a black silouhette to them. They began firing and he somersaulted backwards off of the ledge. He slammed to the ground.

He dropped the rifle and took out both of his pistols. He went gangsta' style and started strafing. He killed three with his first magazines. He dropped the pistols and started running up the wall. He hit the top and threw his weight forwards. He landed on his back, rolled and kept running, all in one fluid motion.

One Covenant shot hit his shoulder armor, he spiraled into the cement. He pulled out his dual submachine guns. He stood up and pulled the triggers. The Covenant nearest him was hit sixteen times and purple blood leaked out of the holes. he again took aim and fired. That warrior was dead, he dropped the guns.

He ran up, leaped, and kicked a Covenant in the chest, he shoved off and landed on his feet. He whipped around and lashed out with a boot. His boot slammed into a Covenant's jaw, throwing it to the ground. MacKenzie started a sprint.

He was 20 yards away from the Covenant force when a blue energy beam sizzled past him. He turned the corner and his jaw dropped. The Covenant was everywhere. Smoke poured out of the broken and shattered tanks. They were moving through the debris, shooting whatever moved. MacKenzie opened the door next to him and slipped in. Good, it was the armory. He loaded up on ammo, grabbed five grenades and two claymore mines.

He grabbed the railgun, and the minigun. He set up the claymore mines near the door and placed a metal sheet in front of him.

Two minutes later, the door opened and two Covenant soldiers entered. Both mines went off, the shards of burning metal dug into the Covenant soldiers. They screeched and writhed in pain, then fell dead. Four stepped into the room. The lead walked up to the sheet metal and pulled it away.

"Surprise, asshole." MacKenzie deadpanned.

MacKenzie pulled the trigger to the railgun. The .45 caliber bullet tore through the Covenant soldier apart and left the building. He pulled out his two pistols and opened fire. The bullets tore through the Covenant soldiers and bounced off the walls, making sparks. the Covenant soldiers fell down.

Seven more stepped into the room. MacKenzie had his back turned to them. It ordered him to turn around, he did so. The Covenant soldier fired three times. They each hit MacKenzie's chest.

MacKenzie fell to his knees, his eyes were wide and his mouth hung open. He fell down to the floor. His armor burned. He could hear his heart slow its pumping. The Covenant leader stepped over to him. He raised his weapon, aimed it at MacKenzie's head and fired. MacKenzie was dead.

A faint beeping sound revealed itself. The Covenant soldier turned around and looked at a counter. it read-00:02 then-00:01 and finally-00:00 and it said have a nice day.

In a bright flash the human stronghold was turned to nothing but glass. Fifty dead humans, two thousand dead Covenant soldiers. A costly victory, but it halved the Covenant force on the Halo.